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Doctor Girl Transmigrated To Be A Princess/C18 He Actually Went to Propose
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C18 He Actually Went to Propose

The guard turned around and immediately lowered his head, "Lord Iron Brush!"

Now that Wei Qingge had changed her appearance, she was naturally not afraid of being recognized by Iron Pen. She gave him a slight nod, suppressing the joy in her heart as she said, "Many thanks, milord."

If Phantom Wormwood was said to be the lucky star of the East Tomb, could it be counted as her lucky star?

Wei Qingge followed him to the cafeteria. However, there didn't seem to be anything edible in the restaurant. There were only a few cold steamed buns.

"Only these are left. Today, the prince was not eating in the mansion, so he did not prepare any meals. I hope little master does not mind."

"Amitabha, I only ask for a meal to fill my stomach. How could I mind? Many thanks, benefactor." Wei Qingge had kept her head down from beginning to end, so no one could see the smile she had been trying so hard to hold in.

Iron Brush nodded his head and said, "Then, how about I send my young master out?"

"Ah no …" "Cough cough, there's no need. Thank you, benefactor, for bringing me in earlier. I already know the way."

"Is that so?" The brush glanced at her but did not say anything. "That's good."

As he watched her leave, Wei Qingge purposely straightened her body and walked toward the source of the light. When she came to a dead end, her figure flashed and she dodged to the side.

Although Prince Yi's residence was very big, he didn't know if Phantom Wormwood was frugal or not. Other than a few guards and maidservant who passed by occasionally, there weren't many people. This made it convenient for her to do things.

After searching a few rooms nearby, he found nothing.

Wei Qingge thought that since Phantom Wormwood had just left, she wouldn't be back so soon. Thus, she calmed down a little. But where the hell would he hide something for a woman like a comb? Bedroom? Study room?

But no matter what, this trip was not in vain!

Thinking of this, he was about to go to the study room when he heard noisy footsteps approaching!

Wei Qingge was alarmed and immediately hid in the nearest room!

"Let go! Let me go! " A familiar voice drilled into the eardrum.

Wei Qingge froze for a moment. She dipped her finger in saliva, poked a hole in the door, and carefully looked outside.

He saw Iron Ying leading a guard carrying a small person as he hurriedly passed by. The small person on his shoulder had an angry expression on his face as he kicked and hit the guard. And this little person was none other than Little Shu!

"This King orders all of you to quickly put This King down! This King does not want to say it a third time! " Little Shu was infuriated. She ruthlessly grabbed the guard's ear and bit into it!

Seeing this, Iron Ying frowned and said, "Young master, you have no other choice. Please bear with it for the time being."

Young Prince? Wei Qingge unconsciously sucked in a breath of cold air.

So Little Shu was Loong Tianshu, who was rumored to be sent to the north to be exchanged for Zhizi, and was also Loong Tianyin's younger brother?

Heavens! No wonder the first time she saw him, she felt a sense of déjà vu. So she was born from the same mother. No wonder her personality was similar to his!

As Wei Qingge gasped in surprise, she suddenly recalled that he really cared about Loong Tianshu's affairs and even showed a fierce expression when he heard others' discussions. No wonder he wanted to run away from home, there was such a reason!

Of course! She had to save him! Being held hostage in other countries at such a young age was just too miserable!

Wei Qingge quietly observed the room for a while. Seeing that there was no movement outside, she stuck her head out the door. Luckily, Little Shu's shouts didn't stop, so she found out where he was with no effort at all.

The door was locked and was not guarded.

"Shh!" Don't be noisy! I'm coming to save you! " Wei Qingge whispered.

When Little Shu heard the sound, she was immediately stunned, "Who is it?"

"I'm your nun jie!" Wei Qingge quietly took out a golden needle from her sleeve, turned it over and stuffed it into the keyhole.

"Why are you here?" The calmer Little Shu asked.

"I haven't asked you yet! You should hurry up and return to the Luomei Nunnery, I'll be back a bit later. "

As he spoke, the door was opened with a "Kacha" sound.

Wei Qingge looked at her darling with satisfaction before carefully putting it back into the cloth bag. It was easy to use a golden needle to unlock it!

Little Shu walked out from inside, looking a little embarrassed as she glanced at her. She pursed her lips, but did not say any words of thanks.

Wei Qingge knew immediately and quickly urged, "Alright, alright, if you have something to say, go back to the back door and knock him out with bricks! Don't get caught again, or I really won't have time to save you! "

Without waiting for a reply, he disappeared from sight like the wind!

Little Shu raised her hand, but before it could fall, she was at a loss for words. This woman was truly strange!

At this moment, in the Wei Residence, Loong Tianyin and Murong Xiu's arrival made everyone nervous, especially Fu Ping who had an anxious face. Miss hasn't been back since yesterday and doesn't dare to support the old master, but the more time drags on, the more she doesn't dare to say.

Now that Sixth Prince and Imperial Consort were here, sooner or later they would have to see the Lady, but.

"duckweed." Suddenly, a slim figure appeared in front of him.

Fu Ping looked up and saw that it was Forsythia. She quickly blessed herself: "Sister Forsythia."

Looking at her anxious and secretive appearance, Lingtong immediately realized something and frowned, asking: "What happened?"

Floating Pine Breath stifled. She pursed her lips, but still did not dare to say: "No, nothing."

"Fu Ping, you and I are both maidservant of the mansion. We still have something to take care of when we say it, but if you don't say anything, no one will be able to help you if we really pursue the matter."

The tone of her voice was flat and light, but to duckweed, it sounded like a series of warnings. However, she knew the benefits and disadvantages, and right now, perhaps only the woman who accompanied the little miss since she was young could help her.

Immediately, her heart tensed up, and her eyes instantly filled with tears: "Big sister, young miss … … "The young mistress hasn't returned since she went out yesterday afternoon …"

"Why didn't you say that earlier?"

"Young, young mistress has instructed me, if anyone asks, just say that you've never seen her before …"

"You!" Liuyang pointed at her and finally sighed, "Ah! Now that the Prince and Imperial Consort are both here, if the Lady is not here, it will definitely cause trouble! "

"Then, then what should we do?"

"What should we do?" "If someone asks you, just say that the Miss isn't feeling well and won't see anyone, do you understand?"

"Yes, yes …" Fu Ping hurriedly replied, and anxiously remembered what she had said.

Lian Qiuyu clenched her fists and immediately walked towards the main hall.

Inside the hall, Wei Kang was receiving Loong Tianyin and Murong Xiu. Seeing that Forge came over, he asked naturally: "Where is Miss? Imperial Consort and Empress would like to meet her. "

Forcing herself on to them, she nodded and lowered her eyebrows: "Reporting to my lord, Miss is not feeling well today. I was afraid of disturbing Imperial Consort and Empress, so I dragged a servant here to deliver a message."

Sick? A hint of distrust flashed across Loong Tianyin's amber eyes. This Wei Qingge is a monster who knows medicine, how can she allow me to be ill? I must have deliberately avoided him!

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