Devil's vow/C6 Ignorance
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Devil's vow/C6 Ignorance
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C6 Ignorance


Strom palace


Alaina's pov

Maths was a complete recipe of disaster for me, after doing my homework for past two hours, I decided that now if I was not given a break, I would definitely break something.

Truth to be told the problem of chaos didn't lied in the subject but in my muddled head itself. The situation with Calliope was going out of hand day by day and I didn't knew if I even wanted to mend our relationship.

A snake may shed it's skin but never leaves it's venom.

To convert my negative thoughts I made myself go to the gym. My father loved to workout and train but our time was constrained so he constructed a metal gym of his own in our house. The treadmills, punching bags, weightlifting machine were the basic equipments kept there.

So here I am, taking out my anger on a leather bag with the sounds of hitting echoing throughout.

The bitter taste of betrayal has made me wary of Cally, it wasn't a petty grudge I held against her but the conspiracy in her heart for me was astonishing.

My mother always said I lack patience, whenever things got messed up I tried to mend them at the spur of the moment, sometimes things are not meant to be mended, toxicity should not be ignored because it consumes you from inside.

Ignorance is bliss but the girl who is blind to see the pain of others is not blind, just plain selfish.

I was so engrossed in my thoughts I didn't saw the gym door opening.

Cally in her Kevin Calvin outfit. For her I was a pawn in her games. Someone disposable in the quest of the throne.

Truly she was the daughter of her father.

"You won't speak anything?" She asked sugary sweet.

"I have nothing that has to be said."

"Oh stop being melodramatic Alaina, Kevin was a bad person and you weren't even interested."

I laughed a hearty laugh at that. She would have gotten pleasure if I was interested, my indifference spiked nothing but bitterness and the sourness on her face couldn't be hidden from my wary eyes.

"You think you can stoop so low than come to me and blame it all on my doings? I supported you all along and I don't regret anything but that does not makes me vulnerable to your tactics. Next time you target me Cally.......will your last time doing that."

"You don't learn anything do you? He wasn't good for you.....only wanted revenge, he would have broken your heart."

And you would be the happiest if that happened.

"My heart can never be broken by a measly being such as him, he doesn't holds the power but you being my family... You definitely did, I am not afraid of the outsiders stabbing my back's the people who pretend to love me that I am afraid of."

"You d-don't mean it." She stuttered trying to come up with an answer, not meeting my eye. Such a good actress.

"I am Sorry Alaina, I really am." Her eyes reflected sincerity and remorse but I have seen snakes, I knew when I spotted one.

"It doesn't matters to me, I will try to remain cordial with you."

It wasn't she whom I was terrified with but the blood in her veins was of a traitor and the apple doesn't falls far from the tree......Cally could be better but she wasn't entirely different.

A little girl with cheap tactics wasn't enough to make me fear. I could destroy the moment I decide.

"Please Alaina, give me a chance, just one more time to prove myself and I promise I won't let you down. I will be the sister you always wanted."

" Such a aren't so smart and I am not so stupid to not be able to see past your facade."

I felt sorrow engulfing me, those days when she was bawling her eyes out were difficult for her but for me they were dark as sin. My soul was screaming in pain, if my parents were not there I would have never come out of that phase.

I tried to do everything... for such a two faced girl.

If only I could break all ties with her...then I would in a heartbeat.

My mom never left me alone being at my side always and dad would try to be home as much as possible.

They didn't knew what happened for my health to detoriate so much and whenever they asked I lied through my teeth. If I would have a choice I would have sobbed in their arms telling the truth but no.... I didn't had one.

'Ok I forgive you' i messaged Cally.

Her father had started a game and I will the one pulling him inside the trap this time.

Let the father-daughter pair think they have the reins of this conspiracy for the time being.

I had enough of them. It was high time I eliminate them from this game.

I wasn't a fool to trust her again, once it had been broken it would not be repaired so easily, because my love was unconditional my trust was not.

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