Madness in Love- Ridzz/C7 Confronation
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Madness in Love- Ridzz/C7 Confronation
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C7 Confronation

"Why you want to meet, now speak up....."

Mr. Hassan said while glaring at the Kawish who was sitting in front of him with all his glory.

But he was giving cold impression while looking at them.

He was seeing him after full ten years. He seemed an exact copy of his father.

But only his eyes are black while his father's were honey color. For a moment as he looks at him, he feels like it is his friend, Ali, who is in front of him.

"You know it very well what is my reason for coming here..... and why I want to meet you....?"

Like his posture, his tone was also strict and cold.

"And you know it very well that whatever you want is impossible..... still you came here"

This time, Shah Zain who was sitting on the other sofa didn't remain quiet. Listening to his talk Kawish smiled sarcastically like he was making fun of what he is saying.

"It will be better if you don't talk about possibility or impossibility.... because there's nothing impossible for Kawish Ali....."

He was saying it more like a warning.

While on his saying this, Shah Zain clenched his fist in anger.

"At that time, it is impossible..... and it's better you came, now the decision will be made in front of you...."

Hassan gets up from his place and came towards the table to pick up the paper from the table.

"I don't came here to make a decision Mr. Hassan....."

In his life, it's the first time he calls him by his name, not saying uncle.

"I'm here to take my wife with myself.... and I will take her with myself."

His tone was strict now.

"Watch your mouth, don't you utter my sister's name from your tongue..... she is nothing to you and if there's any relation then I don't accept that relation...."

Now Shah Zain can't suppress his anger.

"Easy brother-in-law.... I also know how to talk loudly...."

In anger, Kawish also gets up from his seat.

"And second it doesn't make any difference to me whether you accept it or not..... she is my wife, I can take her with myself right now... and no one among you can stop me."

He glares at both father and son while saying.

"By the way, your courage deserves the accolade, after happening so many things you are standing here.... that relation was ended at that time when your father with my wife....."

Mr. Hassan became silent for a moment when he was saying that.

"My father didn't did anything, you know that very well..... and because of that father's promise I am standing here....."

He looks straight into their eyes while saying.

There was something in his eyes which made Mr. Hassan lower his eyes.

"You got our answer we don't accept that relation.....sign these papers silently and end this story right here.... I don't want someone like you to have your influence on my sister...."

Infuriated Shah Zain, forwarded the papers to him.

That's what they both want to do very early, now when he came here so it's better either way.

"You can say whatever you want, you can think whatever you like, you can't change the fact, Noor is my wife I will take her with myself....."

He took the divorce papers from Shah Zain's hand ripping them into two pieces and throws them on both.

"How dare you, I will....."

On his act, Shah Zain moves toward him in rage but Mr. Hassan holds him by his arm.

"I have much dare if I got an opportunity I will show it to you.... but for now I came here to tell you the reason of my arrival.... I hope next time when I come you let Noor go with me without creating a fuss.... otherwise I know a lot of methods....."

He said it while looking straight into the eyes of Mr. Hassan and then glaring at Shah Zain for a while he moves out.

"I will not let you take my sister that easily Kawish Ali, never at all....."

On his going back, Shah Zain addresses him angrily.

Hi guys

Hope you are doing well. Here I updated another chapter for my silent who were eagerly waiting.

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Will Noor go with Kawish if he came to take her?

Will Shah Zain and Minal will reconcile with each other?

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