Devil's vow/C1 Fire and ice: Introduction
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Devil's vow/C1 Fire and ice: Introduction
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C1 Fire and ice: Introduction

Ajax Waylon

He is strong.

He is dangerous.

He is love at a war.

The light under dark night.

A challenge, A hunter,

The heir to Waylon empire, he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and steel in his veins.

No, he wasn't born lucky, he was born rich, a minor contemporary relation, a huge difference.

What belongs to the devil stays with the devil.

And when you touch whom he loves, he will hunt you.

With demeanor of Demon and looks of Adonis, the lion is out for the hunt.

"With all the world at your feet and you still choose her, why?"

"Because of all the things she could be in this world she choose pride."

~ Ajax Waylon

Alaina Storm

She is strong,

She has heart but still choose mind.

She makes the devil cross his mind.

Love is her strength all the while.

The Queen, the smart doodles, the unique one with aphrodisiac looks.

A wildflower amidst of roses and violets.

Her father's precious,

The next heir to the Storm business Empire.

Innocent was the shade of her eyes.

Fire was the shade of her personality.

She was the hurricane in which people drowned with their own will.

She was Amber,she was ice.

She loved.

Like star loved the sky.

A siren attracting the sailors to their doom.

"You never bend under the will of a boy, why him?"

"Because of all the people who would like me to bow down to them, he would love to see me fight."

~Alaina Storm

Fragile yet strong the fire will soon meet ice.

Waylon Palace


The silver dagger glinted in pure rays of the omnipotent sun. The Mafia don of five nations glided his finger across the tip of the bayonet thirsty for blood.

His turquoise green eyes were closed behind the silk blindfold, smoldering fire, hidden from the light of the world who considered him cold as frosty winters of tundra not knowing his heart was burning with revenge since years.

His golden skin set ablaze the arena when he flexed his arms, muscles contracting as he threw the weapon ferociously.

No one dared to move, not even the guards stationed right next to the target, if he wanted someone to die....they will be dead, there was no point in defying him because the master of the steel blade never missed an aim.

" We have got the lead Sire." The man same as his age delivering exigent information maintained his distance.

"We found his weakness."

Yes the world was not fair, everyone had their weaknesses and strengths and if not carefully preserved the hungry wolves would take advantage of those.

The Mafia chuckled in dry humor, providing his undisputed attention to Target, hitting blades on it one by one.

The predator here was already keeping a track on his prey.....a golden one and it was hard to lose trail.

He only wished he didn't had to resort to such ways, destroying his enemy was one thing but dragging his family in mud and destroying them wasn't his style.

But sooner or later things have to change because his enemy too had not spared his family so it was just returning the favour.

" Você ouviu isso .... a melodia da vingança é tão doce."

(Do you hear that....melody of vengeance is so sweet.)

He whispered before removing the blindfold, for the world to enthral, to see the fury, the calm hurricane trapped in his turquoise irises - Ajax Waylon.

He was the master of this game.....always was ,lurking in the shadows leaving suspicious paths just to remind the amateurs who were they contending with.

It was a game till he made his mind to step in the cold battle taking place between Mafia it was a full blown war.

"Prepare the jet,we are leaving for Russia" was his last command.

Because Russia was where the bastard had hidden his secret treasure.

Ajax's biggest nemesis Valace and Valace had only one weakness, his precious niece Alaina Strom whom he loved much more than anyone in the entire world and Ajax couldn't wait to seek vengeance.

Revenge and Hatred rising like a whirlwind is the true soul of him

Whirlpool of emotions swirling in darkness is what he carves

Unknown to the emperor, the queen of his chess game is going to be the empress of his heart

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