Madness in Love- Ridzz/C12 Making Arrangements
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Madness in Love- Ridzz/C12 Making Arrangements
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C12 Making Arrangements


"Noor, come here....see what I bring for you...see."

An eighteen years old boy, holding a chocolate in his hand, was standing in front of a ten years old girl to try to give her that chocolate.

He tried to talk to her but that little child always gets scared and went to her mother hiding behind her.

"See Aunt, whenever I come here, she always does this with me...."

The boy complained to Miss Sara, who was standing in front of him, against that little girl.

He always comes to Mr. Hassan's house just for the sake of Noor. But, on the other side, let alone speaking she can't even come near him.

And as always he complained against her to Miss Sara.

"No son, it's not only with you that she is behaving like that, she also acts like that with Shah Zain whenever he comes home on vacation......but you don't feel sad, Noor is a little child now, son....... and she is also very weak, she can't get along with other people that will take some time, she will get fine by herself...."

She glanced behind at scared Noor then started addressing Kawish standing in front of her.

There is no denying fact that her both child were much dear to her and so is the Kawish. She loves Kawish from the very beginning.

The reason for it maybe is that he lost his mother in his childhood.

He is closer to her like her Shah Zain because Shah Zain has gone to a foreign country for higher studies, and in that case, Kawish fills the missing space of Shah Zain.

It's because of Shah Zain's insistence, they sent him to study abroad, otherwise, they were not in favor to let their son go a thousand miles away.

"You mean I should keep trying......"

With a mischievous look, he keeps looking at her.

"Yes, exactly, keep trying, one day you will become successful to make friendship with Noor..."

She said looking at him with her full smiling face.

While she keeps standing behind her as if they were talking about someone else, not her.

"For what you are going to try......let us know as well......"

Mr. Hassan said coming inside near to both of them. And behind him, Zeb (Kawish father) also entered to home.

On his voice, Kawish as well as Mrs. Sara looks at him.

"I was telling to Kawish that if you keep trying every day then one day you will make friendship with Noor."

She said smilingly.

"Yes, then we will also become best friends like you..."

He gives an example of his father and Mr. Hassan's friendship.

And there was no doubt in that Mr. Hassan and Mr. Zeb were deeply connected with each other in friendship.

While Mr. Zeb first lives in another city. He just recently shifted his whole business here on the advice of Mr. Hassan.

Despite long distances between both, their friendship was as strong as the son and father duo.

In their strong bonding, Mr. Zeb was the main reason for it because he always treats Hassan like his brother.

After Mr. Zeb's arrival here, their friendship turned into a relationship.

Kawish was elder so to some extent he understands the nature of this relationship, and he likes Noor from the very beginning.

While Noor was a little child to understand this relation. But whatever it was, Mr. Zeb was very happy because it was his wish from the very beginning that Noor becomes the bride of his son.

"You are absolutely right, you both also become best friends more than us, it's my only wish....."

Mr. Zeb pulls Noor, who was hiding behind Sara, to himself.

Now seeing four of them gazing at her, the innocent little girl becomes scared.

Before she started crying, she again hide behind her mother getting scared.

They all smiled at that time at her act.


"Yes Raheem, tell me, are all arrangements done properly?"

Mr. Hassan was on the phone talking with one of his men.

"Yes sir, I have done as you told me.....miss Noor will not be worried in any way.... you don't have to worry about anything...."

After listening to his man, he becomes a bit satisfied.

"Fine, I will come tomorrow to see everything..... after that, I will send Noor there....."

After completing his talk, Mr. Hassan cut the call.

"Whom you are talking of sending, Dad? And where?"

Shah Zain enters the lounge and addresses Mr. Hassan.

Because he happened to listen to his last sentence before coming here.

"I was talking of sending Noor from here...."

He said looking at Shah Zain. He puts his mobile on the table and then came to sit on the sofa.

"Noor, but why? And where are you sending her....."

In astonishment, he looks at Mr. Hassan and came to sit on the sofa in front of him.

"Kawish again came to my office....."

His tone was very solemn.

"What..... he again came, how dare he..... and you didn't feel it necessary to tell me...."

In a rage, he gets up from his place after listening to his father.

"Just because of your furiousness, I didn't feel it necessary to tell you, because in anger a man can do a lot of wrongdoing..... and I can't endure any wrongdoing in the matter of Noor..."

His tone was strict now.

Shah Zain came back and seated himself after finding his father getting angry.

He was right in his saying.

"Till we don't think of any solution how to let Noor free from this relation, till then I have thought to not keep Noor here.... because I don't want that Noor meets with him or she gets to know about this relation......"

Mr. Hassan said thoughtfully.

While Shah Zain silently keeps gazing at his father. Though he likes his father's decision.

"You think it right Dad, otherwise it frightens me every time that he doesn't reach to Noor....but now Noor will live far away from him, and she will be safe......"

He said satisfyingly. On that, Mr. Hassan also nodded his head in yes.

"Hassan you are still sitting here, come and get ready...... otherwise we will get late for the party....."

Mrs. Yusra, who seems to be fully prepared, came to Mr. Hassan, who was sitting in front of Shah Zain, and addresses him.

"Fine, I was just coming just let me have some talk to Shah Zain....."

He said while gazing at Shah Zain, who makes himself busy on his mobile after Mrs. Siyal comes here.

She is his mother, though stepmother, but as always a cold war persists between him and his mother. While Noor seems to like her, but Mrs Yusra doesn't consider both of them as her own children.

"Fine, finish your talk and come quickly, I am waiting for you......"

She gazes at both of them and went back to her room. After her going back, Shah Zain and Hassan again started further talking on that matter.

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