Mafia King/C1 Chapter 1 Fate is so funny!
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Mafia King/C1 Chapter 1 Fate is so funny!
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C1 Chapter 1 Fate is so funny!


"What do you want now?" He said proudly from the tip of his nose without even looking into my face.

"Sir, I just need—" I paused, I didn't know how to ask him for money, and I only started working for him a few days ago.

He raised an eyebrow, "I don't have much time for you; just say it or get out of here now."

I gulped nervously, "I need— Hundred—" I couldn't say it under the intense gaze of his blue eyes.

He smirked and grabbed his wallet, then handed me a hundred bucks "here, take it. I didn't know that you became so poor." he said harshly.

I shook my head, but I didn't have another choice. "Sir, I need a hundred thousand dollars." and yes, I said it finally.

He almost yelled shockingly, "What the heck?!"

I didn't spit a word, and I stood in my place, waiting for his reply. He checked out my body with his shameless eyes; he stepped forward. He rubbed his chin and raised his index finger "In one condition! Sleep with me."


I lost everything in just a blink of an eye.

Tomas Charl

After marriage, I and Jennifer were completely in love and everything was going okay, but fate or in another meaning. Life wanted to give me what I deserved I guess.

Jennifer got pregnant and we were both so happy. Even Jimmy raised the white flag of peace with me. We both talked and hung out as best friends.

I and Jimmy worked together hand in hand and supported each other and we did have our own secret. Actually, it was only one secret. We have kept our illegal work hidden from Jennifer. Jennifer was so stern about our illegal weapons manufacturing and mafia position. So we decided to expand our works but without telling her.

I admit that I tried to quit my work as mafia leader but that was too hard. I couldn’t risk it with my family. If I lost that power, then I would be easily haunted by my enemies, which were a lot.

Jimmy agreed to me deskin as well. But he didn’t like losing his powerful connections and money. Not like me. I didn’t like the idea of taking permission from others.

Yes, if I took off my position from the mafia family and handed it to others. It means I will be controlled by another new king. Which was something I would never accept?

All businessmen in the world are controlled actually but it’s not something the normal people could know.

Life played with me a dirty game. It took everything precious in just a blink of an eye.

One day I was in a hurry for a mafia gathering, but Jennifer was pregnant in her last month and was expected to have our first child in less than a week.

That’s why I decided to send her home, I was already in Italy and she and Jimmy and Carl were already with me.

So I asked Carl to accompany her and take off her that day. And send her home safe.

But Jimmy as her elder brother asked me to be with her. He insisted and I needed him at this gathering as my right hand but I couldn’t reject it because I was worried about my wife Jennifer as well.


Traitors were there, I blamed myself for what happened. Jimmy offered to take Jennifer and Carl in his private jet and while I was standing down there watching the plane take off. I watched them die.

All three of them died in a plane crash! Actually, a bomb was planted there. That’s what I have discovered later.

I lost my unborn son and my precious wife and my right hands, Jimmy and even carl. Everything went worse.

I became totally worse. I killed almost everyone until I reached the real one who planned for all of these. One of my enemies.

That’s why Tomas Charl became the most dangerous man ever. I hated everyone. I trusted no one. But I decided to start over as a real businessman. I didn’t quit my title as the king of a mafia. On the contrary, everyone feared me this time. I had no enemies because I killed every one of them and buried them with every member of their families.

And I locked myself and drowned myself only in business. I fucked every single woman came up my path. I shattered hearts.

I didn’t give a shit about anyone. my heart wasn’t broken but wasn’t even there in my chest.

And the funny thing, that first one I contacted was one of my dead mother's best friends and her name was Carol. Years gone. Two years or maybe three actually until I started to believe that I need to live a normal life. But I didn’t know how or why.

I loved Jennifer, adored her actually. But we didn’t live together for a long time. I eagerly wanted to love and heal my wounds. But I didn’t find the one for me. That's when I decided to search for at least a good woman to carry my name and be my wife. I was in need of a son to carry my name and my family name after me.

I didn’t know what was the reason for making all the money after all if I didn’t have a son or even a daughter. Life was meaningless but after all, I deserved that. I killed a lot of people. Ruined lives. I was merciless. And Jennifer was an angel.

But at least I ended all my past relationships with my fake friends, with my fake girlfriends and started over with new ones. Hoping for something could change my life.

Tomas Charl


Knocking on the door of my office. I gave permission to Carol, my management assistant, 'she's like a right hand to me.' She's the only one allowed to enter my office without taking permission at all from me. She's the only one I trust in this world after my mother passed away, she's in her fifties but she has no children and I'm like her child that she has never given birth to.

I gestured to Carol to come close. she informed me "Sir, I have the applications of the new employees for the law department."

I nodded to her and she handed me the file "Oh, let me have a look."

"Sir, can I ask one question," she asked me in curiosity.

"Yes, sure," I nodded while I was looking at the applications. She is the only one permitted to ask anything,' But not at any time. And she knows her limits. To be honest, life made me like a monster, sometimes I blamed myself for talking to her or treating her in a rude way. I didn’t get used to being normal and kind as I used to be in the past.

Or maybe because I have struggled in the past in my childhood that’s why I couldn’t forget that when I was good everyone insulted me and stepped on me. and When I became ruthless and rude everyone feared me and respected me.

Money talks and makes you yell and makes them obey. Without cash, I was nothing and unnoticed but with my billions I became powerful and every single word was accepted from me.

Life was so funny, I regretted it and I hated my new personality but all the people around me helped to create that monster. They shouldn’t blame me but themselves.

Carol asked politely "why do you insist on choosing by yourself the employees?" Yes, actually that was a first, not so first but I did insist on choosing this time. I had my reasons.

"just. law department." I mumbled.

"Exactly, why?" Carol widened her eyes.

"Because I have graduated from law school," I smiled with a smirk. Okay, that was kind of a joke actually, but she didn’t get the point. I was hoping all those years to meet her! Yes, her! Just hoping she could bump into my path or anyone else from my awful past. My high school days were a disaster. I was the ugly duck according to them. Because I was studying in a famous high school of rich students and I was just a poor guy with a scholarship. They didn’t notice that I was smart, actually being smart was a disadvantage not an advantage. I was the nerd ugly duck. Never accepted between them. But thanks to them, I made my own empire.

"Yes, which is amazing, because later you studied business and You got a master's in business and Management, I think I'm blessed to work with you." Carol smiled, praising me.

"Carol, you are blessed because you are the only woman that works for me. If you were a man you might hate me to hell and You know why," I said firmly with a lit up smile. 'Which is true.'

"Um, yes, but I still feel so proud to work for you." Carol blurted out.

"You used to be the best friend of my mother, you are the most important person to me somehow now, you are like the second mother to me, so please don't talk like a normal employee at work for me, you are an exception." I stretched my arms yawning, I was barely sleeping, from work to a bar, drinking and having sex. I was too exhausted, but feeling lonely makes me do this. I have many friends, partners, popular but still feel lonely.

"Wait a minute." I opened my mouth in shock when I saw this name.

"What?!" Carol stepped closer from my desk.

"Mira Black?!" I rubbed my chin and laughed hysterically. I couldn’t even imagine that someday She would apply to work in one of my companies!

"Huh? I think I have heard that name before, but don't know when and Where." Carol adjusted her eyeglass to take a good look at the employee picture.

"Yes— she was um— Never mind, make sure to give her the job." I trembled then cut the crap. That was the little secret that I have been hiding for more than ten years now.

"Is she qualified for this job? Or are you just interested in her?" Carol raised her eyebrows staring at me. 'she wants the best for the company but curiosity kills her.'

I slammed the desk with my both hands, commanding her "I don't care, give her the job and Don't ask. Finally, I can take my revenge, I waited so long for this day! Life is so funny." I zoned out for a minute remembering what happened ten years ago—

Flashback. Ten years ago—

I was in my first year at high school when I discovered that I'm into her and I'm in love with Mira, the most popular girl in school, even seniors adored her, everyone knows that she was so young but followed her everywhere waiting for her to open her heart or to fall in love with any of them. but she was only 15 years old and I was a rude girl and I was 16. I knew it back then that I had no hope with her, but I only wished and prayed and waited for her to notice me. I watched her from far away, even being rude and harsh with others didn’t make me hate her.

I waited for her after school and out of blue jumped from nowhere to block her way and I handed her a love letter. She opened it and started to read it aloud in front of all the school.

dear Mira, I was a normal person until I have seen your gorgeous smile and your sparkling eyes that lit up my world, please be mine, be my boyfriend, I do love you— Tomas.

After she had finished reading my letter, which was so embarrassing, everyone glued to their places watching and waiting for Mira's reaction. Mira threw me with a disgusting look and threw the letter into my face and insulted me with the worst words ever that could squeeze any stone heart "Sorry, I'm not interested in someone fat like you, ugly, a nerd with a huge eyeglass and Above all poor!" anyone in my place would commit suicide, but I was brave enough to pass this situation, I drown myself in my studies, I worked hard day and night in part-time job, I used my scholarship, I made myself to be one of the best businessmen in this country.

Back again—

I snapped to myself to come back to earth—

"Yes, sir. But can I ask you a favor?" Carol stammered rolling her eyes.

"Sure! Do You want money?" I grabbed my pen and my checks to write down to her.

She shook her head "No, it just, um, could you please, try to stop drinking day and Night! Stop sleeping around with sluts! Personal assistants! I'm so worried about your health." Carol sighed.

I frowned and commanded her firmly ignoring what she just said "POUR A WINE GLASS TO ME NOW AND GO TO YOUR OFFICE."


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