Madam Is So Wild!/C7 I Miss Mr Bo
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Madam Is So Wild!/C7 I Miss Mr Bo
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C7 I Miss Mr Bo

Liu Xiaoyun nodded vigorously. " Yes, he was always expressionless, but a handsome man was expressionless. He was also handsome!"

"Xiaoyun, shut up!" Liu Xiaoqing scolded.


Although the house in Yunxiu Garden was not big, the surrounding scenery was very good.

Although it was man-made scenery, the air was still fresh.

The two sisters had been excitedly describing how powerful and powerful Mr. Bao was. Bo family's servants could walk with their heads held high when they went out, and it was especially glorious.

She did not know about this person before. She had been in J Nation since she was young, so she did not know much about the affairs of A Nation. In addition, she had stayed in a mental hospital for four years.

It was only when she escaped from Mad Man Desert that she saw the big screen on the tall building introducing Bao Jingfeng on the big screen.

He was the only one who controlled most of the economy of A Country, and that wasn't all. His business was spread across the world, and the Bao's Group had a wide range of businesses. Technology, entertainment, real estate, foodstuffs and drugs, import and export trade, and so on...

How could it be described with the word 'cow'?

It truly contained all the wealth in the world.

She absolutely could not provoke this man.

After coming out this time, she still had many things to deal with. This place was not suitable for her to stay for long.

If he knew her identity, she would be finished.

Gu Wuyan wanted to understand the terrain of this place so she asked Liu Xiaoqing and Liu Xiaoyun to bring him around.

Liu Xiaoyun even enthusiastically introduced to her where the dog cave was.

Gu Wuyan looked at the tall wall of Yunxiu Garden.

Climbing the wall was a bit dangerous.

Her gaze fell on the dog hole not far away. She bit her index finger and seemed to be deep in thought.

"Aiya, Miss! You can't bite your finger. This is very unhygienic?"

Liu Xiaoqing hurriedly grabbed Gu Wuyan's hand and put her hand down. Then, she used a handkerchief to wipe her mouth.

"Miss, why are you like a child? Only a child would put his finger in his mouth to bite."

Liu Xiaoqing's mouth seemed to be a little disgusted but she very seriously wiped her mouth.

"Is Miss hungry again? Then I'll ask the kitchen to cook something delicious for you."

She really treated her like a child and coaxed her.

"I'm not hungry now." Gu Wuyan smiled.

"That... you guys said it was a thin view... If Mr. Bao doesn't live here, does that mean he won't come back at any time?"

Don't come back, she can run away.

She remembered that person saying that without his permission, she was not allowed to leave this place. She also did not know what his problem was.

"What's wrong, Miss? Do you miss Mr. Bao?"

Liu Xiaoqing covered her mouth and secretly smiled.

Gu Wuyan's eyes flashed a touch of puzzlement. Who missed him?

Gu Wuyan's speechless expression, in the eyes of Liu Xiaoyun and Liu Xiaoqing, was a complete embarrassment after their little thoughts were exposed.

"It's alright. Miss don't need to be shy. It is very normal. After all, Mr. Bao is so tall and handsome, and he is mighty and extraordinary."

Liu Xiaoyun held her hands and looked up at the sky, as if she was filled with longing.

Gu Wuyan,... ""

So, would he come back or not?

"Miss." Liu Xiaoqing pushed her wheelchair forward. "Mr. Bao must have his intention to bring you here. He won't really leave you here. He will come. You don't have to worry about him at all."

Miss looked so insecure. It was reasonable for her to stick to Mr. Bao.

Gu Wuyan sighed in her heart.

She begged him to leave her here and leave her alone. It was easy for her to run away.

"Miss, let's take you back to your room." Liu Xiaoyun pressed on the elevator.

"Yes." Gu Wuyan smiled.

The two sisters suddenly felt that Gu Wuyan's smile was really beautiful. The curve of her mouth was like a stroke drawn out by a pen.

Her eyes were bright and beautiful, but there was a trace of sadness in them that made people unable to understand.

It was a pity that her face... Sigh, Mr. Bao definitely did not like her.

Since the young lady was destined to not have love, then they would give her friendship.


For the first time, Gu Wuyan experienced the feeling of being genuinely taken care of.

In the past, there would also be many people taking care of her, giving her food and new clothes.

But Gu Wuyan knew that every time she changed into new clothes, it was the time when she wanted to donate a portion of her body to Big Sister.

No one asked if she was willing or not because everyone had instilled a thought into her since she was young. That was, she lived for Gu Changxiao. Without Gu Changxiao, there would not be her.

So she did not have the right to say no. Instead, she was forced to be grateful to Gu Changxiao and was pressed down to thank her parents for giving her life.

Dinner was brought by Liu Xiaoyun and Gu Wuyan had always welcomed food.

In the desert, there was no food to eat and now, anything to eat felt fragrant.

"Miss, slow down."

Liu Xiaoyun found that every time she ate, it was especially fragrant.

Gu Wuyan twitched the corner of her mouth. "I eat faster."

She had to be fast. It was also after so many years of training.

In the desert, if she did not eat fast enough and did not even have grass to eat, she had to snatch it from others. If she was slow, she could only starve to death.

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