Doctor Girl Transmigrated To Be A Princess/C12 Disguised as Wei Qingge
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Doctor Girl Transmigrated To Be A Princess/C12 Disguised as Wei Qingge
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C12 Disguised as Wei Qingge

It was unknown when a lot of people had already gathered around. When those words were spoken, everyone was stunned. Their gazes subtly landed on Loong Tianyin.

The shivering Wei Menglee tidied up her clothes. When she saw the faces of the people around her, she couldn't help but be startled. Who was this person? Why haven't I seen it before?

"Iron Ying!" Loong Tianyin called out to Iron Ying with a displeased expression.

Iron Ying immediately came forward, without caring about his drenched clothes. He cupped his fist and said, "Young master, I did not push the fourth lady into the water!"

"If you say there's none, then there's none?" Wei Qingge interrupted him, "Hmph, looking at your clothes, you must be from a rich family. Why aren't you looking at your men properly? If anyone else had heard this, they would have thought that there was no king's law in the capital. "

Loong Tianyin looked at her and the temperature in his eyes dropped. "Who are you?"

"Who am I? I'm just an ordinary doctor. "

"Since he's just an ordinary doctor, how could he know the fourth lady of the Residence of General?" Loong Tianyin's phoenix eyes narrowed, revealing a dangerous aura.

Wei Qingge snorted coldly, "Fourth Miss was weak since young. I've been prescribing medicine for her. She invited me out today just to thank me. I didn't expect to encounter such a situation. It's really bad for me to go out!"

Although Wei Menglee didn't know him, she could tell from his words that he was speaking up for her. Presumably, it was Wei Qingge who had invited her to play, so she pretended to be obedient and didn't say anything.

Wei Qingge saw that he was not going to take responsibility after sizing her up for a while, so she added on, "Could it be that after seeing the young lady's body, the Prince intends to remain silent to the end?"

Phantom Wormwood! You're the best! You're the best! Let's see how you're going to end it this time. Wei Qingge quickly withdrew the smile from her eyes, opened up her fan, and stared straight at him.

When Iron Ying saw that he had caused trouble for Loong Tianyin, he stepped forward and cupped his fist, "My lord, this matter was caused by Iron Ying, it has nothing to do with my lord. Iron Ying is willing to cut off an arm to repay Fourth Miss!"

With that, he chopped his left arm!

Wei Qingge couldn't help but roll her eyes. She only wanted Loong Tianyin to agree to marry Wei Menglee, but she didn't want anyone to lose an arm or a leg.

At the same time, Loong Tianyin also grabbed him. The two of them simultaneously stopped Iron Ying's idiotic behavior.

Wei Qingge sneered. "A dignified seven foot man who cuts off an arm for such a small thing, is he worthy of the person who cultivated you? I'm a doctor, not a punishment officer. " She walked slowly forward and then removed the golden needle that had pierced his Hokkaido acupoint.

Loong Tianyin's brows twitched. This golden needle seemed a little familiar?

"Prince, Iron Ying deserves to die!" Iron Ying knelt on one knee with a look of regret on his face.

Loong Tianyin waved his hand and looked at Wei Qingge more closely, "So what is your goal?"

"I have no purpose. I just want to hold the prince responsible for Fourth Miss, after all, there are so many people watching. " Wei Qingge gently stroked her mustache as she waved her fan.

Wei Menglee couldn't help but shiver as the temperature around Loong Tianyin decreased gradually.

Wei Qingge inadvertently glanced at him, only to find that he was staring at her without saying a word. Immediately, she felt a little guilty. Could it be that he recognized it? Impossible! She had originally applied such a thick layer of makeup on herself, but now that she had removed her makeup, it was as if she had become a completely different person.

"Ahem …" She coughed lightly, "My prince, if you continue dragging this on, Fourth Miss' fragile body won't be able to withstand the cold."

Hurry up and get angry! Explode! Let Wei Menglee see your true face! Save yourself the trouble when you get it!

However, how could Phantom Wormwood be so compatible with her?

Suddenly walking over to Wei Menglee, he gave her a smile that said, "Fourth miss, I'll personally apologize to the prime minister for your matters."

Wei Menglee, who had lost her mind because of her beauty, instantly forgot about the cold. She immediately stepped forward and bowed to him, ignoring the wet clothes on her body, and said respectfully, "Thank you, Master Prince Yi."

Wei Qingge cursed them a thousand times in her heart. This was simply a mistake! How could Phantom Wormwood apologize? This time, Wei Menglee was even more endless!

It was unknown whether it was intentional or not, but Loong Tianyin looked at her indifferently, as if he was asking for her result.

Wei Qingge forced a smile and said, "Your highness is truly righteous, it is the blessing of tens of thousands of people! Fourth Miss, since you are fine, then I will take my leave. "

With that, he didn't bother with Phantom Wormwood's stinky face anymore and quickly left with Fu Ping.

"Iron Ying, send someone to investigate this person's background." Looking at his skinny back, a hint of danger flashed across Loong Tianyin's amber eyes. He didn't know whether it was his imagination or something else, but he kept feeling that this person looked familiar.

"Miss, wait for me!" Seeing that she was running as if she was running for her life, Fu Ping ran for a long time before finally catching up to her. Panting, she said: "Miss, Miss, you ran so fast!"

"You don't know, that Phantom Wormwood … "No, Master Wu Tie's methods are really brilliant. If we don't escape quickly and get caught by him, wouldn't we die?" Wei Qingge gasped for breath and muttered, "Luckily, I managed to complete the mission perfectly. I was angered by Loong Tianyin, but I also punished Wei Menglee a little. That's great!"

As he thought of this, his heart couldn't help but feel happy, and he couldn't conceal the smile on his face.

Seeing that her young miss had suddenly become happy, Fu Ping swallowed his saliva and said: "Young miss? You, what are you laughing about? "

Wei Qingge came back to her senses and slapped her head lightly with her fan. "Don't worry about it!"

Floating Pym immediately covered her pitiful little head with a sullen face: "I was wrong alright … …" However, how did the needle fly out from Miss? I didn't even see it! "

"About this..."


"I won't tell you!" With that, Wei Qingge ran off like a wisp of smoke.

Floating Pingping knew that she was tricked, and immediately blushed red and hurriedly followed along. She did not forget to pick up something on the ground and shouted: "Miss! Your beard is off! "

"So, this person who calls himself 'Doctor' is a woman?" Loong Tianyin asked as he listened to the report his subordinate brought back.

"Yes, I heard the servant next to her address her as' Miss'."

"Did you find out which girl she was from?"

"I was useless. She sensed something and lost me."

Loong Tianyin waved him off after hearing that. His thumb unconsciously turned the jade thumb ring on his index finger. His amber eyes seemed to be filled with confusion. Since this woman was able to behave so atrociously in front of his eyes, it was also reasonable for her to escape. However, the whole thing was too much of a coincidence.

First, Wei Qingge invited him out, but he did not see her. Then there was a woman who called herself a doctor, and with that familiar golden needle, I'm afraid there was only one answer.

Wei Qingge! How dare you!

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