Doctor Girl Transmigrated To Be A Princess/C3 I'm the Only One Who Can Cure It
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Doctor Girl Transmigrated To Be A Princess/C3 I'm the Only One Who Can Cure It
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C3 I'm the Only One Who Can Cure It

Wei Qingge swallowed her saliva and giggled innocently. She stretched out her sword fingers and caressed the blade, attempting to slowly move it away. "Hehe, just joking, just joking. It's me, it's me. "

Who would have thought that the sword would have a foot in it? No matter how she tried to push it, she couldn't move it the slightest bit.

"Are you kidding?" She narrowed her eyes and revealed a dangerous aura.

"Yes …" That's right! I think the atmosphere is too stiff, and I wanted to soften it a bit. "Lord Yi, since you're so magnanimous, let your servant take back the sword!"

It seemed like he had to first stabilize him!

"You have to pay the price for saying the wrong thing."

Price? What price? You won't let anyone cut off one of her hands, will you? She had seen ancient torture on television before!

"Lord Yi, we can talk things over if you have something to say!" She gave a smile that was worse than crying.

"Did you discuss this with me when you poisoned my horse?"

You don't have to play like this, right? If I want to kill you, do I have to discuss it with you?

"So, that horse is not one that I truly want to poison!"

"If you are sincere, how could I still keep you here?"

Hey, hey, hey! Is this person really that stubborn? Someone help her!

That sharp sword seemed to have increased its strength, and Wei Qingge could even faintly feel that the sharp blade was gradually penetrating her skin!

No way! How could she just sit there and wait for death!

As a result, she quickly racked her brain. Her eyes swiveled until they landed on his body. Her eyes unconsciously lit up!

The whites of his eyes were not as clear and bright as those of a healthy person. However, his originally fair skin now had a tinge of sallow yellow, clearly showing that he had hidden injuries. Although he tried to cover it up, the details could still be seen.

In addition to the mouthful of black blood just now, there was a high chance that his liver was damaged and poisoned.

If only he could think of a way to get Iron Ying to move the sword away …

Her clear and alert eyes quickly scanned her surroundings. Suddenly, she had an idea!

"Dad, you're finally here!" She stood on her tiptoes and suddenly shouted at Loong Tianyin.

Loong Tianyin frowned and looked in the same direction as Iron Ying!

When Wei Qingge saw this, she immediately dodged the sword and pounced towards Loong Tianyin! The speed was so fast that it left everyone speechless!

"Don't move! If I touch your life, I won't be able to protect you! " She clung to him like an octopus, whispering threats into his ear.

Upon seeing this, Iron Ying immediately stepped forward. However, he was reprimanded by Loong Tianyin: "Stop!"

"Your Highness!"

"You are dismissed!" Loong Tianyin clenched his fists unconsciously.

The strong smell of rouge and water powder mixed with the stench of feces on her body made him wish he could tear her to shreds! It was his first time seeing such a bold woman!

Looking at his expression, Iron Ying did not dare to act rashly. He could only leave after putting away his sword and cupping his fist.

"Scram!" Finally, he suppressed his anger and growled.

"I don't." Wei Qingge hugged him tightly. Firstly, she could save her life, and secondly, she could take advantage of him.

Loong Tianyin's eyes looked like they were about to spew fire. This bold woman actually used her legs to catch him somewhere! Damn it, it was still getting tighter and tighter!

"Hehe, Lord Yi, you're actually pretty big." She gave him a deathly wink and smiled.

"If you don't want to die, then hurry up and leave!"

"Eh? Is Lord Yi going to let me go? "

"Don't even think about it!" Glimmers danced in his eyes as he angrily spat out two words.

Heh heh, looks like he's really going to get angry! He didn't even know what to say.

"Alright, I don't mind maintaining this ambiguous position with Lord Yi. "If there's something about you that can't help but want to vent …" She paused. "I can satisfy you."

"Shameless!" Loong Tianyin turned around angrily!

"Don't say that. "Actually, I just want to negotiate a condition with Lord Yi." Seeing that his face was dark, Wei Qingge smiled and said, "Lord Yi, your internal injuries are easy to treat, but your internal injuries are hard to treat. In addition, your internal injuries are difficult to treat, and your internal injuries are difficult to treat, and with the treatment that you have, even if you have the cure, it's not a long term solution. If the lord trusts me, I'll help you treat your injuries, but of course you can't care about me poisoning your horse from now on, what do you say?"

Loong Tianyin didn't expect her to say that. He looked at her white face, which was smeared with the stench of blood, and a hint of distrust flashed in his eyes.

Wei Qingge continued, "I know Lord Yi doesn't trust me, but my life is in your hands. If you really hurt me, you can kill me. "Besides, your illness has already lasted for a while. If it continues to drag on, I'm not sure if I'll be able to cure you."

"Hmph, with just you?"

"Of course it's up to me! Your illness, with the medical standards of this world, can never be cured. So in other words, I'm the only one who can cure this disease of yours. Although I know that my reputation is not good outside, you can't just judge a person by his appearance, right? Thus … "This bet or not, it's entirely up to Lord Yi to decide."

The shrewd light in Wei Qingge's eyes was like that of a fox that had seen its prey; no matter how you looked at it, she was still cunning.

Loong Tianyin's fist cracked. He really was tricked by this woman! If not for the fact that he had snuck into the enemy camp during the war with the Western Regions and was severely injured, and had been secretly poisoned when he returned to the city, he definitely wouldn't have allowed this woman to stick so unscrupulously to his body!

Loong Tianyin narrowed his eyes and said with a hint of coldness, "What do you want to do?"

"Don't worry, I'll take a look at your wound first before taking the right medicine." Seeing him waver, Wei Qingge let out a sigh of relief. Luckily, this Phantom Wormwood like man still cared about her!

"Why should I believe you?"

"To be honest, Lord Yi, I really can't make you believe me right now!" However, if you don't try, how will you know whether you should believe me or not? Did Lord Yi not even have the courage to do that? "

"You think your provocation is useful?"

"It's no use for us to continue like this." She tightened her legs again.

Damn it! Loong Tianyin cursed!

"Heh heh." Wei Qingge smiled shamelessly at the pretty boy who was so close to her and was emitting the aura of an Asura.

Loong Tianyin finally could not take it anymore! He wanted to reach out and push her away, but she only stuck tighter and tighter, almost sticking her face close to his!

"Enough!" he said angrily.

"How did Lord Yi consider it?" She blinked.

"Go down and treat him!" Coldly, he threw out four words.

Wouldn't have ended like this earlier! Phantom Wormwood was really careful.

"That's right, I have to let go of me now. Promise me you won't hit me, or else I will never let you off if I accidentally become a ghost!"

"Heh, hitting you would only dirty my hands."

So, he agreed to it? Wei Qingge narrowed her eyes and climbed down from his body.

He couldn't help but cover his mouth as his eyes swept over the area where the man was standing. However, in the next second, he spat out in disgust, "How stinky!"

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