Doctor Girl Transmigrated To Be A Princess/C13 There Was No Way to Deal with This Daughter of His
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Doctor Girl Transmigrated To Be A Princess/C13 There Was No Way to Deal with This Daughter of His
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C13 There Was No Way to Deal with This Daughter of His

"I didn't expect that even wargod Prince Yi, who could shake the entire East Tomb, would have trouble." A gentle voice sounded from within the room.

Loong Tianyin glanced at him and said, "Sit."

Iron Brush faintly smiled and leisurely walked over to sit in front of him. He then poured a cup of wine and passed it to him. "If Your Highness is worried about a woman, there's no need."

Loong Tianyin raised his eyebrows: "You do understand."

In the East Tomb, everyone knew that there were two fierce generals under the command of War God Prince Yi. One of them was the military general, Iron Ying, who risked his life to follow Loong Tianyin and was loyal to the death. The other one was the strategist, Iron Brush.

Iron Brush and Iron Ying grew up together with Loong Tianyin, so their tacit understanding with each other was unrivaled.

"Everything emphasizes the word destiny. He could not force it, nor could he avoid it. If you don't understand, you can just wait and see. It's not too late to find out what the other party is up to, and then make a decision. Moreover, the most important thing for us to do right now is not here. "

Loong Tianyin lowered his eyes and turned the cup in his hand. He muttered to himself, "The northern border seems to have the intention of joining forces with Dongling, but the emperor didn't want me to go out."

"I heard that in order to avoid war, the northern border intends to exchange Zhizi. However, Dongling has yet to decide on Zhizi's candidate. At present, it seems that Young Prince Day Shu is the most likely candidate. "

"Day Shu..." Loong Tianyin muttered.

"Prince Day Shu is still young, but he is thoughtful and sensible. He should be Zhizi's best candidate."

"Heh." Loong Tianyin sneered, "After the war in the Western Regions, the Emperor has long harbored malice towards me. If I really send Day Shu out, it will be a warning to me. Furthermore, the reduction of military power is only a matter of time."

Two pairs of eyes swept far away like sharp blades. If there was a person in his line of sight, they would have long been killed by these two sharp blades.

When Iron Brush saw this, he smiled slightly and said, "The prince has heavy soldiers, and he is also very brave in battle. The Emperor was naturally worried about the crown prince's position, which is why he is wary of you. What your highness has to do is to maintain a calm heart. "

"Normal? "In order to prevent me from showing my strength, the Emperor betrothed Wei Qingge to me. He clearly knows what Wei Qingge has done to the common people!" He clenched his fists at the thought of that ghastly face.

"Haha …" In fact, when I saw her this time, I felt that Third Lady was very smart, not like the rumors outside. I also know that the Emperor ordered for her to be betrothed to you in order for the people to be wary of you. After all, you are the crown prince's greatest threat. " Iron Brush poured another cup of wine and said, "Since the emperor has decided on this, why not do as he pleases? Firstly, I can ease the emperor's anxious heart a bit, and secondly … I don't think that the Prince actually hates her, right? "

Loong Tianyin's eyebrows twitched when he heard that.

After returning home, everyone in the Prime Minister's Estate was busy with work.

Wei Qingge glanced at her dressing, and decided to change her clothes first. She didn't want to make Grandma Tai and all the other aunts unhappy by burning incense to her great-grandfather.

Who would have thought that Wei Kang would have followed her into his Mansion as soon as she entered.

"Master." When Fu Ping saw it, she immediately knelt down.

Wei Kang waved his hand to get her to leave. Seeing that Wei Qingge had turned around, he immediately pulled down his face. "You still know how to come back?"

Wei Qingge was stunned and immediately guessed his intentions for coming here. She quickly went up to him and sweetly called out, "Father."

Wei Kang originally wanted to throw a tantrum, but somehow, he couldn't get any angrier when he heard her acting coquettishly! He could only pretend to be angry, "Child, it's fine that you are lawless, but since when did you like to dress up like this? They just came back and there was no peace at all! "

"Then, Father." You know that your daughter doesn't have a good reputation. If you pretend to be a daughter, you'll have more to talk about and lose face at home. Now that he's dressed like this, no one will doubt him! "

"You … "Sigh!" Wei Kang shook his sleeves. As expected, he still couldn't do anything to his daughter.

In fact, it was all his fault for being too unrestrained with her, which resulted in the current result. I really hope that she can be sensible as soon as possible so that she can comfort her mother's spirit in heaven.

Wei Qingge saw that he was stunned and did not say anything for a long time, so she blinked innocently and moved closer to him. "Dad, I will be obedient and filial to you. If you want to go out, I will tell you in advance, okay?"

Wei Kang looked at her and waved his hand: "Forget it, daddy really has a headache seeing you! Why aren't you changing your clothes? If others were to see it, it would not be proper! "

"Alright, then your daughter will go and change it now!"

"Come back!" Wei Kang stopped her again, "Menglee fell into the water today and caught a cold, was it you who did it?"

"Suffering from wind chill?" Wei Qingge pretended to be surprised, but inside, she was secretly delighted. Wasn't it just a chill? It was much better than her trying to lie to him time and time again. Now it was a small punishment. What's more, Wei Menglee would definitely think that he was helping her, so she wouldn't fuss over so much.

Wei Kang looked at her shifty eyes and frowned: "You are just messing around, how can you mess around with my sister? And what happened at Moon Lake today, do you know? "

"Dad, we can only blame Prince Yi for this, who asked him to not think highly of his subordinates? "Now that Fourth Sister's reputation has been tarnished, no matter what, you have to get an explanation from Prince Yi!"

"Hmph, I will naturally ask for your explanation …"

"That would be for the best! "Father, I'll go change!" Wei Qingge didn't want to say anything to him, so she just ran away like a wisp of smoke. If he were to ask her why she did something like that again, wouldn't she be exposing her secret? Of course not!

At the same time, Lian Fu walked in. Seeing this scene, she went up to Wei Kang and blessed him: "Master, the madame is looking for you."

"Got it." Wei Kang looked at Wei Qingge, who had closed the door, and sighed softly.

Seeing this, Lingtong pursed her lips and said: "Master, Miss was born with such an innocent and cute personality. Master shouldn't worry too much."

"Sigh, Lingtong, you grew up with Little Song. Sometimes, she does wrong, but you must not listen to her. Don't care about the etiquette of a master and servant, just say whatever you want and don't take it to heart."

"Yes, I understand."

Wei Kang left. Forcefully glancing at the duckweed at the entrance of the courtyard, she instructed, "Today is the day of the grand master's death. You have to remind Miss not to wear too beautiful clothes."

Upon hearing this, Floating Pine trembled and turned to face him: "Yes."

Just as he was about to leave, he heard Forquright say, "Also, don't mess around with me, Miss. Don't you know what to do, what not to do? "

"Fu Ping deserves to die!" She was so frightened that she immediately kneeled on the ground.

"Forget it, let's hurry and help Miss clean up."


After Lian Qiuyu left, Fu Ping finally dared to raise her head. Although she knew that maidservant was the big maidservant of the mansion and also a popular person in front of Third Lady, she didn't expect her words and actions to be so dignified. It seemed like she had to be careful in the future.

When Fu Ping entered the room, a figure in the darkness flashed and instantly disappeared.

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