Doctor Girl Transmigrated To Be A Princess/C14 Grand Grandmother of Mianli Hidden Needle
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Doctor Girl Transmigrated To Be A Princess/C14 Grand Grandmother of Mianli Hidden Needle
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C14 Grand Grandmother of Mianli Hidden Needle

"So, that doctor was a disguise?" In the Clear Willow Courtyard, Wei Menglee clenched her fists and coughed in anger after hearing the report. "What a good Wei Qingge! She's purposely making things difficult for me!"

"Miss, don't be angry. Your body is more important."

"Scram!" Wei Menglee grabbed the pillow beside her and threw it at her, causing her to retreat in fright.

To think that she trusted her so much, it was all part of her scheme!

However, it was strange. Since when did Wei Qingge become so smart? This change seemed to have started from the moment the Luomei Nunnery came back.

"Oh right, after father found out, did he punish her?"

Spring Chrysanthemum froze for a moment. Trembling, he replied, "No, no."

What a great 'Wei Qingge'. As expected, Father still protected her like he did in the past! It seemed like only by telling Grandma Tai would there be hope.

"Spring Chrysanthemum, come and help me with my makeup!" With a cold shout, the gentle sleeping phoenix eyes became extremely sinister.

Spring Chrysanthemum felt afraid and did not move for a long time.

Wei Menglee rolled her eyes. "What are you still standing there for?"

"Yes …" "No, that's not it …"

"Then why aren't you coming over? Cough, cough cough... " She was out of breath!

"Yes, yes …"

When Wei Qingge arrived at the ancestral hall, there were already many people there.

She wore plain white clothes, and her face was still as daubed as if she were a ghost. However, when he looked around, he couldn't find Wei Menglee.

It seemed that he really had caught a cold?

The corners of his mouth curled up as he thought about this.

"The old mistress is here!" Someone suddenly shouted.

As soon as she finished speaking, everyone lined up in a row and bowed respectfully towards her when the madame came over.

However, Wei Menglee had followed her over. Her face was pale, as if she could be blown away by a breeze. Wei Qingge glanced at her, but didn't think too much about it.

The old lady was a woman in her seventies. Her hair was already graying, but she was still in good spirits. Wei Kang had probably followed her, but he was still in his forties.

Wei Qingge heard that this old lady ate and chanted buddhist mantras. She rarely came out to mind the affairs of the estate, and she didn't like people disturbing her, so she didn't have a particularly good relationship with all the children. When she saw them, she just nodded and went into the ancestral hall.

However, she did not know what her misconception was, but she kept having the feeling that the madame was looking at her more closely. Was it because of the horrible makeup on her face?

The sacrificial process was very simple. Everyone entered the ancestral hall and offered incense to the great-grandfather. Afterwards, everyone sat down to eat a meal together.

Although the atmosphere looked harmonious, Wei Qingge still felt awkward. She felt that no matter what she did, she wouldn't be able to fit into this' blissful 'yet unfamiliar home.

"How do you feel about Teacher Master?" Suddenly, a kind yet cold voice entered Wei Qingge's eardrums, interrupting her thoughts.

"Good good good, very good!" Wei Qingge grinned. Her ridiculous appearance made the few aunts cover their faces unconsciously.

"Are you used to coming back recently?" the old lady asked again.

"I'm used to it, I'm especially used to it!"

Strange, didn't he say that he wouldn't get along with anyone? Why was he asking her so many questions today?

"As long as you're used to it." The old lady said leisurely, then said, "The Wei Residence doesn't raise idle people, but you still have to understand the rules."

When Wei Qingge heard this, the smile on her face froze. She really couldn't let go of all the bad things she had done before. So the old lady came out today to denounce her?

Wei Kang tried to protect his mother, but when he heard her words, he quickly said, "Mom, Qingge is still young and doesn't understand a lot of things."

"Small? "Menglee is even younger than her. How can she be so stupid when she sees this?"

Upon hearing Grandma Tai praise herself, Wei Menglee couldn't hide the joy in her heart. She looked at Wei Qingge complacently.

"Humph, although I usually stay in the Deadwood Courtyard and don't show myself, it doesn't mean that people are blind and don't know anything." These words were said to Wei Kang.

Wei Kang's face froze and he fell into silence. After all, anyone would feel ashamed if his mother denounced the Patriarch in front of everyone.

Wei Qingge felt bitter in her heart! Wei Kang couldn't speak up for him, so he wanted her to deal with this powerful old lady who was obviously a full-level monster. If she said something wrong, wouldn't she have to use family law like in the TV series?

"Grandma Tai …" She swallowed her saliva. "Qingge knows that she has done a lot of preposterous things, but Qingge swears that she will never do it again!"

"Hmph, you won't commit this again? You could have kicked your sister into the Moon Lake, what else do you not dare to do? "If it's some years later, won't you be driving my old woman out of the residence?!" Grandma Tai's voice was slightly heavier.

Everyone held their breath as they watched the situation unfold. Some of them even went as far as to say that Wei Qingge was wrong.

Wei Qingge finally understood. So it was Wei Menglee who went to complain to the old lady! No wonder the old lady had looked at him strangely.

"Grandma Tai... "I …" Just as he stood up and was about to say something, he felt a tug on his sleeve. Looking down, it turned out to be the Wei family's second young mistress, the unpampered elder sister who had never made a mistake?

Wei Shunhua shook his head slightly at her and then let her sit down.

Grandma Tai humphed lightly and said, "It's easy to change everything, but we are family after all. Since you know your wrongs, then I, the old woman, will see how you will behave in the future."

Heavens! She actually did not make things difficult for her!?

She opened her eyes wide and looked at Wei Shunhua. If she had spoken rudely to him earlier, perhaps Old Granny would not have let her off so easily.

Wei Qingge looked at her gratefully. After all, she was always so calm, as if nothing would attract her attention. This time, she was willing to make an exception to help him. This was already very surprising, because in her memory, she and Wei Qingge weren't overly friendly.

Wei Shunhua just smiled and didn't say anything.

Seeing that the matter was resolved easily, Wei Menglee bit her lips and gave her mother a pleading look.

Lady Wang lightly patted the back of her hand, then turned to Grandma Tai and said, "Mother, it's not that my daughter-in-law is blabbering, it's just that everyone in Qingge's family knows that she has been pushed into the water, causing her to catch a cold. Grandma Tai doesn't punish her, instead, she gives in everywhere. I'm afraid that Qingge will grow bolder and bolder in the future."

"That's right, Mother can't let this matter rest." Although Lady Liu had given birth to a son and a daughter, the Lord's love for her was still far from that of the deceased Madam Tong. It was impossible to say that she had no grievances.

"So you still want to use family law?" Grandma Tai asked.

Family law? There was actually such a thing as family law!

Wei Qingge was speechless! How many people had he offended in the past? Why did they all look like they wanted to eat her?

Grandma Tai looked at Wei Kang again. "What do you think?"

"Mother, this matter …"

"The imperial edict has arrived!" Suddenly, a voice broke the strange atmosphere in the house.

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