Madness in Love- Ridzz/C8 Her Problem
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Madness in Love- Ridzz/C8 Her Problem
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C8 Her Problem

She was lying on the bed closing her eyes to try to sleep. But sleep was quite distant from her eyes.

In irritation, she tossed to other side of the bed.

For a while, she lay closing her when instantly someone's face appeared behind her closed eyes.

Getting scared she opened her eyes. And she got up in a jerk.

She is in that state for the last three days.

In fact, after that incident, she avoids going to the university.

Again and again, that scene keeps appearing in front of her eyes.

Suddenly her gaze moved to the bruise on her hand which has been healed. But still, she can feel his lips touch on her finger.

Remembering that scene again, her whole body started shivering, while on her forehead tiny drops of sweat appeared.

What is this happening, why is this happening she was not understanding her state.

Her heart started beating loudly then getting afraid of her state she rise from her place and came to the side of the window.

Opening the door of the window, she keeps standing there for a while and started breathing heavily.

When she started getting peace then she came back to bed without closing the door of the windows. She lied on the bed and again tried to sleep by closing her eyes.

It's been a while since she lied and in an instant she again sense someone's presence around herself. In fear, Noor opened her eyes to see but finding someone sitting close to her she opened her mouth for screaming. But he put his hand on her mouth to stop her voice from getting out.

"Sshhhh...... silent, totally silent......"

He bends on her and said more like whispering. While Noor after listening to his voice didn't find the courage to move a bit.

In the darkness, though she can't recognize his face clearly she does recognize his voice.

"You were missing me now......"

With his other hand, he caresses her forehead and takes his hand to her ear.

On his caressing, Noor feels her body becoming numb. How he came to know the state of her heart.

"If you are missing me that much then why are you not coming to the university...."

Feeling his finger stroking her back, Noor felt like soul leaving her body.

Taking some courage, she tried to remove his hand from her back but he has also taken her that hand in his hold.

"Don't scare..... I am not going to do anything...... but tomorrow if you don't come to university, then......"

Taking his hand away from her mouth, he took his face closer to her face. His face was so close that Hoor can feel his warm breath on her lips.

With shivering lips, she tried hard to say something. But her voice seems to be lost somewhere.

"If you want to let go of any harsh happening with you then come to the university tomorrow....."

He stroked her lips with his thumb and bent more on her when he said that.

On his bending more on her, Noor shut her eyes stiffly getting scared.

Sometimes passed like that then in frightening she opened her eyes but find no one there.

Noor hurriedly gets up to switch on the light but her room was empty.

She came towards the window to look at the lawn but no one was there.

Two guards were strolling here and there. It clearly meant that no one can come to her room that easily.

"Is this my dream......"

Saying to herself then again she came to the bed. Now sleep was far away from her eyes.


"What's the matter, are you feeling well.....?"

Shah Zain who was driving her to the university gazes at Noor who was sitting silently beside him.

"Yes, Bhai (brother) I am fine......why, what happened?"

She moves toward Shah Zain.

"Today you told me yourself for going to the university that's why I was surprised that today Noor herself wants to go to the university......"

He said mischievously looking at her but Noor on his saying can't even smile.

Yesterday night, she was so much frightened, she was not getting that whatever happened to her yesterday was her illusion or real.

Now she was feeling headaches because of thinking too much. And today she is coming to the university just because of getting scared of what he said.

While it is still unknown to her if he really came to her or not.

"What happened, why are you there anything worrisome?"

Seeing her silence, Shah Zain asked her worriedly.

He is too much concerned about her even for her small matters.

Moreover, now for the safety of Noor, he has also hired guards in his house since the day he met with Kawish.

In fact, in the university, he also keeps a man for Noor security who always kept watching her.

"No Bhai, there's nothing, if I am worried about anything then I will surely tell you."

She tried to show him her smiley face.

She wants to tell him, but she herself was not sure so what she could tell him.

"If this is so my soul, when you don't want to tell your problems to your brother then he has to do something to know your problem......"

In his tone, there was profound love for Noor.

"Right, then tell me one thing there anything in the university that keeps you distressed..... I mean to say is someone troubling you in the university?"

Stopping the car in front of the university, he asked her the last question.

On her brother's question, Noor wants to tell him that someone gazing at her keeps her troubling.

She feels like he will take her far away from everyone.

Now that man also troubles her in her dreams. She just keeps thinking about it, she doesn't dare to tell all this to her brother.

"No Bhai, everything is fine....."

In a few words, she ends the conversation and came out of the car.

"Listen take care of yourself......."

Shah Zain admonish her and then move forward his car in a speed. She keeps looking at his car till it vanishes from her eyes.

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