Madness in Love- Ridzz/C6 Annoying Her
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Madness in Love- Ridzz/C6 Annoying Her
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C6 Annoying Her

"Sir, should I serve the dinner?"

Mr. Hassan was sitting in the lounge working on the laptop when a servant came to ask him.

"No, I am not feeling hungry.... you go and ask Shah Zain to come here."

After listening to his order he darted towards Shah Zain's room.

"Listen, did Noor eat something?"

He asked in a concerned tone as he knows she rarely takes care of her eating and drinking.

"No sir, after coming back from the university she enclosed herself in her room though Zain sir did his best to make her eat something but she refused eating."

He tells him everything in detail.

"Alright, you go ask Shah Zain to come here....."

After his answer, he becomes a bit worried.

As his servant left him, he again busied himself in his laptop. Instantly, the phone, which was near the couch, rang.

Seeing an unknown number he was intending to cut it but then thinking something he picks up the call.

"Assalamualaikum (greetings)..... uncle...."

As soon as he picks up the call, greetings were instantly said to him. This voice was unknown to him, but the words captured his attention.

"Walaikum slam (greetings back).....who is talking...?"

Mr. Hassan tried to recognize him.

"It's not right that you forgot me that quickly, I was not expecting that..... anyway it's ok, I came back then you will remember everything....."

There was something knowable in his tone, which Mr. Hassan can feel very easily.


It took a moment for him to recognize him. Since when did he forget him?

But his calling after so many years has most probably startled him.

"Ohh great..... you do remember me....."

There was mocking in his tone.

"Why you called and what do you want...."

He came straight to the point. There was a fear rising inside him.

"Why I called and what I want... I will also tell you that, for that, you have to meet with me, these talk can't happen on the motive for calling you is to remind you of myself that if you forget me so you will be reminded that I have some relation with you..... and soon I will meet with you."

As always he talked to him sternly and coldly and then he cuts the call.

Mr. Hassan was now remembering his words, sitting still for a long time.

"He came back.....he came...."

"Who came Dad?"

As soon as Shah Zain enters the lounge he happened to listen to these words uttered from his mouth.

"Kawish came back."

He said to Shah Zain as he saw him in front of himself and stood up from his seat worriedly.

While after listening to the name of Kawish from his mouth, he kept looking at the face of his father for a moment.


She was sitting in her cabin with closed eyes relaxing herself when the ringing of the phone interrupted her peace.

In irritation, she picks up the call.

"Miss Minal bring that file to me which I told you to prepare for today's evening meeting."

And after listening to voice of Shah Zain, Minal clenched her lips in furiousness. Today hen she came to the company, he gives her a lot of work which makes her hell tired.

A little earlier she had just come back from his room. And now again he was calling her to his room.

In anger, Minal gets up from her place, and taking the file she darted towards his room.

She knows that he is doing all this deliberately with her.

After knocking on the door she went inside.

"Miss Minal perhaps you are used to doing every work late....."

He said after looking time on his wristwatch.

While Minal keep thinking that which work she did late, in fact, she was doing every work on time.

"Sir, here is the file....."

Suppressing her anger, she put the file on the table.

While Shah Zain keeps gazing at her red face which turned because of anger. Don't know what is it in her face that whenever he looks at her he feels a strange sensation for her.

Yesterday how much he was worried after Kawish's call but now after seeing her, he forgets everything.

Don't know why he enjoys making her annoyed. That's why he was deliberately giving her a lot of work.

"You can check it, if there's any mistake......"

She moves toward him after saying that. Then Shah Zain open the file and started looking in the file.

"It's not complete, there are some mistakes, correct it ......"

He put the file back on the table. On his saying, Minal looks at him dumbfounded.

"But I saw it, there was not any mistake....."

He was enraged at her lying.

"Correct it right now, no you just sit here and correct this file here....."

He signals her to sit in front of him in the chair.

Listening to his another command, Minal grinds her teeth and sits on the chair. She started checking the file.

A moment later, she senses him gazing at her so she raises her head and finds him busy on his mobile.

Looking at him for a moment, she again bends on the file. Then again she senses that feeling.

"Nasty man......"

In her heart, she started abusing him and then she engaged herself in the work.

"What's your problem, why are you looking at me...."

When it crossed her patience then she rise from her place in anger.

"Mind your language Miss Minal it's my office, not your home..... and second what's special in you that I will look at you..... perhaps you are suffering from a very big misconception, if you accept it then clear your misconception...."

With his talks, he made Minal feel quite guilty.

"You go, give me this file, and I will rectify it....."

Finding guilt on her face, he permits her to go then, and she, without looking at him moves out fastly.

While a smile came to his lips seeing her fastness.

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