Devil's vow/C2 The beginning
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Devil's vow/C2 The beginning
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C2 The beginning



Kevin Lev was many things but a man of character he wasn't. His love confession to the Storm Princess a few days ago had became a source of gossips and hushed whispers.

Not only he was incapable and undeserving of her but numerous times tried to drag her down only to be dragged himself. In this brutal world where business empires clash and people try to gain an upper hand, virtue is the most important.

And virtue was what he wanted to snatch away from the Storms, destroy the queen bee and the rest of honey bees follow.

With the looks of it he was going to create a news, making out with another girl in the club in the presence of eyes which held respect for the Storm princess, wasn't this the same person that bend on one knee for his confession to her?

It showed his nochalant behavior that in his eyes Alaina was nothing.... someone disposable but also created an upsurge conspiring with Alaina's own cousin, Cally. With peach rogue skin and dark forest eyes Calliope was truly a beauty, but a black poisonous heart filled with deceit and lies what what she held inside her body.

Whatever was Alaina's should have belonged to her, it was her since birth but then suddenly the wicked seductress came and upsurged the whole empire for herself.

Cally hated Alaina with guts and couldn't wait for her to fall down from her grace.

And the thought that the Storm Princess won't be aware of the whole fiasco was absurd. Brown honey waves fell oh her face, thick locks naturally blessed her heart shaped face glimmering as golden liquid in light. Red pouty lips curved down slightly in distaste.

Alaina instead watched them with brown, ice cold eyes from the balcony, a sigh escaping her mouth.....truly shameless. A raise of her hand made the party music die down.

The silence attracted the attention of the couple and as soon as Kevin's eyes fell on her, he smirked. He wasn't surprised because he wanted her to see, to feel the humiliation of rejection.

"I have changed my mind Alaina, I don't find you interesting anymore. Cally though is pretty good."

"You don't mean anything to me, a person who is as vile as you doesn't deserves to touch my cousin." Alaina had adored Cally at some point since they had basically grew up together but now it was just a faint dissapoitment.

Her eyes were murky with jealousy so as to the point she pawned her own body in hopes of bringing Alaina down.

Cally was far from naive and innocent, her brain worked absolutely fine to know what she was getting herself into but nevertheless she proceeded.

"I hope you don't feel bad Al, Kevin and I share a bond-"

"Cally you are playing with fire and hoping to come out unscathed. The hole you are digging heed that you don't fall in it yourself."


3 days later

Cally didn't know how she ended up there ....pressed against a sink of girls bathroom. The door was locked and by the silent atmosphere she could judge that nobody was outside, after all it was lunch and all students we in the cafeteria.

But today she had not a single ounce of strength left. The say Karma returns the favours and Cally just got here back.

Kevin had slapped her hard in front of his friends, she tasted blood in her mouth the very second.

She heard footsteps coming followed by the jingling of the doorknob. The door opened with Alaina following in.

"I heard what he did to you."

"You might be the happiest person to know that. Are you satisfied now?" Cally spat out venomously.

"No not now, but I will be satisfied soon. I told you before stay away from the likes of such creatures." with that Alaina held Cally's arm firmly and took her out of the washroom practically just out of the door and a roughly beaten person was thrown towards my feet .

"BEG! "People flinched with her tone.

Whole school was watching the scene unfold but none could interfere, the question was, did they even wanted to?

Frozen in hallways, some were simply watching while other were terrified to the core. No one had seen Alaina so angry before.

"I am sorry." He spat acidly.

"What's with the attitude pretty boy, Haven't i taught you enough?"

Even if Cally hated her cousin it was a family matter, to bring it out in open was not only an insult to the family but also a huge blow to the empire's connections.

Maybe Cally have been foolish to act but Alaina was not, she protected the girl and established that even though we were fighting none was to take advantage of them.

A decree and order was passed If someone was to harm the prestige of storms, Alaina would drag their prides through mud.

"He is polluting the air, take him away." Alaina waved her hands and the guards took away the screaming Kevin far.

The students scattered in fear not daring to talk in hushed whispers anymore. Cally turned towards her cousin in fright.

Those who oppose the sea drown in the furious waves and Alaina was raged.

"A heart can only take this much betrayal Calliope." She left without a single look but her tone had made chills run down the spine of he listener.



The doors of the cafeteria opened, the queen was livid . It wasn't a secret that she was fierce when her family got involved.The storm was raging, Alaina Reece Storm the one and only princess of the largest and one of the most influential business world Storm empires in Russia was seeking blood.

"Silence "a voice boomed throughout the cafeteria. She was followed by two of her guards.

"Bring Kevin here" Her tone was a melody despite the harshness with which the words were spoken - a warrior song .

"Alan ,Joseph set the stage after all it's going to be the best entertainment we have till this time of the year "the melodic voice had gotten steely towards the end.

A boy was thrown harshly on the floor, his clothes ragged like he had been dragged all the way till here .

"The show begins, Enjoy!" her tone was mocking and a dark warning clear.

And the next moment Kevin was dragged despite his pleas and desperate cries, bound to a pole . Snakes were left on his body and his cries grew louder.


"Did you hit her?"she asked calmly. The hall grew silent ,nobody dared to move an inch. Only slithering and hissing of snakes could be heard, the boy who was frantically crying till now seemed to freeze in his spot.

"I-I , wh- no no. She is lying ,she betrayed you ,she is a lying bitch" FIRST mistake.

"She was ready to sleep with me, that slut is lying". SECOND

Gasps could be heard throughout the room ,not only the boy was stupid but he must be insane to call her cousin a slut.

"Release black widows on him, and do not open his restraints until he learns the lesson, make sure he begs on his knees.


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