Madam Is So Wild!/C5 He Knew Her Identity
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Madam Is So Wild!/C5 He Knew Her Identity
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C5 He Knew Her Identity

In the study.

Bao Jingfeng sat on the sofa, lit a cigarette and smoked.


Lu Zheng nodded, then said, "After investigation, we found out that she smuggled herself from Country J. There were thirty people hidden in the container, but there was a problem with the cargo ship. 29 people drowned in the container. She should be the only one who escaped."

"An illegal immigrant." Bao Jingfeng took a puff of smoke and gently exhaled. He said faintly, "Continue."

"She is not only an illegal immigrant, she also escaped from the Mad Man Desert of J Country. The red lock on her neck was the mark of a crazy person. It means that the crazy person will always be locked there and sent to the Mad Man Desert as a mental patient. All of them would be engraved with this mark and implanted into their skin. It would never be erased unless the flesh on their necks was dug out. However, if they dug it out, it would easily hurt the arteries on their necks. It will be life-threatening. Even if you are lucky enough to remove it, it will still leave a scar."

Bao Jingfeng put his other hand on the back of the sofa. He slightly bent his index finger, and an indecipherable coldness flashed through his eyes.

"What else?"

"The people over there have found out that she has escaped. Under normal circumstances... In order to avoid panic and some reasons that cannot be said, it won't be made public so soon, but the arrest warrant has already been drafted... If they couldn't catch the person, it would be announced. Let the people report it. "

Bao Jingfeng took another puff of his cigarette and said, "The content of the wanted poster."

"The patient has schizophrenia. When the illness occurs, it is very aggressive. There is an infectious disease. This sentence is black and thick. According to the brainwashing propaganda of Country J, the entire Country J will discuss this matter. Furthermore... Ask the authorities to arrest her as soon as possible "

Under the propaganda of Country J for many years, Mad Man Desert was simply a breeding ground for viruses and mental violence in the eyes of Country J.

Lu Zheng printed out a wanted order that had yet to be made public in Country J and handed it to Bao Jingfeng.

This thing, ordinary people would not be able to get it.

Those who could obtain it were not ordinary people.

Bao Jingfeng took a look at the content on the picture. The picture showed the disfigured face of that dumbass.

It showed the gender and age of a woman. She was 20 years old and numbered 1748. She did not have a name.

The person who was sent to Mad Man Desert was no longer a human. He had no name. They were all called by the same number.

Mad Man Desert belonged to J Country.

A mental hospital was built in the center of the desert. They were all mentally ill patients, and they were all abnormal lunatics.

The outside world had never known about the actual situation there, and Country J did not allow anyone to approach and film.

Some people said that it was isolated from the world, a paradise suitable for mental patients.

Others said that it was a hell that even demons did not dare to step into.

But the officials said that it was a paradise for patients.

However, those with a bit of intelligence knew that only an idiot would build a paradise in the center of the desert.

In short, the patients who were sent there were basically determined to be incurable.

To prevent them from harming society, the building was located in the center of the desert. No matter which direction they went, the distance would be 300 kilometers.

They were surrounded by deserts. There was no food or water. Even if they escaped, they would not be able to get out. They would die on the road, so they did not need to send many people to guard it.

Lu Zheng continued, "If I keep looking forward, there will be no more news. This was very strange. To be sent to Mad Man Desert, one must have the consent of one's family. However, I can't find any information about that young lady's family or her personal information. It seems that someone has deliberately erased the information about her being locked up in the Mad Man Desert for four years. It seems like there's something wrong with her parents. "

As far as he knew, J Country people attached great importance to filial piety.

The relationship between mother and daughter was even written in the Constitution.

Parents had all the rights to manage their children.

Because of the tradition in J Country, parents gave their children life, so their children had to obey them without any conditions. Resistance was not only unfilial, but also illegal.

So as long as parents said that the child was sick, the child would be sick. Even if the child was not sick, he would also be sick. The application was directly sent to Mad Man Desert, signed, and paid the management fee. No one would stop it.

There was an old saying in Country J, when parents taught their children a lesson, they would say it. "If you are not obedient, I will send you to Mad Man Desert." At this time, the child was obedient because they were really going to be abandoned by unreliable parents at any time.

In civilized countries, they didn't even dare to think about it, but it often happened in J Country.

Therefore, no one knew how many crazy people there were in Mad Man Desert or if they were crazy.

Bao Jingfeng had already finished smoking his cigarette, and pressed the cigarette butt into the cylinder.

He leaned back and crossed his legs. His posture was languid and cold.

"She is not infected." Bao Jingfeng said lightly, "Do you think she is mentally ill?"

Dr. Mu had checked that if there was an infectious disease, it would be discovered.

Mental illness?

How could an aggressive mental illness have such a strong will to walk more than 300 kilometers of the desert, escape the arrest of Country J, and board an illegal ship?

After the accident of the smuggling ship, he swam in the cold seawater for a few hours.

After narrowly escaping death, when he was about to reach the shore, he foolishly ran to save people.

After she was kicked, she did not give up and stubbornly saved the person ashore.

This was clearly a stubborn idiot.

And it was the dumbest kind.

"Mr. Bao, I don't know much about her, but she came from Mad Man Desert after all, and I can't find out her past identity. There must be something wrong with her. Could it be a conspiracy against you?"

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