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Doctor Girl Transmigrated To Be A Princess/C15 What the Hell Is an Imperial Edict
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C15 What the Hell Is an Imperial Edict

Everyone immediately got up and kneeled.

Weird, why would the official who gave the decree be here at this time?

"According to the heavens, this is the Emperor's edict. The Right Prime Minister Wei Kang bowed to his service and took care of my troubles. He worked hard and gave me a hundred taels of gold and a hundred pieces of cloth. Its three women, Qingge, virtuous and virtuous, good character, special marriage Prince Yi Loong Tianyin, a hundred years of good. This is it! "

"Long live the Emperor! Long live the Emperor!"

Wei Kang stood up and received the imperial edict with trembling hands. No one expected this imperial edict to come so suddenly!

"Grand Councilor Counselor-in-chief Wei, the emperor wants Third Lady and His Majesty Prince Yi to get married as soon as possible. Right now, Prime Minister should begin preparing for the wedding."

"Yes, thank you, Eunuch …"

After her father-in-law left, Wei Menglee's legs became weak and she almost fell to the ground. Fortunately, Lady Wang was able to support her in time!

How could this be …

How could this be? This was like a bolt out of the blue! Wei Qingge facepalmed with a headache.

Could the imperial edict have come so quickly? She wasn't even ready to respond!

"Father!" I don't want to marry Phantom Wormwood! "You don't know him …"

"Bastard!" You don't have the right to speak here! " "A cold shout forcefully repelled her words!" This time, you better not be fooling around, disobeying the imperial edict is a capital offense! " Wei Kang warned with a cold expression.

Wei Qingge gritted her teeth. In ancient times, it was easy to behead people, but now, one did not even have the freedom to get married.

Back at the Qing He Courtyard, Wei Qingge lay on her bed in boredom. She had to think carefully about what to do next. But it was probably because too many things had happened during this entire day. Not long after she laid down, she fell into a deep sleep, and when she came, it was already late in the morning.


This was the first word that popped into her mind after she woke up!

Even though the comb was still in Phantom Wormwood's hand! But she would always have a way to steal it!

Hearing the commotion, Fu Ping, who had come in with a washbasin, cleaned up the place as soon as she saw her young mistress. She was so shocked that she almost dropped the washbasin in her hands. "Miss, what are you doing?"

"Of course! Run for our lives! "

"Ah?" What are you running for? "

Wei Qingge didn't have time to reply. She quickly grabbed the washbowl in her hands and wiped it roughly before quickly smearing it full of rouge. She walked to the door as if she was worn out from the journey and said, "Don't worry. Just remember this one sentence. You haven't seen me today!"

With that, he disappeared from sight like the wind!

While he was in a dilemma over where to go, he suddenly saw a crowd gathering in front of a notice board.

Wei Qingge's eyebrows shot up as she moved closer. Who would have thought that the moment she was the first one to become impatient, the menacing man would immediately run off and disappear along with the nearby commoners. As a result, the notice board became cold and cheerless.

Fortunately, after these past few days of training, she had gotten used to their reactions.

One day, she would make everyone kneel under her skirt! Uh, no, under authority!

What was written on the leaderboard was the exchange of Zhizi with the northern border. When she saw Loong Tianshu's name, she subconsciously muttered: "I heard that the young prince is only at the twelfth rank. Can he bear such heavy responsibility?"

"No." A slightly tender voice suddenly sounded from the side.

Wei Qingge lowered her head to look and saw a little boy dressed in coarse clothes. His big eyes and small mouth had a pair of expressionless, empty eyes that stared blankly at the imperial declaration as she replied in an indifferent manner.

He looked around and saw that there didn't seem to be any guardians around. He bent down and smiled, "Little friend, where are your family?"

The boy shot a cold glance at the woman who was talking to him. A look of disgust flashed in his eyes. "Go away."

Wei Qingge's smile froze on her face. Wasn't this guy too rude!? Where are my parents!?

"Little friend, how can you talk to big sister like that?"

"Boring." The boy couldn't be bothered with her! He gently threw that word away and left with a pat on his butt.

This was something intolerable! The tiger doesn't go berserk like she's Hello Kitty?

It was one thing to be threatened by Phantom Wormwood! Now that a little brat had shamed her, she really suspected that she had met some unlucky person today!

"Hey!" Stinking brat! Don't think I'm easy to bully just because I don't lose my temper! Do you believe that I can arrest you and send you to the government office? " Wei Qingge followed him in a few steps.

The boy walked off to the side, not even bothering to turn his head. "Don't follow me, you're annoying!"

Wei Qingge originally wanted to say something, but a person's face suddenly appeared in her mind. What the hell? How come this child's temper is so similar to Phantom Wormwood's?

"Hey, what's your name?" Wei Qingge raised her eyebrows and asked.

"Why should I tell you?" He snorted lightly, and for some reason, his walking speed increased.

Wei Qingge gritted her teeth and sped up.

So the boy accelerated.

She accelerated.

The two walked faster and faster, almost running away from each other.

However, the boy slightly relaxed his vigilance towards her. He stopped panting and looked at the woman who refused to give up in silence.

Wei Qingge gasped for breath. Seeing that he had finally stopped running, she took a deep breath and straightened her body.

A few women in their thirties gathered around to talk to each other. Although Wei Qingge didn't want to hear it, she still listened to them.

"Hey hey hey, have you heard? This young prince seems to have run away from home?"

"Running away from home? That can't be true! "

"Why not? If I were the young master, I would have already died at a young age and my mother would still be sent to the enemy country as Zhizi.

"But doesn't he still have Prince Yi?"

"Prince Yi? Although Prince Yi was his blood related brother, in the end, he would still go against him for the throne. As long as the prince still has his identity, there is no way for him to truly befriend others. "

"Ai, that would be too difficult for our young nobleman …"

"Shh, shh, shh. Be quiet, you have ears on the wall!" The women glanced around cautiously again, then scattered as if nothing had happened.

Eh? I didn't expect this Phantom Wormwood to have a younger brother. However, it was true that even princes would fight for the throne, so why would they care about fraternity? It was a pity that this young prince had an older brother that no one cared about and was even going to be sent to an enemy country.

Wei Qingge sighed, unconsciously glancing at the boy beside her.

It was unknown if it was her imagination or what it was, but she somehow saw the killing intent coming from him?

The boy seemed to realize that she was looking at him, gave a little hiss, and turned away.

"Hey!" She followed.

"Don't follow me!" The boy lowered his head and stretched out his leg to kick. He kicked a rock far away and even flew to the back of the head of a strong man in front of him.

"Which bastard is this!?" The brawny man grimaced and turned around.

The boy's breath caught as he was stunned.

"It's you?" The brawny man looked at the boy aggressively.

When Wei Qingge saw this, she grabbed his hand and shouted, "Run!"

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