Madam Is So Wild!/C6 His Emotions
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Madam Is So Wild!/C6 His Emotions
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C6 His Emotions

Another cigarette appeared in Bao Jingfeng's hand, but he didn't light it. He just played with the cigarette between his fingers.

He lowered his eyes as if he was deep in thought. His usually expressionless face didn't show any meaning now.

Finally, Bao Jingfeng raised his head and said, "There's no need to investigate anymore. You can go down. This matter, shut up."


Gu Wuyan leaned against the headboard and looked at her feet, which were wrapped in gauze.

In her memory, she had never been treated with care. She even treated her wounds.

She had been bitten by a snake in the desert and could only wait for death.

She had been injured all over, and she was still waiting for death.

If she was hungry, she would look for grass to eat. Otherwise, she could only wait for death.

In the desert, grass was a precious item.

Speaking of hunger, she touched her flat stomach.

The door was suddenly opened and Liu Xiaoyun and Liu Xiaoqing walked in with food.

Gu Wuyan smelled the fragrant food and quickly sat up straight. Her eyes were filled with radiance.

There was food to eat, it was too good!

"Miss, it is not time to eat lunch yet, but it seems that you have not eaten for a long time, so I asked the kitchen to prepare it for you in advance."

Liu Xiaoyun placed a small table on Gu Wuyan's bed and prepared the food for her.

"Thank you."

Gu Wuyan did not stand on ceremony and grabbed the rice bowl to eat!

She was not elegant at all.

She wolfed down her food.

Gu Wuyan was a little touched. She knew that these two were only responsible for their work.

However, she still felt that her nose was sour after being treated so warmly.

Liu Xiaoyun and Liu Xiaoqing were stunned because Gu Wuyan actually finished all the food and not a single grain of rice was left.

"She looks thin but she can actually eat so much."

Liu Xiaoyun and Liu Xiaoqing carried the plates and when they went downstairs, they secretly whispered to each other.

"That's right. Looks like the young miss is hungry. One look and you can tell that she is malnourished."

Liu Xiaoyun nodded, "That's right. Then let's ask the kitchen to make more delicious food for Miss to take care of in the future."

"This Miss is really pitiful. Her face is disfigured. We have to treat her better. We must not let her feel that we discriminate against her."

The two sisters muttered and did not realize that Bao Jingfeng was leaning against the wall not far away. He had a cigarette in his left hand and a metal lighter in his right.

He turned the lighter in his hand, lit the cigarette, and took a puff.

The smoke covered his expressionless face. It was a little hazy, and his eyes became especially blurred.

After lying beside her for some reason last night, he suddenly restrained himself from doing that thing.

Was it a coincidence?

Or was it because of her?


Perhaps it was because she was too tired, but after eating, Gu Wuyan felt very tired again.

This bed was too comfortable...

She could not help but lie down on the bed again and grabbed a pillow at the side and hugged it in her arms.

After she had rested, she ran, slept again, and slept for the last time...

When she woke up again, it was already afternoon.

Because after she had eaten earlier, it would be lunch in two hours.

Liu Xiaoyun originally came over to ask if she still wanted to eat lunch, but she discovered that Gu Wuyan had already fallen asleep. Seeing that she was sleeping so soundly, she did not disturb her and quietly left.

At this moment, just as she entered, she saw that Gu Wuyan had already woken up.

"Miss, you are awake. Are you hungry? I'll go and get some food for you."

Gu Wuyan shook her head.

"I'm not hungry now. I haven't digested the food I ate earlier."

Her stomach was still a little bloated. She had eaten too much.

"By the way, Miss, you must be very bored staying on the bed. I'll take you out for a stroll. The scenery around Yunxiu Garden is not bad."

Gu Wuyan turned the pearl in the blink of an eye and nodded.


The sisters helped Gu Wuyan put on her shoes and clothes and helped her sit in the wheelchair. They pushed her out of the room and took the elevator downstairs.

Gu Wuyan found that the house had a total of three floors. It was a small, independent house. It was not big and the renovation was quite unique. But it seemed that it had been there for some time.

Liu Xiaoyun was very smart and saw Gu Wuyan's eyes. Without waiting for Gu Wuyan to say anything, she opened her mouth and said, "Mr. Bao usually does not live here. This place has been built for a long time. It is the place where his mother used to live."

"His mother?" Gu Wuyan asked.

"Yes." Liu Xiaoyun nodded. "Mr. Bao's mother has passed away for twenty years. I heard, I heard..."

Liu Xiaoyun bent down and whispered in Gu Wuyan's ear, "Ever since Mr. Bao's mother passed away, Mr. Bao never smiled again. No one can see his emotions."

"You mean, he always has a straight face?" Gu Wuyan asked.

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