Doctor Girl Transmigrated To Be A Princess/C7 Absence of Marriage for No Apparent Reason
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Doctor Girl Transmigrated To Be A Princess/C7 Absence of Marriage for No Apparent Reason
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C7 Absence of Marriage for No Apparent Reason

Although she felt that she had changed a lot these past two days, it was the first time she saw someone so serious while reading a book. After thinking for a while, he didn't know whether to call her or not.

Inside the mansion, Loong Tianyin listened to Iron Ying's report as he flipped over a book in his hand. He asked lightly, "So, what book is she reading?"

"Reporting to Your Highness, I think it's called 'Herbs Profundity'."

"It sure is easy to learn." He paused, then asked, "Did she say anything else?"

Iron Ying was surprised for a moment: "The scout said she wanted to eat meat and begged his big maidservant. She didn't agree."

"Look again." Loong Tianyin didn't say anything else. His long fingers flipped through the pages slowly and rhythmically.

After an unknown amount of time, Wei Qingge finally raised her head from the book. When she saw Lian Forou standing by her side, she was so frightened that the book in her hands fell to the ground.

Why was there no sound from his footsteps?

Lingtong smiled, bent down to pick up the book, and looked at the page: Hundred Herbs Department? When did xiaojie become interested in these medical books? "

Wei Qingge grinned. Knowing that she could not hide it from her, she admitted it generously, "I've been browsing through a few pages for the past few days. I didn't expect it to be so interesting. "That's why I was so engrossed with it."

Forge nodded her head and didn't say anything. She just handed the book over to her.

Wei Qingge glanced at her, unable to guess what she was thinking.

However, the things recorded in the book really made her want to try it out, so she begged Lingtong to follow her to the mountain to find a few herbs. Then she went to the kitchen to find a medicine concoction pot.

Time flies, people say, when you work hard. Without realizing it, half a month had passed in the blink of an eye.

What made her more surprised was that in this half a month, someone would secretly place all sorts of meat in her room the next day. At first, she thought it was Forsythia who made it, but then she realized she didn't want to break the rules.

However, since someone was so kind as to give her meat, she didn't want to eat it for nothing.

"Miss, the old master is here." That day, Forsythia suddenly walked in and reminded with a smile.

Wei Qingge placed the powder on the tip of her nose and muttered to herself as if she hadn't heard him, "Oh, it was close."

Lingtong knew that she was engrossed in her studies again, so she helplessly shook her head, and went forward to raise her voice: "Miss, the Lord is here!"

"Oh, master... Master!? " She suddenly raised her head!

Thank God! "The dear father has finally come to fetch her!

"Un, xiaojie, prepare quickly. Don't let the old master wait for too long."

"Good!" I'll be right there! " Wei Qingge was in a good mood as she stood up and stretched her back before closing the Hundred Herb Hall. Then, she quickly packed up her luggage and dashed towards Hui Wei Teacher Master's hall.

In the main hall, Wei Kang and Hui Wei were sitting on the couch, sipping tea and discussing chess. Blackie fell, losing all of them.

Wei Kang blessed his hands. "I feel that Teacher Master's chess skills are truly profound. I admit my defeat!"

"Master Chu is being modest." Just now, when he was playing chess, he had been rather absent-minded. "If your heart is not at peace, then this game of chess is naturally not good."

When Teacher Master revealed the truth, Wei Kang couldn't help but sigh heavily: "I won't hide it from Teacher Master. I'm just worrying about my daughter's matter."

"Third Lady is well-informed and intelligent, so why should the young master be worried?"

When Wei Kang heard that, an awkward expression appeared on his face. A scholar, a wise man, a wise man? Was it because he was old and deaf that he misheard? This third daughter of his was infamous throughout the East Tomb, how did she become a superior item?

"Teacher Master thinks too highly of her. This wild girl is usually idle and only knows how to stir up trouble. It really gives me a headache." "Worst of all, the emperor intentionally betrothed her to Prince Yi. I'm worried that with her personality, she might cause some trouble!"

He sighed heavily once again. If the Emperor had really decided to do them good, wouldn't he be pushing Qingge into a pit of fire?

When Teacher Master saw his serious expression, she said earnestly, "Don't worry, Master Prime. Everything has to do with fate. Once fate has come, no one can avoid it."

Just as Wei Kang was feeling annoyed, he heard a clear voice from the door: "Dad."

He turned around and saw Wei Qingge walking in with a smile on her face. It was unknown if it was his imagination or what, but he always felt that her smile was a little forced.

"Dad, you're finally here to pick up your daughter!" Your daughter doesn't want to stay in this crappy place anymore! " Wei Qingge imitated the original host and started acting cute.

"What nonsense is this!" Wei Kang shouted coldly. He had almost believed Teacher Master's words just now. Who would have thought that he would reveal his true form the moment he saw her and not give her any face? This was too outrageous!

"Amitabha." "Third Lady is so cute and cute, it's my pleasure." However, she felt that Teacher Master didn't think much of it, and instead praised her greatly.

Wei Kang suddenly wondered if Qingge had drugged her. It was all to speak up for her!

"Forget it. Since Teacher Master appreciates you, I won't say anything more." "Hurry up and say goodbye to Teacher Master. We have to go back."

"Alright." Wei Qingge obediently answered. She clasped her hands together and bowed deeply towards Hui Wei. "Teacher Master, I thank Teacher Master for her care these days. Amitabha is a good man."

"Amitabha..." Teacher Master replied in the same tone.

On the way back, Wei Kang and Wei Qingge were not in the same car.

Lian Fu looked at Wei Qingge who suddenly became dazed; she didn't know what was going on in her heart, so she didn't dare to casually ask.

Wei Qingge let out a silent sigh. In her heart, she was still thinking about that incomplete "Herbarium". If she had the chance next time, she would definitely ask Teacher Master for that book. However, what made her most conflicted was the conversation between her father and Teacher Master.

What on earth was the emperor thinking? He actually had such a thought!?

He reached out and lifted the curtain. There was a sea of people outside, and it was very lively. Were all the bazaars of ancient times this noisy? Although modern times are not much better.

Wei Qingge's eyes suddenly lit up when she caught sight of the source of the sound. She hurriedly said, "Stop the car!"


"I'll go down! Tell dad to go back first! " Without waiting for her to recover her senses, she disappeared from sight like the wind!

Lingyun originally wanted to follow her, but after thinking about it, if she delayed for some time, when the Old Master was unable to find her, she would be even more anxious. Thus, when she looked out and saw her walking towards the Huichun Hall, she finally had a plan, and ordered the carriage driver to travel first.

In front of the Huichun Hall, Wei Qingge raised her gaze and stared at the few big words on it. Huichun Hall was a famous medicine hall in the Eastern Tomb. Although she had yet to understand the standards of medicine in this world, just from that《 Hundred Herbs Classic》 she could determine that there was not much difference between this world and her own.

"Manager, I want to..."

However, the moment she entered, before she could speak out everything, the shop assistant within the Huichun Hall immediately knelt down, and begged for forgiveness: "Third Lady! Please do us a favor and let us go! "

Wei Qingge jumped in fright, not knowing what had happened.

And the looks of those waiters, with their mucus and tears, was simply forcing her to stay outside the door, not even allowing her to step past the threshold!

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