Doctor Girl Transmigrated To Be A Princess/C9 You Want to Leave When Your Enemies Are in a Narrow Path?
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Doctor Girl Transmigrated To Be A Princess/C9 You Want to Leave When Your Enemies Are in a Narrow Path?
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C9 You Want to Leave When Your Enemies Are in a Narrow Path?

She couldn't help but swallow her saliva. This voice must be Phantom Wormwood's!

She slowly turned around, but when she saw the angry face, she couldn't wait for the pair of wings on her back to fly away!

But why did he come out?

Stretching his neck to look in the direction of the rear hall, he saw that Er Hu's entire body was shivering, and he immediately hid behind the curtain. Coincidentally, next to him, stood a thin old man.

The door had already been cleared, and even the waiters and waiters who had been in the main hall had disappeared without a trace.

Wei Qingge had a bad premonition, but she stretched out her hand as innocently as possible and said, "Hi!"


"Wei Qingge." Are you comfortable these days? " His face was covered with a layer of frost, but underneath that frost was a horrifying smile.

Wei Qingge took a step back and chuckled dryly. "Ahem, dragging Lord Yi's luck …" After thinking for a moment, he felt that this wasn't appropriate, so he added: "Of course I'm very concerned about Lord Yi. Didn't I come specially to find you?"

Loong Tianyin looked at her slippery appearance and approached her: "Is the meat still tasty?"

Wei Qingge gasped, so the person who delivered the meat everyday was Prince Yi? It's over! He had received so many favors from her for no reason at all. What if he brought up some excessive demands …

Wei Qingge couldn't help but swallow her saliva. Looking at his unfathomable gaze, Wei Qingge took a few steps back.

"Lord Yi, what are you talking about? Why can't I understand you? But, my lord, please don't get mad. Those who are angry often have bad eyes when they are old … "

However, before she could finish her sentence, Wei Qingge suddenly found it hard to breathe.

Damn it! Are you for real?! Did Phantom Wormwood really have the guts to do it?!

She tried desperately to pry his fingers from her neck, but it was useless.

"Do you know what happens when you anger me?" Loong Tianyin squinted, while his eyes revealed a strong killing intent.

He still remembered the last time she had dared to oil him.

"Wei Qingge held her breath, unable to come up or down, feeling extremely uncomfortable." Release … Let go! If my father finds out about this, you won't be able to explain it either! " She tried her best to shout out these words. Her face was flushed from the power of his hands, but her clear eyes did not seem convinced at all.

"Do you think your father is useful?" The strength in his hands seemed to have increased.

"You won't show mercy if you don't use it!" "Cough cough …" Seeing that he did not intend to let her off so easily, Wei Qingge held her breath and said, "This is … Furthermore, even though he had already provoked them, they were still … Do you want me to kowtow and beg for mercy!? "

Loong Tianyin narrowed his phoenix-like eyes, "I don't mind Third Lady doing that." Saying so, her slender fingers loosened and Wei Qingge instantly sat down on the ground.

"Cough cough, cough cough …" Wei Qingge breathed in the fresh air. She thought that this man was too scary. Indeed, it was better not to provoke him.

Wang An, who was standing in front of the curtain, watched the show for a long time before using his eyes to signal Erhu to help her up. Since she was from the Prime Minister's Office, she had to give him face no matter what. Besides, Prince Yi had already taught her a lesson, so she probably wouldn't dare to destroy his shop now.

Erhu tremblingly replied before walking up with a smile and asked, "Three, Third Lady, can I help you up?"

"Thank you." Wei Qingge feebly stretched out her hand.

Erhu was stunned, did he hear wrong? Did she say thank you?

After Wei Qingge stood up, she looked at Loong Tianyin who was looking at her coldly and muttered, "I really don't know how I offended you this time."

When Loong Tianyin heard that, a cold glint appeared on his face, shocking everyone around him to the point that they unconsciously sucked in a breath of cold air.

Wei Qingge was extremely unhappy in her heart! In any case, she could say that half of it was for him. Who would have thought that he would give her that kind of treatment? No way!

"Since Your Highness doesn't trust me that much, then let's drop the agreement!"

"Are you threatening me?"

Please! It was clearly him threatening her, alright! So many pairs of eyes were watching just now!

"This is not a threat. Rather, it's the need for trust between doctors and patients. However, if we don't even have the most basic level of trust, then it's just wishful thinking to cooperate in the future! "

When Wang An, who was not far away, heard that Prince Yi was injured, he was shocked. He immediately ordered the shop assistant to close the Huichun Hall door and push back everyone besides himself and Iron Ying.

"Third Lady, you can't just casually say this. It will bring about a fatal disaster!" Wang An was uneasy. He stepped forward and said in a sincere tone.

Wei Qingge swept a glance at him. She understood the stakes involved. Even though she wasn't too clear about it, in a feudal society, every word and action could come true.

"Manager, I didn't come here today to cause trouble, I only wanted to find a good needle."

"This …" Wang An looked at Loong Tianyin awkwardly.

Loong Tianyin snorted and ignored them, as if he agreed to the matter.

Wang An wiped off his sweat and saluted her with his hands. "Third Lady, this golden needle is not to be messed with. If it were to fall into the hands of an outsider, it would most likely lead to disaster."

Was she saying that she was an amateur?

Wei Qingge rolled her eyes, "How do you know I'm an amateur? Ancient people have the cloud: no disease and the first needle of the sun, reverse, and to welcome it before it. This means that there is no pre-emptive acupuncture, which can prevent disease. Did I say anything wrong? "

After Wang An heard this, he looked her up and down. Third Lady has studied medicine before? "

"A little."

"Alright, then I'll take out the best golden needles in Huichun Hall and see if Third Lady knows anything about them."

Although Wang An looked down on her, after hearing her reasoning, he suddenly became interested and personally went down to retrieve a few sets of good golden needles. He wanted to see if she truly understood or if she had learned one or two sentences in a medical book to fool others.

Wei Qingge inadvertently glanced at Loong Tianyin, who was sitting down by himself. Could it be that he was going to shamelessly ignore what she had just said?

Hmph, if his attitude was better, she could still consider withdrawing what she just said.

After a while, Wang An took all the good needles in his Huichun Hall and lined them up in front of her.

Wei Qingge's voice still sounded a bit uncomfortable. She rubbed her throat as she looked down at the golden needles. Finally, he stopped in front of a rolled up bag made of gold silk and said, "Shopkeeper, this is the set."

Wang An stepped forward to take a look, and a hint of surprise flashed across his eyes. This pair of golden needles had once been used by imperial physicians as a form of acupuncture. After returning to his hometown, they gave it to him for the sake of their friendship, saying that it would be best if they could find a fated talent. However, he had never thought that this fated person would actually be the unlearned Third Lady of the Wei family.

"Manager, name a price, I'll buy it." Wei Qingge said, seeing that he didn't say anything for a long time.

Wang An came back to his senses and stroked his white beard. "Third Lady really likes these golden needles?"


"In that case, I will bear with it and give it to you directly. "However, Third Lady, if one day you hurt someone with that golden needle, I will definitely bring it back." In the end, he was still a bit worried.

"Don't worry. Aside from being by my side, I'm also saving people from death with these golden needles." Wei Qingge smiled slightly and didn't refuse. She generously rolled it up and put it away. "In that case, many thanks for giving it up, Manager. Goodbye."

She decided to pat her ass and leave.

However, another sharp blade appeared in front of her.

Good heavens! This move again?

"You want to leave just like that?" An ice-cold voice resounded in his ears.

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