Doctor Girl Transmigrated To Be A Princess/C19 Don't Worry about the Outsider too Much
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Doctor Girl Transmigrated To Be A Princess/C19 Don't Worry about the Outsider too Much
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C19 Don't Worry about the Outsider too Much

"Oh? Miss is sick? Have you invited a doctor? " Before Wei Kang could say anything, Murong Xiu was the first to speak.

"In reply to Empress, Miss has caught a cold. The doctor has prescribed the medicine, she will be fine after two days of rest."

"So that's how it is. It seems that we didn't make it in time today." Even though Murong Xiu had said so, she had heard that there were no rules in this Prime Minister's estate. Since she was unwilling to come out, she would not give the Prime Minister any face.

Just like Loong Tianyin, Wei Kang was filled with disbelief. He inadvertently glanced at Lian Qiuquan. Seeing her shake her head slightly at him, he immediately understood! This girl must have gotten into some trouble again!

Loong Tianyin saw all of their actions and sneered in his heart. He then said as if it was an accident, "Third Lady is usually very healthy, how come she is sick now? It looks like This King is going to visit you. "

His cold voice was laced with a hint of sarcasm, causing everyone to feel a chill run down their spines.

Forge heard the sound and looked over, she saw the cold face of the war god in the outer sect entrance had the corner of his mouth slightly raised, lightly looking at her. In her heart, Lian Fu panicked. She did not care about the blush on her face and immediately lowered her head: "Reporting to the prince, the young miss said that she will not see anyone today."

"This King is not a guest." Without waiting for a reply, he got up and walked towards the backyard!

Wei Kang was worried, so she quickly followed after taking a glance at Wei Kang.

Seeing this, Murong Xiu did not stop him. She only smiled and said to Wei Kang, "Let them settle their own matters. Right now, the most important thing is to agree to the wedding date. The faster the emperor, the better."

"Yes, Imperial Consort."

As soon as Loong Tianyin stepped into the backyard, maidservant's gaze was fixed on him, unwilling to move away.

Upon hearing the sound of the wind, Wei Menglee had already dressed herself up like a butterfly. She sat in the pavilion by the lotus pond and quietly studied her book, thinking that if she was so quiet, she would definitely attract his attention again.

But unfortunately —

After receiving his cold light, the group of maidservant all looked away. As for Wei Menglee, she was completely ignored by him. He didn't even have the mood to look at her. Instead, he directly charged towards Wei Qingge's courtyard!

"Wei — — Qing — — Ge — —" Wei Menglee gnashed her teeth in anger! If not for her existence, Prince Yi would have fallen for her a long time ago!

However, before Loong Tianyin could step into Wei Qingge's yard, Iron Ying, who was originally waiting outside the hall, suddenly appeared and whispered a few sentences into his ear. Loong Tianyin's eyes lit up and for some reason, he retracted his foot that had stepped out!

"Return to the manor!" Coldly, he spat out two words.

"Yes sir!"

Thus, under the gazes of the crowd, he turned back the way he came and soon disappeared from everyone's line of sight.

In the end, Forge was relieved, but she didn't think that Wei Qingge, who was still rummaging in Prince Yi's mansion, didn't notice that the danger was slowly approaching her!

"Phantom Wormwood!" Dead man! Why did you hide things so well! " Wei Qingge, who was sweating profusely, pulled off her nun's hat and fanned herself. Then, she looked at the study that she had swept away and cursed in exhaustion.

However, Phantom Wormwood really knew how to enjoy herself! Look at this comfortable seat! Look at the exquisite writing room on the table! Look at this gold-rimmed one. "Spring Palace Language"?

Startled, Wei Qingge dropped onto the tiger skin cushion on the big mahogany chair.

After flipping through a few pages, Wei Qingge felt a chill run down her spine! He didn't expect that the usually cold Phantom Wormwood would read such books! Isn't this sultry!?

However... This book was rather interesting, and it even had a painting on it! Could it be that he was dissatisfied with his request, so he could only rely on this kind of small book to release the pressure?

Wei Qingge couldn't help but giggle as she thought about it. She turned the pages and realized it was boring. Only then did she remember that she was looking for something! She tiptoed out of the study and headed straight for Loong Tianyin's bedroom! She had been there once before, so she was very familiar with the place.

Last time she came, she was busy treating Loong Tianyin, so she didn't carefully observe him. But she didn't expect his bedroom to be so luxurious. What was even more surprising was that in one of the rooms, there was actually a large bath!

Wei Qingge couldn't help but swallow her saliva as she imagined a pretty boy bathing here every day.

Of course, this was just a thought. She did not dare to slow down her speed in her search. The head of the bed, the wardrobe, the table, the corner of the room, even the secret compartment that was common to television, she had searched everywhere, but there was nothing there!

"This is strange..." "Where will it be?" Touching her chin, Wei Qingge pondered in distress.

"You're looking for this?" A voice suddenly sounded from behind her, startling her.

Wei Qingge turned around and saw the brilliant comb in the man's hand. Her face lit up with happiness. She extended her hand and said, "Thank you …"

Wait! There seemed to be something wrong!

Wei Qingge didn't dare to think any further and slowly raised her head. When she saw Loong Tianyin's face, she took a deep breath and her smile froze on her face!

He came back so quickly!? Furthermore, he, as a man, would actually bring a woman's belongings with him!

Take a deep breath!

Wei Qingge slightly adjusted her posture before straightening her body and bowing to him, "Amitabha, I have chosen the wrong path. Your highness, please do not take offense to this!"

After he finished speaking, he tried his best to stay calm and step outside the door. After passing by him, he immediately ran away!

"Halt!" The gloomy voice was like an ice arrow with a cold aura, wanting to pierce through her bone marrow! She actually stopped!

Loong Tianyin walked over and swept a glance at her. His almond-shaped eyes narrowed as he asked, "Did Wei Qingge send you?"

Wei Qingge choked. Didn't he recognize her?

With that, he turned around and said with lowered eyes, "I won't hide it from my lord, it was indeed Third Lady who told me to look for something."

"Hmph." He snorted lightly, "Since you are here to look for the comb, why did you let the young prince go?"

Just now, he had received news from the Prime Minister's Estate that the young prince had been found by them, and had immediately rushed back without stopping after exchanging a word with Imperial Consortqiao. He had heard from maidservant that a nun had unintentionally opened the lock, so in order to find out more about the nun, she could only follow one of them and let the young prince go.

Wei Qingge swallowed her saliva and pretended to be calm. I only heard a sound from inside and saved the child. I didn't know it was the young prince and begged Lord Yi to atone for his sins. "

"Don't you think you're too much of a boss?"

Although Loong Tianyin didn't believe in Buddhism, he was very respectful to his family. Now that this nun was not reciting scriptures properly in the monastery, she was actually ordered by Wei Qingge to steal from his house!

"Your highness, I owe Third Lady a debt of gratitude. That's why I made such a big mistake, but I still hope that Your highness can return the comb to Third Lady."

"It's not up to you to meddle in This King's matters!" Loong Tianyin's fist tightened, but he suddenly changed the subject. He smiled sinisterly and said, "Since she sent you, then I'll let you stay at this residence. I want to see when Third Lady will come find you."

Wei Qingge's expression fell when she heard this. Heavens! You don't have to play like this!

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