Doctor Girl Transmigrated To Be A Princess/C4 I'm Looking Forward to Your Performance
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Doctor Girl Transmigrated To Be A Princess/C4 I'm Looking Forward to Your Performance
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C4 I'm Looking Forward to Your Performance

The people in Prince Yi's residence were efficient. In less than a quarter of an hour, everything was ready.

Wei Qingge was forced to take a bath and change into a clean set of clothes. However, when she saw herself in the copper mirror without makeup, she unconsciously sucked in a breath of cold air.

Dead, dead! Who was the beauty in the mirror?

She had a pure face, fair skin, clear and harmless almond eyes, a high nose bridge, and a cherry mouth … This Wei Qingge was simply too wasteful!

Although she hadn't fully grown up, she was still a beauty. To think that she could be so intreasured, and even paint herself as if she was a complete beauty, it was simply a waste of her beautiful face!

If that damnable Phantom Wormwood had seen her like this, she definitely wouldn't have looked at her with such contempt!

However …

Although she was pleasantly surprised, in order to not arouse suspicion, she decided to use that damned face. It was already hers, so why would she be afraid of flying? One day, she would definitely make others look at her in a new light!

As she sat down to put on her makeup, she heard a clatter as a handful of emerald combs fell from the clothes she had changed.

Wei Qingge picked it up and looked at it, muttering, "Why does it feel so familiar …"

Ah!" That's right! She remembered that before she transmigrated, she had been taken by her best friend to the antique market for a round. She thought that this comb was beautiful, so she bought it.

But why was the comb on this young lady?

He thought about it. This comb was a personal gift from her dead mother. Could it be … Could it be that because she died in such a useless manner, her mother had used this comb to call over the person from another world who had obtained the comb? So maybe she could wear it back?

Wei Qingge shuddered and silently admired her imagination.

However, such an important item could not be lost! If she could really use it to go back, like she thought, then it would be a blessing from her previous life!

As such, he carefully put it away like a treasure, wrapped it in a handkerchief, and stuffed it into his sleeve.

Everything was ready. After Wei Qingge entered Loong Tianyin's bedroom, all the servants in the room ignored her and only the two of them were left.

"Take it off." Without any explanation, she uttered a sentence.

Although Loong Tianyin knew she was going to check her wound, what she said sounded meaningful to him, making him feel very unhappy.

"You know the consequences of playing tricks." Seeming to be a threat, he only said that one sentence coldly in the end.

Did he not trust her after all? But then again, Loong Tianyin's figure was really good, especially after taking off his shirt. Just looking at his back made people feel guilty. If there was a abs in front of him, then it would be perfect.

"Change the medicine first." She wasn't in a hurry as she gently removed the gauze wrapped around his body. The wound inside had already formed a scab, but because of the healing process, it was very easy for it to stick together with the gauze. If she didn't cut the gauze with the scissors, she would probably rip it out with her skin and flesh.

"Your highness, it's going to hurt a bit next, so you have to endure it. If you were to shout and shout, people would think that I've done something to you."


"If others don't feel at ease and barge in, with our postures so ambiguous, it would be hard to avoid people gossiping about us. Although they saw it just now … "


"After all, it's never a good thing for a man and woman to be alone in a room. Although I don't mind spreading the rumour, the prince is still the prince. It would be bad for his reputation if word were to spread …"


Why was this woman so talkative?

However, before this thought could be completely digested, he felt a sudden pain behind him, and beads of sweat began to form on his forehead.

Wow, he didn't even shout! The gauze from other places was easily cut off, but this small piece was stuck tightly. Plus, there was no normal saline in this ancient era, so he had no other choice but to use force. Who would have thought that he would be able to endure this.

Wei Qingge carefully cleaned up her wounds. Other than the fact that her body was still trembling slightly from time to time, nothing else had happened. So she crawled up to him and swept her eyes over his belly. Wow! He really had abs!

After thinking this way, his fingers quickly rested on the man's pulse. After a while, his mouth flattened as he said, "As expected, the remaining poison has yet to be washed away. Which doctor would be so careless?"

Although she was talking to herself, Loong Tianyin was listening to her. It meant that the famous doctor, Wang An, had been careless?

"Lord Yi, if you want to clear away the remaining poison in your body, although it's not difficult, it's not easy either. Because every time you are injured, coupled with the fact that you are heavily poisoned, you have accumulated quite a bit over the years. Furthermore, your internal injuries couldn't be cured because of the residual poison, so they became a hidden disease after a long time. But don't worry. With me, Divine Doctor Wei, here, are you afraid of being unable to treat it? "


Seeing that he didn't answer, Wei Qingge narrowed her mouth in a bored manner and crawled back to apply the gauze.

Although external injuries were easy to treat, internal injuries were more of a headache. If the poisonous blood was not forced out of his body with the silver acupuncture point, his internal organs would probably all rot and he would not be able to keep his life by then.

Looking at the miserable wound, Wei Qingge clicked her tongue twice. This guy didn't even frown at all from such a huge wound. It was indeed impressive.

Therefore, in order to bond the skin and gauze again, she had someone bring some flour to replace Vaseline. Firstly, the flour was not poisonous, and secondly, the next time she removed the cloth, it would not hurt so much.

Wei Qingge couldn't help but feel an itch in her heart when she looked at his well-proportioned back. She then reached out her hand and lightly touched his back, as if she was dead.

Loong Tianyin's body immediately stiffened: "What are you doing?" There was a hint of warning in his cold voice.

"Apply the medicine!" She shrugged and pretended to relax.

Hehe, seeing that a pretty boy had eaten a mouthful of tofu, this trip was not in vain!

He clapped his hands, and the task was completed.

"Lord Yi, actually, the most important thing is that you don't have it in your house. I have to go outside and get a metal pen to give it to you for treatment!" She started to get up.

Loong Tianyin held her delicate arm, his almond-shaped eyes slightly narrowed: "You want to run?"

"Hiss!" "It hurts!" Wei Qingge shouted, caught off guard.

Loong Tianyin released his hand: "You're hurt?"

Wei Qingge didn't pay attention to his question. Instead, she took the opportunity to take a glance at his abs, her eyes seeming to be about to burst with light!

Loong Tianyin saw that she was staring at him, who was gulping down his saliva, his face immediately darkened as he coldly said: "Enough!"

Wei Qingge returned to her senses and snickered, "Lord Yi, even if I can run away, I can't run away from the temple! Since I've promised to treat your illness, I'll treat it for you! If a doctor has to give up his or her patient, what is he going to do with his or her life? "

Loong Tianyin was completely confused by her string of nonsensical words, but he still let go of her hand and said in a neither cold nor hot tone, "Then I'll be looking forward to your performance."

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