Doctor Girl Transmigrated To Be A Princess/C20 You Should Have Known Who You Were!
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Doctor Girl Transmigrated To Be A Princess/C20 You Should Have Known Who You Were!
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C20 You Should Have Known Who You Were!

Of course, in order to not expose her identity, she could only pretend to be calm and was brought to the side room. This side room wasn't far from Loong Tianyin's study, it was unknown if it was for the sake of staring at her more closely or what.

As night fell, the lights were all on in the prince's mansion.

Wei Qingge, dressed in her nun's clothes, paced back and forth in the room.

She looked out the door and saw two guards standing there, one on each side, like gods. If she wanted to escape, it wouldn't be easy. Moreover, if she didn't steal the comb, then she might not have a chance to do so the next time!

Wei Qingge then cleared her throat, walked to the door and lightly knocked, saying, "Big brother guard, I, Niang …" "I'm a bit hungry, I wonder if I can eat some fast food."

The two guards looked at each other, but remained standing there in a daze without any other reactions.

So, they wanted to ignore her?

This Phantom Wormwood must have issued another vicious order!

Since he couldn't let them go, there had to be some other way!

Wei Qingge turned around and walked back into the house. She tried to push open all the doors and windows, but they were all tightly locked.

Therefore, she tried to find some usable items, but she was greatly disappointed! Therefore, the only exit to this room was the door that the two guards were standing on!

In the study room, Loong Tianyin, with his sharp eyes, saw that something had been moved. He twitched his mouth coldly and sat down on the tiger fur blanket.

"Your Highness." Iron Ying walked in quickly and cupped his fist towards him, "I couldn't find the young prince, but according to the report of the spy beside Third Lady, she hasn't returned since she left the mansion!"

"Oh?" Her phoenix-like eyes narrowed. Waves of chilliness emitted from her cold expression. "Then why didn't he contact Ben Wang earlier?"

"The scout said that when he saw Third Lady leave the room, he wanted to catch up, but his stomach suddenly hurt. He had been pulling on her for a whole day and was still lying on the bed. It took him a while to recover, so he sent someone to report to her."

"Stomach pain?" Loong Tianyin raised his eyebrows, how could there be such a coincidence? " So according to him, Wei Qingge has not been in the manor since yesterday? "


What a great 'Wei Qingge'! It was that she wasn't there at all! So was it maidservant who decided on her own, or did Wei Qingge give out the order long ago?

Wait, since Wei Qingge would send a nun here to look for a comb, could she be hiding in … Luomei Nunnery?

A trace of craftiness unconsciously flashed across his eyes. He sneered and immediately ordered, "Iron Ying, remove the guard at the nun's door."

"What does Your Highness mean?"

"Go back and forth no matter where you hit. When she leaves the manor, find someone else to keep an eye on her." Loong Tianyin said indifferently as he played with the jade thumb ring on his index finger. As for Day Shu, as long as he found her, he would be able to bring him back. Wei Qingge, you're really smart!

The night gradually turned darker.

Wei Qingge sat on the chair and sighed for a long time. Suddenly, she noticed that the guards at the door had left. She immediately stood up.

She reached out to push on the door, but it was still locked. However, with just a casual glance, she discovered that the window beside her seemed to be slightly loosened.

She pushed him with an open mind and found that he had actually opened it!

What the hell! It must be Loong Tianyin's conspiracy! Such a blatant trap was a test of her intelligence!

However, she also knew that if she did not jump into this trap, no one would be able to save her!

Wei Qingge gritted her teeth and hardened her heart as she climbed out of the window!

However, to the surprise of the new spy, she did not head for the door, but rather boldly headed in the direction of the prince's sleeping quarters.

Loong Tianyin's bedroom was pitch black. When he passed by the study just now, he saw that the lights weren't on, so he probably fell asleep already. Wei Qingge listened in the dark for a while, and when she was sure he was asleep, she quietly opened the door and walked in.

There was a slender figure on the bed. Wei Qingge glanced in his direction, pursed her lips, and silently moved closer.

Moonlight lifted the haze and shone the silver light onto the earth. Through the window, it lazily shone on his body, covering him with a layer of natural light.

Looking at his beautiful sleeping face, Wei Qingge couldn't help but swallow her saliva.

What a beautiful man! Even when he was sleeping, he looked like a celestial being! Furthermore, she could still clearly remember the little book in his study. Perhaps such a sultry man had a different flavor to his bed.

Wei Qingge covered her lips with her hand as she thought of this, and took another step towards him.

Since the comb was on him, then don't blame her for having him!

She snickered and took out a golden needle from her bag. She didn't know how to poke a acupoint, but a poke … Heh heh. Thus, he aimed at the midpoint between Yi Feng and the wind pool and fiercely stabbed it!


Wei Qingge exclaimed.

"I thought there was a thief in the house. It turned out to be you, Wei, Qing, and Ge." Loong Tianyin squeezed her slender wrist harder, causing Wei Qingge to almost scream out in pain.

"You, what are you talking about? I don't understand!" Wei Qingge felt guilty. How could he be awake! And he recognized her at a glance!

"Is pretending to be a nun fun?" With a cold tone, Loong Tianyin frowned and retorted.

"Your Highness sure knows how to joke around. I am a nun, why do you say I am pretending? "

"You're still pretending now?"

Wei Qingge gritted her teeth. "I'm not Wei Qingge!"

After a long silence, Loong Tianyin suddenly sneered and said: "I remember that someone said that if you have no place to vent your anger, you can go to her..."

Wei Qingge sucked in a breath of cold air when she heard this. What did he mean by that!?

Before she could clear her mind, she felt her body lighten before she was thrown down. When she finally opened her eyes, he had already pressed her down!

"Loong Tianyin, you!"

"You said so yourself. Don't tell me you want to go back on your words?" Facing this clean face that had lost its scent of rouge and water powder, Loong Tianyin's breathing suddenly became difficult.

Close at hand! Wei Qingge could clearly feel the change in his aura and cried out in her heart, "Not good!" This damned Phantom Wormwood, when was she not in a good position to post at this time? Indeed, he felt dissatisfied!

"Loong Tianyin!" Don't forget you're still wounded! Now, if you even lose your kidney, even the deities will not be able to cure you! "

"So you admit that you're Wei Qingge?" His pitch-black eyes revealed a hidden emotion. The smile on his face was horrifying!

Crap! He had made a fool of himself!

Lili held her anger in, but then she thought about it and immediately revealed a big smile. She stretched out her hand and wrapped it around his neck, gently rubbing her foot against his leg. "Since Your Highness wants it, then Qingge will agree to it. We will be husband and wife sooner or later anyway."

Looking at the woman in front of him seducing him in such a straightforward manner, he suddenly thought to himself, 'Was she the same to others?' Inexplicably angered, he got up and pulled her!

Wei Qingge rolled off the bed just like that!

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