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Doctor Girl Transmigrated To Be A Princess/C8 I Just Want to Find a Pair of Golden Needles
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C8 I Just Want to Find a Pair of Golden Needles

But now, she remembered. The last time she came to the Huichun Hall, not only had she ripped open the medicine cabinet, she had also indiscriminately stuffed the medicinal herbs into their mouths, causing them to vomit and drag it around for an entire day … Now that he thought about it, he really felt a bit bad.

"Get up, I'm not here to cause trouble with you."

When the waiters heard this, they lowered their heads and secretly looked at each other. However, they still did not dare to get up. Third Lady, Prince Yi is at Huichun Hall as well. "

That means she offended Prince Yi, so it's best for her to stay away?

Wei Qingge looked around but didn't see anyone else. "I won't go in. Don't worry, I won't be able to touch him."

What's more, wouldn't he beg her to treat his illness if he saw her? What was there to be afraid of?

The waiters carefully raised their heads and looked at her doubtfully. Seeing her indifferent expression, they secretly communicated with each other with their eyes for a while before shakily standing up.

A shop assistant named Erhu carefully took a step forward and asked, "T-that young miss is here to catch the medicine?"

"I need a good set of silver needles."

Silver needles? Could it be that she had switched to using silver needles to pierce others?

Erhu's eyes were filled with anxiety and he didn't dare to take out the silver needle. He was afraid that she would use him as a test subject the moment she took the needle.

"I won't stab you." Wei Qingge let out a helpless sigh. She couldn't help but let him say more, so she sat down in the living room to the side.

The servant served the tea carefully, not even daring to look at her. One must know that this Third Lady from the Prime Minister's Estate was way too capable. He had just arrived at the Huichun Hall, he didn't want to be kicked out just because he offended her!

Wei Qingge could feel the uneasiness of the others. When she took a glance at him, she was so frightened that she almost fell to the ground. Wei Qingge frowned. She thought that if she did not correct her reputation, she would not be able to stay here forever. She then revealed a big smile and said in a gentle voice, "You may leave. I'll call you again if I need you. "

When the young servant heard that there was no need for him to serve her any more tea, he thanked her and scrambled away. She couldn't help but wonder if her smile just now was very frightening.

That's right, with her White Impermanence face, her smile towards anyone would be terrifying.

"Third Lady, there are a few commonly seen silver needles here. May I ask which one suits Miss?" After a while, Erhu, who had lost half of his tea, walked up and carefully spread the red cloth wrapped silver needle on the table. He didn't forget to look at her expression, so that he could escape at any time.

Wei Qingge rubbed her chin as she observed the surroundings for a while. Then, she took out a few pieces and started pursing her fingers. Using the needle was more about the feel of the hand and the degree of fit. Some were too long and too thin, so it was not easy to enter the skin. Some were short and thick, making it difficult to receive acupuncture.

Erhu saw her serious look, it was exactly the same as when his master was picking needles. He really suspected that the girl in front of him was that arrogant Third Lady.

After a while, Wei Qingge threw the silver needles onto the table in displeasure and frowned, saying, "Is there really nothing useful here?"

"Third Lady, this is good enough already."

There was no need to be like this, right? What's more, these silver needles were just an empty surface. Did he want to make her happy? If he didn't bring out some real items, he wouldn't be able to get past her!

"Hmph, with such a large Huichun Hall, you actually dare to use such inferior goods to deal with it.

"This …" Er Hu originally wanted to just take a few to deal with it. After all, this young miss didn't have any true talent. However, she didn't expect that she would know what was good for her, so she turned her face a thousand times, not knowing what expression to make.

"Could it be that you didn't tell the manager?"

Upon hearing that, Er Hu was so frightened that he kneeled down again, "Third Lady, spare me! Third Lady, spare us! "

Indeed, he didn't say anything. After all, those who wanted to buy silver needles needed to report, so as to not let those who didn't understand buy them accidentally to kill others. However, the shopkeeper had instructed no one to disturb him in case he ran into Prince Yi. What should he do now?

Wei Qingge didn't try to scare him, but before she could say anything, he had already knelt down and was having a headache.

"Alright, alright. As long as you tell your manager to bring out some good stuff, I won't blame you."

"Yes sir!" Erhu answered and ran off. After some consideration, he decided that it would be best not to offend Third Lady. Although Prince Yi was scary, he wouldn't casually punish someone who wasn't related to him.

Within the room.

Wang An took out the last golden needle and carefully placed it in his bag. He then said, "Your Highness, it's done."

"Yes." Loong Tianyin muttered to himself as he put on the outer robe, covering his perfect Merfolk String. He then took the bowl from Wang An and drank it all in one gulp. Only then did he let out a long sigh of relief and slowly circulated his energy to heal his injuries.

Wang An stroked his white beard as he thought about the treatment the prince had mentioned. He had never heard of or seen anything like this. However, he felt much better after half a month.

If he had the chance, he would really like to meet this extraordinary woman who came up with this treatment.

"Who is it!" Suddenly, Iron Ying's cold warning sound came from the door.

"Little one, this little one is a shop assistant from Huichun Hall. I have something to discuss with the shopkeeper." Er Hu swallowed his saliva. Looking at the purple-gold sword that he had taken out, he was too scared to move.

Wang An froze for a moment, then saluted Loong Tianyin Fu and walked out, reprimanding him: "What are you shouting about? Didn't I tell you that the Prince is here, and that you shouldn't come and disturb me if there's something you need to do? "

"But... But Third Lady came. She insisted on having you find her some good needles! " He scowled.

Loong Tianyin, who was inside, instantly opened his eyes when he heard the address. A hint of light flashed across his amber eyes.

Hearing that, Wang An's face became even more downcast. "Just give him one and let him go!" You want me to teach you such a small thing? "

The last time she came, his Huichun Hall had been turned upside down, and he had lost more than a thousand taels of silver for nothing. If it wasn't for Prince Yi's generous help, his shop would probably be closed for good!

"Disciple did indeed just casually take a few, but I don't know what happened to her, she actually knew what was what, and even said that Huichun Hall took these inferior goods over, and wanted to laugh out the big teeth of others!"

"Did she really say that?" A look of disbelief appeared on Wang An's face.

"Yes sir!" The apprentice nodded his head like he was pounding garlic.

While Wang An was hesitating, Loong Tianyin suddenly walked out. He glanced at Wang An and walked towards the front hall without looking back.

At this moment, Wei Qingge's fingers were drumming on the table, her other hand helplessly supporting her cheek as she looked at the group of waiters who kept their distance from her.

What was even more exaggerated was that the moment the common folk saw her, they immediately turned their heads and ran away. They didn't even bother to grab the medicine, fearing that they would be met with something if they did.

It seemed that she really needed to change this annoying situation.

Helpless, he got up. The gang took two more steps back.

Was there a need to be so exaggerated?

"Wei Qingge." A sound that could even pierce through bone marrow suddenly came from his back.

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