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Doctor Girl Transmigrated To Be A Princess/C5 I Just Want to Play with You
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C5 I Just Want to Play with You

Wei Qingge helplessly took a pen and paper, and quickly wrote a prescription on it. After going out, she handed it to the pen and ordered, "Capture the ingredients according to the prescription on the paper! Your prince's illness needs to be treated slowly and cannot be rushed. But now, I need a set of silver needles. If you have time, can you help me find it? "

Seeing her serious expression, Iron Brush smiled and said, "Ok, Third Lady, please wait a moment."

Walking back into the house, Loong Tianyin was sitting cross-legged on the cushions with his hands on his knees, as if he was recovering from his injuries.

Wei Qingge looked at his bare back and couldn't help but swallow her saliva. If he could sleep with such a person on his back, wouldn't that feeling feel great …

His naked eyes made Loong Tianyin feel uncomfortable. However, he did not say anything, so it was unknown what he was thinking.

Around the time it took for an incense stick to burn, he had just sent the silver needle over with a brush.

Wei Qingge thanked him and closed the door without any trace of politeness.

Humph! This time, she was going to avenge her horse dung! If he hadn't handed her over to Wu Peng or whatever, she wouldn't have gotten covered in feces, and she wouldn't have gotten injured because of that.

"Lord Yi, I have to start. No matter what I say next, you have to do as I say. Otherwise, the effect will be halved!"


Quickly taking out the silver needles, Wei Qingge did not hesitate. With a flip of her hand, the silver needles cleanly pierced into the Ji Quan, Qu Chi, Lian Zhong, Yin Ling, Cheng Shan, Feng Long, and Zu San Li's seven acupuncture points.

However, because the Ultimate Spring Acupuncture Point was located in his armpit, Loong Tianyin had to open his arms. Not only that, Wei Qingge even told him to stand up, close his eyes, and circulate his internal energy to maintain the flow of his blood.

However, Loong Tianyin secretly felt that this Wei Qingge was playing with him. However, seeing her serious look, he gave up on this idea.

However, what he didn't know was that whenever Wei Qingge walked behind him, she couldn't help but secretly laugh while covering her mouth.

It was a good thing that the golden chicken was independent. Furthermore, this posture allowed her to admire all aspects of a beautiful man. It was truly satisfying!

Looking at Loong Tianyin's beautiful eyes that were tightly shut, she really wanted to reach out and touch his face! Such good skin, it would be a pity if it was grown on a man!

As he thought about it, he started to salivate.

He frowned as he felt the woman's eyes on him.

What a man who didn't care for his life! He could actually feel her burning gaze with his eyes closed! If there was no effect, he would definitely not leave her eyes behind!

Loong Tianyin maintained this posture for about a quarter of an hour and didn't move at all.

Wei Qingge gave a "tsk" sigh as she circled around him.

He could have stayed that long with such a difficult maneuver?" It wasn't hard for a chicken to be independent, but it was harder for a chicken to close its eyes. As long as one closed their eyes, it would be difficult to find a sense of balance. One would even feel dizzy and disoriented if they wanted to stand for a minute, needless to say, a quarter-hour.

"Alright, change your foot."

Of course, these actions were meaningless to begin with, they were just toying with him!

Loong Tianyin lowered his foot after hearing that. He didn't expect that even though he hadn't moved for a long time, his foot had already become numb. The moment his right foot landed, his leg went limp and he fell backwards!


This was Wei Qingge's call.

Damn Phantom Wormwood! Juebi must have done it on purpose!

However, just as she crawled out from his back, she saw that he had suddenly sat up and spat out a mouthful of black blood!

Whoa! Who would have thought that her self-created therapy would be so effective? Those who had inner strength had a different physique!

"Is it working?" Wei Qingge raised her eyebrows and quickly removed all of the silver needles on his body. After disinfection by the fire, she placed them into the rolled bag. Therefore, Lord Yi only needs to remember a few of these acupuncture points, and then find a random person to help you prick the needles. Coupled with my prescription, I believe that you will be able to recover very soon. "

"Is that so?" Loong Tianyin glanced at her coldly and didn't say anything else. He just took his clothes and put them on, stood up and walked towards the door at a leisurely pace.

"Then Lord Yi, shouldn't you let me go as per our agreement?" She went around to him and stopped him in his tracks.

"I only promised you that I wouldn't pursue the matter of the poisonous horses. What's more, you haven't even treated this king yet."

So he wanted to brazenly act like a scoundrel?

"You!" Wei Qingge was flustered!

Just as he was about to go berserk, a slightly plump butler ran in, exhausted. "Wang, your highness, it's not good. The Prime Minister has brought someone here to ask for someone! "

Prime Minister? Father?

Wei Qingge's eyes lit up.

Did this mean that she could finally escape from Phantom Wormwood's clutches?

When Loong Tianyin heard this, he slightly raised his eyebrows and slightly lifted his lips: "Please."

Inside the main hall, a dark-brown, gold-edged shirt of Wei Kang stood in the middle of the hall, waiting quietly. The moment he saw Loong Tianyin come out, he clasped his fists and said, "This humble servant, Wei Kang, greets Sixth Prince."

"Grand Councilor Counselor-in-chief Wei, no need to stand on ceremony." As Loong Tianyin spoke, he sat down on his seat and ordered some servants to serve him tea.

This was her father! The first time Wei Qingge saw him, she already had a good impression of him! He was really getting stronger and stronger with age, truly a valiant man! These eyes that were as bright as tigers and leopards, these two sexy and invincible small beards, and these stiff and straight bodies! Tsk tsk, it must have hurt the hearts of many young ladies when they were young!

"Father!" Seeing this, Wei Qingge ran up and grabbed his hand, swinging it back and forth like a child.

According to his memories, he was the legitimate wife of the prime minister, but she died in childbirth. The prime minister loved his wife very much, so he loved his daughter very much. It was no wonder that Third Lady was so lawless. With her father protecting her, it would be a waste if she didn't go out and create trouble for the world.

"What a troublemaker!" Wei Kang reprimanded Ye Zichen with a wave of his hand. Although he looked angry, his tone was actually full of doting.

"Heh heh, dad ~" she shouted wearily.

Loong Tianyin glanced at Wei Qinggebai's ghost-like face and wondered what kind of feeling he was having: "Grand Councilor Counselor-in-chief Wei came for Third Lady."

When Wei Kang heard this, he saluted with his hands folded in front, "My daughter is not sensible and has caused trouble for Sixth Prince. When I go back, I will definitely teach this disappointing thing a lesson!"

"Prime Minister is too humble, Third Lady is truly capable."

He was praising him openly, but the sarcasm in his words couldn't be too obvious! In any case, she wanted to do her best to help him, so couldn't he thank her a little bit?

If Wei Kang knew that she had been thrown into the stables to retrieve her horse dung, it would have been strange if she hadn't fought with Phantom Wormwood! However, since the matter had been resolved successfully, and she had suffered under Loong Tianyin's tofu, she might as well let him off this time!

A hint of awkwardness flashed across Wei Kang's face, but it was not enough to hide it. He respectfully said, "Prince Yi is right."

Loong Tianyin glanced at them lazily: "As for the horses, I've already talked about it with Third Lady..."

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