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Doctor Girl Transmigrated To Be A Princess/C11 Kick Her into the Water with One Kick
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C11 Kick Her into the Water with One Kick

At that moment, Wei Menglee rolled her eyes and immediately crooked her finger at her, then whispered a few words into her ear.

After all, was he trying to get the upper hand by relying on his looks? However, even though Phantom Wormwood seemed unconcerned, it would be difficult for her to seduce him with just a single word!

But since her little white lotus sister was interested, why wouldn't she help them? He had also frustrated Phantom Wormwood's spirit at the same time! In any case, as long as they were matched up, perhaps the emperor would give up on this idea of bestowing a marriage!

"Sister Four, don't worry. When I'm ready, I'll have Lingtong come find you."

"Then Menglee will thank Third Sister."

After Wei Qingge left, Wei Menglee immediately called for Feverfew, who was not far away. She looked at Wei Qingge with disdain before raising her chin and snorting, "You don't need me to teach you what to do?"

"Yes." With a blessing, Feverfew left in a hurry.

Returning to the yard, Wei Qingge ordered a girl named Fu Ping from her own yard to write something down with a pen and paper. Actually, she wasn't used to writing with a brush, but there was nothing she could do about it. Although the words were a bit ugly, she could understand them as long as she understood them.

Fu Ping is a third-rate maidservant. Since Lian Qiong is a big maidservant, there are always a lot of things to do, so I can't always stay by her side. So Father supported a new little girl for her to order around.

Although her age was similar to Wei Menglee, her bell-like eyes were filled with curiosity.

Wei Qingge glanced at her indifferently and said with a smile, "If you have something to say, then just say it. It's hard to bear watching you keep holding it in."

Fu Ping's face immediately turned red. She immediately blessed her body and softly said, "This servant doesn't dare."

"Just say it, I won't be angry."

Fu Ping bit her lower lip. Although she had heard maidservant talk about all kinds of evil deeds committed by Third Lady, but when she saw her, she was unable to link her with the arrogance and despotism they spoke of.

Wei Qingge smiled faintly, purposely mystifying. "This is heaven's will, and it cannot be leaked out."

"Miss, I heard from someone that Fourth Miss always let you do some bad things on purpose. I saw it near the fake mountain just now, did Fourth Miss get you to do something again?" Fu Ping spoke out the thoughts in her heart without even thinking.

Wei Qingge's brows tightened. Although she wasn't really angry, this little girl was too naive and said what she really wanted. It was fine if she was here, but if it was someone else, she would have already been beaten up.

So no matter what, he had to be taught well. He immediately gave her a cold shout, "How dare you talk about Master. Aren't you afraid of getting beaten?"

Upon hearing that, Fu Ping was so frightened that she quickly kneeled down and begged for mercy: "Third Lady, spare me. "This servant was careless for a moment. I said that Mistress was wrong …"

"So what are you going to do in the future?"

"Your servant. Your servant will not dare to speak carelessly about this matter in the future. Your servant will also keep his mouth shut when it comes to master's matters."

One could learn to correct one's mistakes, but one could teach others how to correct one's mistakes. Wei Qingge nodded her head in satisfaction and told her to get up.

"The Fourth Miss is my sister. Since I'm the elder sister, of course I have to go along with her." Wei Qingge made her last stroke, picked up the letter and blew on it. Then she folded it and put it in an envelope. "Go, take this letter to Prince Yi's residence."

"Young mistress, this is..." Fu Ping glanced at it and looked at her in disbelief.

"Don't worry about it. You'll know when the time comes."

At Prince Yi Manor, Iron Ying held the letter sent by Fu Ping and walked into the study.

Loong Tianyin raised his eyes and glanced at the letter. He took the letter and opened it. With anger in his eyes, he slammed the letter on the table and sneered: "What a bold woman!"


"Prepare the horse!"

"Yes sir!"

This woman was tired of living! He actually threatened me with the news that the entire city will know of my injury tomorrow if I don't keep my promise?

He wanted to see what her purpose for inviting him was!

Seeing Loong Tianyin walk out wrapped in cold air, Iron Brush, who was about to enter the study, was stunned for a moment. He then glanced at Iron Ying, who was beside him, and a trace of surprise flashed across his eyes. There was actually someone who could make their prince so angry. It seemed like that person's skill was not ordinary.

Moon Lake was a famous recreational place in Dongling Capital City. The Full Moon Restaurant that was built near the water could be seen from afar. It was a place where many nobles and nobles enjoyed sightseeing.

At this moment, Wei Qingge was wearing a green male attire. She had shed her usual heavy foundation and rouge, and was holding an ivory treasured fan. On her mouth were two small whiskers. Standing on the Full Moon Tower, she was constantly fanning herself.

Behind him, Fu Ping waited for a while, then carefully asked: "Miss, will the Prince really come?"

"Of course." Wei Qingge smiled, "However, I am not the main character this time. I am here to watch a good show. And I'm a doctor now, not a lady. "

"Yes, Doctor."

As she was speaking, she suddenly put away her fan and looked with satisfaction at the figure that had just appeared. She lightly tapped her chin with the fan and said, "Let's go. It's going to be a good show."

Loong Tianyin jumped off the horse and looked around. He did not see Wei Qingge and his amber eyes were once again filled with anger. If she lied and came over, he would definitely not let her off!

However, just as he took a step, a woman leisurely walked over and brushed past him. As if she was careless, she fell on the ground with a sound of "Ai yo" and kept moaning.

Loong Tianyin looked back and a trace of disgust flashed across his eyes.

Wei Menglee saw him looking at her and thought that he had succeeded. She hurriedly pinched her ankle. "Hey, Young Noble, could you help me up? My feet are hurting …"

"Iron Ying!"

With an order, Iron Ying immediately went up to help her up. However, Loong Tianyin unexpectedly walked towards the Full Moon Tower without even looking back.

Nearby, when Wei Qingge saw this scene, she shook her head helplessly. It's really too child's play! "

Sure enough, her methods were no different from this.

Fu Yuping was confused. "Doctor, what pediatrics?"

"Wait!" "See how I can help your fourth young miss!" Wei Qingge smiled evilly and immediately strode forward. Taking advantage of the moment Iron Ying was pulling her up, she suddenly tripped. Wei Menglee lost her balance and fell into the lake with a splash.

Fu Ping was extremely frightened. However, Wei Qingge secretly scoffed and intentionally pointed at Iron Ying with her eyes wide open as she made a fuss: "What a bold servant! He actually dared to push the Wei Mansion's Fourth Miss into the water! If the Prime Minister knew! Do you still want to live!? "

"Help — help — I, I don't know how to drink!" Wei Menglee flopped her hands in the lake as if her life depended on it. She was in a sorry state.

Iron Ying's face turned green after being slandered and immediately dived into the water to save Wei Menglee.

When Loong Tianyin heard the commotion, he turned around and saw Wei Menglee in a thin, wet shirt, revealing her beautiful figure. At the first moment, he turned his face away.

Wei Qingge's face lit up as she immediately took off her outer robe and draped it over Wei Menglee's shoulders, "My lord, that look you gave me just now was too inopportune."

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