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C5 Her Fear

Because she was her secretary. So before leaving the job, she must inform him.

Now she was standing silently in front of him. She was not getting how should she start talking.

"Now utter or you are intended to stand silently...."

His gazes were on the file when he said.

On Shah Zain's saying, Minal came forward taking two steps.

"I'm not doing a job in your company, so I am quitting that job...."

She forwarded the paper she was holding in her hand. Her saying made Shah Zain raise his head and looked at that girl in front of him who startled him for a moment.

How can he forget that face? The way he was impressed by her beauty but her harsh tongue made his blood boil in anger.

But there must be something special in her that made Shah Zain desires to see her again.

And how quickly his wish become fulfilled he didn't think of it. After listening to her it takes a moment for him to understand that tomorrow he was waiting for a secretary and she is no one else but her that secretary.

"It's my resignation letter."

Finding him gazing at her, Minal put the letter on his table.

"Perhaps you haven't read the agreement thoroughly when you were signing it."

Minal's voice has led him to come back to his senses.

On Shah Zain's saying, she looks at him non-understandingly.

"I didn't came here to take permission from you, I'm just telling you that I am not doing this job."

Her tone become harsh now, which made a frown on Shah Zain's forehead.

"Before telling me something you must read the agreement properly, then it will be better for you.... you have to work in that company till I don't get my new secretary, you can't go quitting the job like that otherwise our company can sue you....."

In a style, he gets up from his place and taking slow steps he came near her.

His saying made Minal keep standing standstill. In what obstacle she has entrapped herself?

"If you got my point then you can go and start your work...."

He said while trying hard to control his smile after seeing her worried face.

Now he feels quite enjoying it.

"But I don't want to work with you...."

How she can easily let herself down.

"Then fine, you will be responsible for your coming circumstances...."

With his talks, he made her afraid, and so does she became. She doesn't want to make her mother worried because of herself.

Whatever is, she has to work with this man.

"It means you accept....."

With smiling eyes, he looks at her. On his saying that she glanced at him and came out of his cabin. Now her direction was toward her room.

"What this girl is....."

After she left, he said it to himself.

But he was not getting one thing, why did she want to quit this job?

But whatever it was, he will find out her unwillingness.

After a long time, it happened that Shah Zain wants to know about a girl.


"Noor, why are you sitting here today, aren't you going to attend the class?"

She was sitting lonely at the back side of the university on the bench when her classmate came near her.

She is the only girl with whom Noor talks properly, and the reason for it was her soft behavior towards Noor.

"No, you go, I have a headache today, my brother is coming to pick me up, I am waiting for him...."

She made an excuse while telling her. Listening to her answer she nodded her head and leave her.

Now, what will she tell her why she is not attending the class? Only in his class, does she feels him gazing at her constantly.

She feels a sensation running through her whole body. Her heart condition becomes strange. It was a unique feeling that she was not getting.

And today after coming to the university she was strongly feeling someone is gazing at her. Her heart is accelerated because of fear. In a panic, she calls Shah Zain to take her home.

Now she was sitting here waiting for his arrival.

Seeing the roses flower a beautiful smile forms on her lips even in the panic.

Putting her books on the side, she darted towards them. Since her childhood, she likes roses.

Taking flat steps, she came near these beautiful flowers. She sit near them and started looking at them lovingly.

"Be careful...."

As soon as she forwarded her hand to pluck the flower she turns her neck listening to someone's familiar voice.

Don't know why she was not afraid now finding Kawish near herself. Perhaps she was still in the spell of these flowers.

Ignoring his saying she started plucking a flower when a thorn was fiercely pierced in her hand.

A little blood oozes out of her finger and then a shrieking sound came out of her mouth because of the intensity of the pain.

"Show me, what happened....."

Kawish, who was staring at her, came near her after listening to her screaming. He held her bleeding hand.

To stop the blood oozing out of her hand, he immediately put her finger in his mouth.

His that act made Noor stand numb in her place. It feels as if her life is only in that finger.

Feeling his warm and soft lips touch on her finger, Noor feels like soul leaving her body.

"What are you doing this, leave my hand..."

Controlling herself after coming to her senses she said. She tried to free her hand from his grasp, but his hold was strong on her.

"I told you to be careful, but you didn't listen to me....."

Ignoring her question, he told her in a cold tone, while he was rubbing her finger with his thumb.

"You are only mine, Noor, only mine to touch you and giving you pain is only my right,....."

He said while looking into her eyes.

There was craziness and extremeness in his tone.

"Please leave my hand....."

She becomes afraid of his tone. She was so scared that she didn't give heed to his words.

Kawish kept standing there for a while holding her hand and looking at her shivering from fear.

In an instant, he let her hand from his grasp.

As soon as he left her hand, Noor took her books and ran away from him. She didn't look back even for once.

If she looks back then her fear will accelerate further after seeing the smile on his face.

While he kept looking at her retreating figure.

"Run, you can run how much you want.... but one day you have to come to in my hold, my scared nightingale...."

He addresses her in his heart.

Noor's blood was still on his lips which he wipes out with his tongue.

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