Mafia King/C5 Chapter 5
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Mafia King/C5 Chapter 5
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C5 Chapter 5

Tomas Charl P.O.V

At night, after leaving the company, I drove my car like crazy, thinking all the way to my house. With my puzzled mind and Killer ideas and Old memories goes and Comes back from time to time to my mind with stronger vision as if it happened yesterday.

My evil mind controlled me eventually giving me an idea that I should make her kneel down, should she love me this time. I should make her mine then break her heart.

Well, at least I won't kill her! Or maybe this will kill her?! BUT— What if I fell for her again?! NO! NO! Sure I won't.

I turned back to the company after driving for too long. it was almost 7 p.m. All the employees left.

I totally forgot that I commanded Carol to give Mira extra work to stay all night.

I walked into my office, I spotted a small light in the carol office, I stepped inside to find Mira ducking her head to the desk and a mountain of files in front of her. she looked so exhausted, yawning, barely able to open her eyes. I sneaked slowly to my office and opened the cams to watch her.

Until I saw what I didn't expect and what made me boil madly. Jack walked towards Mira and held a few bags.

I didn't think twice, I hopped off my chair and slammed the door.

"What the hell are both of you doing late here?" I hollered.

Mira blinked and stammered "Sir, Mrs. Carol told me that I should finish this work before going home."

I raised an eyebrow " I see, then what are you doing here Jack?"

Jack blurted out "Helping her I guess."

I smirked and pulled Jack from his jacket "Listen to me! she is an employee here and I didn't give you permission to help her! Babysitting is not allowed." I scoffed.

Jack narrowed his eyebrows in disbelief from my overreacting "Mr. Tomas, she is under my charge, one of my duties to help her to learn how to do her job."

I frowned “get the hell out of here jack."

Jack smiled calmly with coldness "okay, as you like Mr. Tomas."

I stared away waiting for him to leave, but he opened the bags and handed it to Mira "Hey, Mira, I'm leaving. this is a small meal and coffee to help you wake up, don't sleep here. And this is my phone number, just finish what you are doing then call me and I will drive you home." Jack patted over Mira’s shoulders softly. Offering her a ride to her home. Maybe Jack's intentions were much more than that! maybe he wanted to sleep with her!


'What? Drive her home! A meal! Coffee! They started dating or what?!'

Jack excused himself and left after throwing me with smirking looks as if he wanted to tell me he knew what I'm thinking or what I'm feeling.

I wanted to beat him! Don't know why!

I slammed the desk with my hand "YOU! listen to me! Finish your work." I groaned.

Mira nodded her head and focused on the files again, back to work. I pulled a chair and sat next to her watching her, she was too slow. Tired. she grabbed the coffee to take a sip but I snatched it from her hands.

Mira blinked glaring at me "Sir, I need a coffee."

I huffed “What if you dropped the coffee on the files?!"

Mira ignored What I said and Went back to her work. Few minutes later she grabbed a sandwich. I snatched it and pointed to her "No, there's no time, it’s almost 12 pm. finish your work first." I said sternly, commanding her.

she didn't look so annoyed from this, but she was yawning all the time, her eyes were almost sealed.

I growled "Hey, wake up, I'm not going to stay all night here, I have a meeting."

Mira pouted her lips depressed "Sir, I think I won't finish all the work today, I have to go home and sleep, I have to come back early." She said in a pleading tone wanting some mercy from me. but she was only dreaming.

"You are complaining now?! It's your first day!" I mumbled under my breath.

Mira rolled her eyes "sir, seriously, I need to go home, please, there's something important— at 2 a.m. please." Mira pleaded. I thought that watching her weak will make me satisfied and it will be funny, but her pleading tone made me feel annoyed and Angry at myself.

I nodded and I stood up, I pulled her "Okay, let me drive you,"

Mira bowed her head a bit "Thank you, sir."

"Don't say crap, follow me to my car, I will just give you five minutes to go to your house and do what you want to do, then you will come with me to my meeting." I raised an eyebrow commanding her arrogantly. 'What? she thought that I would have some mercy? No! I didn't even start yet.'

Mira flickered and dropped her jaw flabbergasted "You mean; I'm not going to sleep tonight? Then how should I go to work in the morning?"

I smirked "Well, I don't care, be late and I will deduct from your salary. Look at me! I can stay awake for a few days without blinking! Nor taking a nap!"

Mira muttered, “I guess you have superpowers, but I have a life, I need to take off."

I pulled her chin close to me" YOUR F'CKING LIFE IS USELESS! I DON'T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT YOURS! YOU ARE WORKING FOR ME." I gritted my teeth.

Mira cleared her throat" I'm not your slave." She made a puppy face and I swear to god I wanted to smack her lips with mine but I restrained myself.

"Then you are Fired!" I said simply to her and then I turned my back and stormed off the office. she hastened and Trailed me "Sir, sir, I'm sorry, I'm coming, sorry,"

I halted “Okay, we will stop by your house, I will give you just five minutes at your house then you will come with me to my meeting. and Change your clothes, you stink! Sweating!" I threw her with harsh words commanding her. 'To be honest, somehow I wanted her to be with me, to show her how much I'm a powerful and Wealthy and Famous person now, to make her regret.'

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