Mafia King/C3 Chapter 3 She didní»t remember me!
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Mafia King/C3 Chapter 3 She didní»t remember me!
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C3 Chapter 3 She didní»t remember me!

Tomas Charl

After all those years, she still looks so gorgeous, the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. No one made me forget her. No one made me forget about her. Mira was and Still, have this magic affection on me.

When I saw her in front of the company and The driver was fighting with her, I was going to leave her, but I couldn't. something pulled me to help her. Thank god that I at least acted arrogantly and Kept my dignity. Her eyes didn't leave mine for a second. I know that I look like a totally different person now, elegant, handsome and Rich.

But something different about her now, he looked somehow skinny, puzzled mind, distracted unfocused eyes. she looked poor somehow. She was wearing a brand casual sexy suit, but still not how she looked when she was in high school.

she simply didn't look the same at all.

'Why do I care for god sake?! I decided to give her the job to take my revenge! to make her suffer.' I snapped to myself.

I bawled at Carol "Where have you been?" I shouted annoyingly.

"Sir, I was making sure that the new employee MS Mira signed up for the contract, then I showed her the way to the office to start her first day at the law department," Carol was informing me with questioning eyes wanting to know what's wrong with that bad mood of mine.

I frowned "Okay, just go now," I shooed her.

She Nodded and Walked to the door, but I stopped her "Wait, I want a Mira contract." I commanded her.

She furrowed her eyebrows, she blinked shockingly "Excuse me, sir, why?"

I raised my eyebrow “Don’t ask, I want the contract Now, I want to keep it with me."

Carol Nodded and Left, after a few minutes she came up and Placed the contract on my desk silently.

'Yes I know she's shocked by my actions; I never did the same with any of the employees. But I don't trust anyone else after all the contracts of the employees remain in the law department safe. So what if she stole her contract and Left me?!' What did I just say?! Left me?!

I grabbed the contract and put it in my safe and Locked it— I adjusted myself and Walked outside my office to check on the employees in their offices. But sure I wanted to check on Mira.

I didn't want to press on my unhealed wound again but seeing her already pressed my nerves and reminded me with everything as if it had just happened yesterday.

I know that she must be afraid of me now. I know that she wants to run away. But I will never let her go.

How idiot she is, she didn't take a look before signing the contract!! Law department employees are not allowed to resign. I keep them forever to not sell the secrets of my companies to competitive companies. I'm the only one who was allowed to fire them.

Carol followed me step by step, she was always tailing me step by step inside the company. She was my right hand, the keeper of my secrets. 'At least she knows almost 50% of my hidden secrets which is huge.'

Carol whispered, "Mr. Tomas, would you please tell me what you intend to do with Miss Mira?"

I threw her with a side glance smirk "Making her kneel and Ask for forgiveness I guess." I blow a demonic laugh full of hatred and Evil thoughts.

Carol blurted "but_"

I cut off her "Don't interfere with my personal stuff, especially this time, because I won't get back from my decision, I won't change my mind even if my mother came back again from her grave and Asked me to be nice to her." I said firmly and that's exactly what was on my mind. even if my mom was alive and asked me to be nice to Mira I will reject her wish.

I pushed the door of the law department and Stepped closer from Mira's office. she was sitting next to one of the managers, she was learning I guess. But this made me angry 'Jealous! I don't know.'

I slammed the desk with my both hands, making both of them jump off their chairs and Bow their heads in respect.

I pointed to Mira’s face with my finger sternly "Listen to me, relationships are Not allowed in my companies! Don't sit next to anyone ever again even if he was your manager! Got that!" I raised an eyebrow warning Mira and told her about the company policies. Actually, there was no policy that said so. but— I made it up especially for her. She was an exception.

Mira cleared her throat and nodded politely "Yes, sir. Sorry." her tone was broken; I didn't know why. I even thought that she wasn't the same Mira! she used to be fucking mean and rude girl.

What the hell? What happened to the arrogant, rude Mira?!

I leaned down closer to her face and gritted my teeth " I will make sure to bury you between the hills of papers daily." I informed her.

Mira shrunk a bit and shivered but nodded with a muted mouth ducking her head down.

I threw her with the deadliest gaze and turned my body to walk away, then I stopped and twirled my head to her again "You did read the contract carefully, right?" I narrowed my eyebrows in curiosity.

This contract was enough to freak her out and make her run away, especially since she had seen me before signing this job contract.

Mira nodded respectfully and replied in breathless tone "Yes sir, I did." Okay, now I'm more curious about her life, what has changed her all of sudden?! Is she playing with me?!

I rubbed my chin and gazed at her "You are not allowed to resign!"

Mira blurted out "Sir, I'm not going anyway, this is the job of my dreams."

"Oh great." I heaved and slammed the door behind me angrily.

'This is some kind of confusing to me. Maybe she didn't remember me! Or maybe she thinks that I still love her! Do I?!!!!!!!'


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