Doctor Girl Transmigrated To Be A Princess/C6 I Was Thrown into a Nunnery by My Father
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Doctor Girl Transmigrated To Be A Princess/C6 I Was Thrown into a Nunnery by My Father
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C6 I Was Thrown into a Nunnery by My Father

"Yes!" It's a deal! He will not pursue the matter any further! " Wei Qingge immediately interrupted.

She didn't want Wei Kang to know that not only was she an imposter, but she also took over her daughter's body. Since her daughter didn't know anything, how could she let him know that she also had medical skills?!

Loong Tianyin frowned as he saw her desperately winking at them. It was as if her face was convulsing.

"Yes, I will not pursue the matter." "But …" Loong Tianyin paused for a moment. "The punishment is unavoidable. This is also to stop the unhurried public from speaking. Otherwise, everyone would think This King is easy to bully."

She knew Loong Tianyin wouldn't be so kind!

"Yes, but please let me handle this matter." Wei Kang stood up, his eyes full of determination.

Loong Tianyin snorted lightly: "Then I'll be troubling Grand Councilor Counselor-in-chief Wei."

Say, this guy, he's so shameless, he's so shameless! She had clearly already punished her, but now she still kept saying that she would not change the punishment. Didn't she know that abusing lynchings was also a crime?

Just as he was about to leave, he heard a voice from behind him. "Third Lady, I hope you won't forget our agreement."

Wei Qingge felt the hairs on her body stand on end. She immediately hugged her arms and smiled at her father, who seemed a little surprised. "Dad, let's go back!"

Anyway, she had taken advantage of the time when Loong Tianyin was in the lobby to secretly hand the matter over to Iron Brush, so the treatment after that had nothing to do with her!

On the carriage, although Wei Kang was very concerned about what Prince Yi said about the agreement, but seeing that his daughter didn't seem to have any intentions of talking, he didn't feel too good about it. He just asked in a low voice: "Ge'er, why did you poison Prince Yi's horse?"

"I... I forgot! " Actually, it wasn't that she didn't remember, but now wasn't the time to say it.

"Father won't ask about the past, but punishment is inevitable. From today onwards, you will go to the Luomei Nunnery to meditate.

"What kind of place is Luomei Nunnery?" "Father, can we not go too far …" It wasn't her! She was just a recluse!

"No. This time, even Father will not be able to protect you! What kind of person are you that you can't just mess with Prince Yi!? Sigh, I really can't do anything to you! "

Seeing his expression, Wei Qingge knew that there was no turning back, so she just pursed her lips and didn't say anything more. It was always better to close the door and think about it.

However, when she really stood in front of Luomei Nunnery, she regretted it yet again —

She said what Luomei Nunnery it was, it was clearly a nunnery!

"Father..." Wei Qingge blinked her big eyes as she looked at Wei Kang in distress.

Wei Kang sighed and said, "If you can stay here for a few days, I'll let Forou come over to accompany you."

He still wanted to stay here! Although she was a Chinese doctor and knew how important health care was, she was a carnivorous animal. She couldn't stand a meal without fish or meat! How many days do you want to stay here? Wasn't that equivalent to cutting off her food!

Wei Qingge was on the verge of tears when she saw the cruel scene of her leaving the carriage.

In the Duke's Mansion, after listening to the spy's report, Iron Ying strode into the study room and respectfully said, "Prince, Third Lady was punished by Grand Councilor Counselor-in-chief Wei into Luomei Nunnery to close the door and think!"

"Luomei Nunnery?"

"Luomei Nunnery is a nunnery located on the outskirts of the city on the Plum Falling Mountain. Looking at the Prime Minister's intentions, he wants Third Lady to stay there for a while to avoid the limelight."

A hint of indifference flashed across Loong Tianyin's amber eyes. He lowered his eyes and opened the book unintentionally, ordering, "Continue probing. The daily life, including what she has done, must be reported as such. "

When Iron Ying heard this, he couldn't help but be stunned. When did the Prince ever pay attention to the lives of others?

"Why?" Loong Tianyin didn't even raise his head.

"Nothing. This subordinate will do it right away! " Iron Ying finally suppressed the doubts in his heart, hugged his sword and turned around to leave.

"Sir, it's time for morning class."


"Sir, it's time to recite Buddha."


"Sir, it's time to eat."


"Sir, it's time for the evening class."


"Benefactor …"

"Can you not be so annoying?" Wei Qingge covered her ears with a pillow. Let her be lazy on the bed!

The nun was at a loss for a while before she slowly said, "Your maid is here …"

Forsythia? Wei Qingge jumped up from the bed and dashed out the door.

At the door, Fortresses smiled and waved happily at her.

"Ah!" "My good Forsythia!" Wei Qingge rushed forward to hug her. Although she wasn't her real body anymore, she still had a lot of reliance on Forge in her memory.

The two of them had grown up together, so naturally, they had nothing to say to each other. However, they didn't expect that after seeing her for the first time, they would inevitably have such intimate feelings towards each other.

She was three years older than Wei Qingge, had a slender and elegant bearing, and was also very intelligent. She could tell what she should say, what she shouldn't say, and what she shouldn't do.

"Alright young miss, it's getting late."

Wei Qingge looked somewhat bored as she looked at Forsythia, who was still as calm as ever. She could only pull her back into the room and slyly closed the door. "Forsythia, how long do I have to stay here?"

Forge shook her head helplessly: "Miss, you haven't even been here for two days, why are you thinking about going back?"

"But I think I want meat." She swallowed and her face was covered with a layer of red, but it was impossible to see because of the deep red of her rouge.

"Miss, please bear with it for a while longer. The old master will come to pick you up in two days."


"Well, of course it's true." As she spoke, Lian Qiong stood up and said: "Miss, hurry up and wash up and go to sleep. Aren't there still morning lessons tomorrow?"

It was fine if this wasn't mentioned, but it gave him a headache whenever he was mentioned!

However, knowing that she was doing this for her own good, he nodded and sent her off.

Wei Qingge sighed helplessly and fell onto the hard wooden bed. She pursed her lips and thought about what happened before she teleported. She took out the comb and looked at it again. After thinking about it for a long time, she finally fell asleep.

The next morning, she was picked up by Lingtong.

Wei Qingge was extremely sleepy, but there was nothing she could do.

After the morning class, she yawned and walked into the study.

However, just as he took two steps, his stomach rumbled with hunger. As expected, without meat, no matter how many vegetables he ate, he still felt that the food was tasteless.

As for Forge, she doesn't try to think of a solution for her. Other than fasting, she doesn't seem to have anything else to do.

Her slender fingers slowly moved across the bookshelf and finally stopped in front of a book titled "Herbs class".

"Hundred Herbs Department? Will it be the same as Li Shizhen's syllabus? " She took the book from the shelf and started flipping through it carefully.

What was written in this book was different from the books on herbs. There were even many plants that he had never heard of. As expected, they were from different worlds, so even the living creatures were different?

Liao Ling, who came looking for Wei Qingge, passed by the study door. Before she could even shout out, she saw her standing there by herself, studying the book in her hands. A trace of astonishment flashed across her eyes.

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