Devil's vow/C5 Traitor arrival in russia
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Devil's vow/C5 Traitor arrival in russia
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C5 Traitor arrival in russia


Waylon Palace


"MOVE DOWNNN! " his voice boomed just seconds before the blast was heard.

The guards surrounded him after the golden falcon erected on the mansion's top was blasted. Smoke, fire and uncertainty surrounded the atmosphere.

Surprisingly even though the marble of roof turned into cribbles the falcon didn't fell but instead caught fire. High flames surrounded it, a new emblem created - a phoenix, the bird of flames. The insignia of resurrection.

He motioned the guards aside at once, who parted like sea to give him way. He was taking in the view of once spotless, magnanimous mansion's walls turning dark with ash.

Such a pity, he wasn't scared with this child's play they called 'threatning'.

His eyes held a glint of amusement, indicating it was not a great surprise for him, but they soon turned steely cold when he turned towards his force of men.

"Halt! CEASE!" the army stiffened, alarmed.

"Lucas you will accompany me to Russia I my flight." his voice called and soon a short bald man in black with various guns securing his waist stepped forward. He seemed tense, his form shivering.

"Yes sir" with that he followed him to the jet stepping aside for his boss to step in.

"You are the pilot for the day Lucas, step inside or do you thought you will sit like a king beside me and enjoy wine?" Ajax drawled, his voice seemed extremely calm which forced every guard to secure their post. He was a hunter and right now it seems like he was hunting.

A drop of water fell on Lucas's arm- sweat. He didn't knew what was better, to sit in the helicopter and blast himself from the same explosive he had planned for Ajax or to accept that he was a traitor and face him, the first option seemed more merciful and less painful if he was to be honest.

But either way he was going to be doomed .Ajax will drag him down half bloodied, half dead and then start interrogation. Either way....It was not going to end well for him.

"Sir" he wailed coming on his kness.

"I am loyal to you my Lord, I was threatened-" Ajax pulled him to stand harshly with his collar.

"You were bribed, you think you will escape my clutches with your petty scheme" he roared.

Before Lucas could react ,he was slammed harshly against the jet with hands locked around his throat.

"B-Boss I-I can explain, j-just give a chance."

"Don't worry we have all the time in the world." the voice drawled smoothly like they were talking about the weather. With that he was blindfolded roughly and dragged along the way by two bulky guards.


Lucas could not fully comprehend the situation, his hands were tied above his head and as someone harshly removed his blindfold he was blinded by the direct light for the time being.

He fluttered his eyes shut reopening them to observe his surrounding .

Holy shit! he was tied to the fancy mast of a large luxurious ship and the sun was at it's peak.

"Tell me Lucas are you a good dog?" Ajax played with a dagger twisting it between his fingers, his eyes cast down focusing on the beautiful pattern on the weapon.

The man nodded his head furiously but couldn't find a voice to speak.

"You have five seconds to speak truth.Who planted you in my army? "

Lucas looked ahead of him, Ajax's eyes were cold and his look venonomous, like the god of death reincarnated. He knew who had sent Lucas to kill him, still it seemed like he wanted to hear it.

"S-sir, the Russian dealer of human trafficking."

One second Lucas was tied against the mast and in a blink he was thrown in the cold waters of tundra.

The rope was still tied to hands and feet. He submerged under water. trying to kick his feet or move his hands only to meet with one thing- failure.

He could see the lights coming towards him from underwater, a 20 feet lightning jelly fish was approaching him , it's tentacles seemed to be searching for it's prey , he freezed with shock and fear, a fear so intense that without a second doubt he wanted to die.

He was going to be it's prey but Ajax had other plans ,before Lucas could black out he was pulled above the water, again on the ship by the devil himself.

"You wasting my time with only make my fury escalate. " He was excellent when interrogating, while other mafia men had a fetish of torturing traitors , he preferred to know their phobias and inflicting it upon them and Lucas had thalassophobia- fear of jellyfishes.

Lucas coughed frantically, his heart beating furiously. If he had known that he was assigned to assassinate this devil of a man, he would had opted out without a second thought.

"They know about your arrival, b-but I swear to dear lord, I-I didn't informed them, they want you out of their path , j-just l-like your father--"

"He is of no use anymore, take him away." Despite the screaming Lucas was dragged away.

"We have arrived sir, we are now on the Russian land" the captain of the ship announced breaking the trance.


Axiom Academy


"Alainaaaaa" a sweet voice sang out her name and she knew she was in trouble.

Alaina was standing in the principal's office with her hands neatly folded infront.

Axiom Academy was managed by her uncle, the third brother in the Strom family tree, eldest was her father, then came Valace Strom and the third one was Roman who was currently sitting with a serious expression on his face.

He was previously the teacher in this academy now promoted to a principal due to his sheer determination and amiable character.

"I have heard about the dispute between you can Cally. Alaina this is not good." He sighed pinching his brows.

"I have tried my best-"

"Believe me Alaina....I know you have but I am now asking you why? I am not biased. But I am not blind either.

Don't you see how much venom Cally has for you.

I do love her as my own child, just like you but her ways are poisonous Alaina and if you didn't stay would only bring harm. Not only to you but in her foolishness that girl would eradicate the whole Strom empire.

People are already talking. And it won't be too late, this will spread to other elites and then they will definitely think to divide and rule.

Moreover we have students from Italy, Spain, America and Brazil. They are no less than the royals, we cannot afford to create gossips.

Control her Laina and tell her to behave because if I take matter into my hands it would create a rift between her father and me."

"Uncle Roman, I will try my best to not create anymore waves but people don't change so soon and if they do...then a conspiracy is being woven. "


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