Doctor Girl Transmigrated To Be A Princess/C10 My Fourth Sister Has Evil Intentions
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Doctor Girl Transmigrated To Be A Princess/C10 My Fourth Sister Has Evil Intentions
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C10 My Fourth Sister Has Evil Intentions

Wei Qingge gently pushed the sword away and turned around with a smile, "Lord Yi, I've already handed you the treatment method and the prescription. You've also said that as long as I cure your illness, I won't pursue the matter of the poisonous horses.

Could it be that the person who designed this set of treatments for the prince was the Wei family's Third Lady? Wang An was startled and looked at her in disbelief.

"Is that so?" Loong Tianyin raised his eyebrows, but did not get angry. I think I told you to cure me, not anyone else. "

As he spoke, he raised his hand and shook the object in his hand. "And you don't want this?"


Wei Qingge immediately touched her body. No!

When did he.



Suddenly, she let out an innocent smile along with her frightening white face, "Lord Yi, I was just playing around. You didn't remember that I was a villain, so give me back my comb."

"It depends on your performance."

Looking at your performance? It all depended on your sister's performance!

Although he hated Lord Yi to the point that his teeth itched, he still maintained a stiff smile on his face: "Okay, okay, whatever Lord Yi says."

"Iron Ying, let's go." Loong Tianyin put away his comb and walked towards the door. When he passed by her, he glanced at her. Although the rouge on her body was so pungent, he was not as hateful as he was at the beginning.

"As for what you want to do, This King will look forward to your decision."

These were his last words before he left.

Damn it! Wei Qingge clenched her fists. Phantom Wormwood just wanted to see her embarrassed! If the Emperor really wanted to grant her marriage, wouldn't she be crushed to death by him? She wouldn't do it!

Fortunately, he had received a set of satisfied golden needles. Otherwise, it would have been a waste of time.

When she returned, she did not call for a carriage. Instead, she looked at the golden needles in her hand as she wandered through the streets. Through the sunlight, she seemed to be able to see the dazzling light reflected by the golden needles. She liked them very much.

In her previous life, not only had she used needles, but she had also used needles to come up with a self-defense plan. When she was able to use the needles familiarly, would she be afraid of Phantom Wormwood holding the knife against her neck?

"Miss." Just as she was enjoying it all by herself, a voice suddenly came from Forge, startling her!

As expected, her footsteps made no sound!

"You, why are you here?"

"Master wants me to find you and bring you back."

When Wei Qingge heard this, she looked left and right, but didn't see any other means of transportation. Where did Forsythia come from? Appearing out of thin air?

She couldn't help but glance up at the sky.


"It's nothing, it's nothing!" She waved her hand. "Let's go back."

Returning to the manor, Wei Kang only said a few words of reprimand, saying that today was the day of Great Grandfather's death. Don't forget to come out for dinner, so he let her go back to rest.

Great Grandfather! Though I've never seen you! But thank you very much!

Otherwise, how long would she have to stay in Luomei Nunnery?

"Third Sister, you're finally back." Just as he stepped into the backyard, he heard a delicate cry from far away. Needless to say, it was her extremely weak little white lotus sister.

Old Master Wei, who was also her Prime Minister's father, had a son and three daughters by his knee. She had two concubines, her first concubine Liu having a son and a daughter, her eldest brother Wei Dongyang and her compatriot Second Sisterwei. Wei Menglee, on the other hand, was the fourth concubine, a concubine born to Second Madame Wang.

Since Wei Qingge's own mother had exhausted her last breath to give birth to her, causing her to die from childbirth, she was brought up by Second Madame Wang as well. Thus, from the perspective of outsiders, the two sisters had deep feelings for each other.

But then again, Wei Qingge was a fool in the past. Basically, she would agree to anything her little sister said, no matter how difficult it was.

He really didn't know what knockout drugs she had given her. Besides, if she didn't urge him to poison Prince Yi's horse, so many things wouldn't have happened.

"Menglee met Third Sister." Lili saw that she was suddenly lost in thought and smiled to herself.

"Get up." Wei Qingge helped her up. " "How come fourth sister has nothing better to do today?"

"I heard that Third Sister had returned from the Luomei Nunnery, so I rushed over immediately. "Third Sister, it's all because of Menglee's fault, causing my sister to be punished. If I knew earlier, Menglee would have confessed to father. That way, Third Sister wouldn't have had to be punished." As she spoke, she suddenly began to sob, looking extremely regretful.

Wei Qingge shivered all over. She was crying like a mouse and showing mercy. If it wasn't for her, would she have provoked someone she shouldn't have?

This acting, this expression, if he did not go to Hollywood as an actor, it would be such a pity!

"Fourth sister, don't cry. You can't be blamed for this."

Wei Menglee was 13 years old, and she had skin as white as a flower. She had skin that could be broken by the wind, soft and soft, and a pair of weak looking sleeping phoenix eyes that looked like they would be blown away by the wind.

"Third Sister, you really don't blame me?" She wiped the tears from her eyes with a handkerchief and raised her eyes to look at her pitifully.

"Of course I don't blame you." Wei Qingge smiled hypocritically as she pulled her to a nearby pavilion and sat down.

Forsythia tactfully blessed herself and left.

"Then …" Wei Menglee paused. "What should we do with Prince Yi?"

Prince Yi? Wei Qingge raised her eyebrows. Could it be that she had missed out on some important information?

When she didn't say anything, Wei Menglee continued, "Did Third Sister forget that it was Menglee who poisoned Prince Yi's horse?"

Forget? How could she forget! It was because of this that he didn't reveal her secret when his father asked!

"Third Sister is really forgetful. "You clearly know that Menglee treats Master Prince Yi …"

She looked shy. Wei Qingge looked at her and wondered what was so good about Phantom Wormwood. Wei Menglee was obsessed with it. It was indeed a crime to have such looks, but that temper of hers was nothing to be proud of.

"Oh …" she said.

Wei Menglee bit her lips, "It's my fault that day as well. My stomach suddenly hurt, otherwise, I would have come out to plead for Big Sister a long time ago. I wouldn't have punished Big Sister to go to Luomei Nunnery and meditate …"

Stomach pain? Do you feel pain at this time?

"No worries, no worries. Prince Yi is someone who doesn't care about face. I think that if you come out, you will be punished." Wei Qingge purposely patted her shoulder in regret and fell into silence for three seconds.

"Third Sister, what you're saying is even more embarrassing." She took her hand.

"You and I are grasshoppers on a string, don't think like that." Wei Qingge forced a smile.

"Then, what should we do about Prince Yi?"

So, she still refused to give up? Putting her on his back once was enough. Twice? He wouldn't do it even if he was beaten to death!

"Fourth sister, actually …"

"Third Sister, actually, Menglee has already thought of a way. The only way is to see if Third Sister is willing to help." she interrupted.

Oh my god! He still had such a trick up his sleeve? Wei Qingge complained in her heart.

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