Mafia King/C2 Chapter 2 New job!
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Mafia King/C2 Chapter 2 New job!
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C2 Chapter 2 New job!

Mira :

Since my graduation from college, 'With The Worst Grade Ever' and I was waiting to be hired or get any job for any position, I failed even to get a part-time job like delivery girl or waitress in a restaurant, Always unacceptable, ' I'm not smart either '.

I know that I've spent all my life hanging out and Wasting my parent's money on useless things. I didn't study well, I have No knowledge and no skills. I was depending on them Even to pass my college years by cheating and Paying more money for my lecturer under the table as a bribe to make me pass. That was totally bad because when my father died, I lost most of our money on shit.

'But finally, I insisted on doing something.'

My mother was so sick she needed medication, expensive medicines, she needed a kidney transplant. I was kind of lost, all my relatives abandoned us. So I found myself alone and all the stress was only on my shoulders. I wanted to do anything to save my mother's life. I admit that I have learned how to be a responsible girl, I learned the truth about the fake friendship but it was too late. No one remained next to me, no one stood by my side when I lost my money, my car. Loneliness was my only friend at that time.

It was hard, especially when I was a girl and weak—

I was praying and Almost crying day and night to be accepted at the new job. I was waiting for a call from the company. Actually, I had zero chance for that job. But I was hoping that God might help me for the sake of my Mother.

It was my only and Lonely Hope Now, I have No time and She as well. She was in her late stages, that wasn’t good. I couldn’t imagine my life without her. I wasn’t able to accept losing her and that’s why I decided to be a fighter for the first time in my life. To sacrifice for her in any possible way.

To be honest I asked many of my friends and my relatives to help us, yes my nose that used to be in the sky, me the rude arrogant girl turned into mud but I didn’t care. I would do anything for my mom. But all of them turned me off. Some of them even kicked me out of their houses and others refused to meet me. my calls were rejected all the time.

I was tossing in my bed with an unrelaxed , tensioned mind. My cell phone rang, I hopped off my bed to take a look, it was an unknown number, I answered in a hurry.

"Hello, yes," I said slowly.

"Ms. Mira?" The voice was unfamiliar but was formal talking.

"Yes, it’s me," I cleared my throat. The woman was talking formally, this just made me tremble but gave me a hope that I will have an appointment for the new job.

"Ms. Mira, you are accepted to work in the law department in TC Company, you should start from today, after one hour actually. Exactly." The woman informed me and I was opening my mouth flabbergasted, I couldn't believe it! After one hour? Without an appointment?! I just sent my application, I haven't gone through their tests yet! I didn't meet the managers! how this could happen I wondered. It was like a miracle, I even pinched my leg to figure out if it was a dream or real fact but her voice startled me a bit and made me realize that God finally listened to my pleadings.

"Ms. Mira, are you there?!" She bawled out my name.

I gulped trying to form a word "Oh, yes, sorry, but do you mean that I'm accepted? Does that mean I will start the job immediately?"

"No, Ms. Mira, you will sign the contract before starting your first day, so, I'm expecting you to arrive at the company within 30 minutes from hanging up the call with you. Don't be late please." The woman explained to me firmly.

"Yes, sure, thank you. Could I ask who it is?" I said with curiosity.

"I'm Mrs. Carol, the manager assistant, bye for Now." She introduced herself to me and hung up the call.

'What does she mean by manager assistant?! Is this kind of new position or what?!' I rubbed my ear and My eyes from the shock. Couldn’t close my dropped jaw and the smile from ear to ear.

I swayed my head to the clock on my nightstand. Okay, Now I should hurry up.'

I hopped off my bed to take a fast shower, I dried my body and my hair fast, I wore a semi-casual suit. it's my style, I know it's weird, but I have no more now to buy new casual clothes or anything that could fit that position, actually I didn’t work before too in any appropriate position.

I rushed to get out of the house, I had no time to wait for the bus, I waved to the taxi and got inside "Please, drive me to TC company." I said to the driver.

I was rubbing my hands excitedly — After a few minutes I reached the company, but I guess in rushing I forgot my wallet at home.

The taxi driver yelled at me, he was a huge man, if he punched me just once, I would die immediately and Be late and I would lose my dream job.

A huge limo stopped in front of the company, a very handsome man surrounded by too many guards. I guess he was a shareholder, or maybe the CEO. He looked so handsome, tall, with wide shoulders, tanned skin, his blue eyes shone from far away, his handsomeness was a crime. His beauty was definitely breathtaking.

I peeked at him in a muted tone watching him, I forgot about the taxi driver who was yelling into my earlobe.

'Oh My God he is coming towards me.' I cleared my throat whispering in my mind while keeping my eyes on the handsome man stepping closer from me.

Suddenly the man stared at me then swayed his head to the taxi driver and shook him "Hey, what's wrong?"

The taxi driver cleared his throat in fear after he saw all the guards around him "Nothing sir, but she didn't pay me."

I was smiling awkwardly, losing control of my body and My facial expressions after smelling his stunning cologne that affected me.

The handsome guy waved to his guards "Pay the taxi driver." He commanded them and Raised an eyebrow at me and Walked away to the company.

'What? Why did he do so? He is so gentle and generous I guess!'

I stormed inside the company shockingly when I figured out that I'm late— I followed the handsome man "Hey, wait please sir."

He halted and twirled his body to me slowly "Yes."

I blinked and Trembled "Thank you for paying, I will get the money tomorrow and Give it back to you." I bowed my head respectfully.

He smirked, "Don't worry, I will deduct that from your salary."

I dropped my jaw "Huh? Who are you.?"

"I'm Tomas Charl, The CEO. Mira." He threw me with a death glare and Got inside the elevator.

I glued in my place and Felt the ground rotate under me when the name hit my head with the old memories —.'Fuck!!!!!!!! What!!!!!! Tomas Charl! I'm DEAD.'


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