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C4 Kronoss Academy 3

"Sword skill ah... is it suitable for girls to take that kind of thing?"

Seeing the hesitation on Leng Lin's face, Jealous also nodded his head in agreement.

"Indeed, I don't think it's suitable either. However, there are many older sisters in the kingdom's swordsmen team who are magic swordsmen. Maybe you can develop in this way too."

After listening to Jealous's opinion, Lin also thought that Jealous was interested in the name of magic swordsmen, so she nodded.

"Magic Swordsman... Then I'll come and take a look too!"

When they followed Jealous into the sword practice field, they saw many trainee swordsmen holding wooden swords practicing with their swords. In the middle of the field stood a middle-aged swordsman with scars on his face, but it could be seen that he was experienced in teaching.

"Jealous, as the successor of the Holy Pattern Sword, you are late for class. How is this acceptable? " Be careful, I will report this to the princess! "

When he saw Jealous, the middle-aged swordsman also used a stern tone to scold him. Jealous also quickly lowered his head. He apologized to the middle-aged swordsman.

"Master, I'm very sorry. Please show mercy to me because the registrar wanted me to show the newbies around. Please forgive me."

"Is that so, hmm? So that's the newbies? " A girl? "

At this moment, the swordsman also noticed Leng standing in the distance.

Lin Lin first bowed to Jealous, then ran to the two of them under Jealous's command.

"Master, this is Lin Leng."

"Master, please guide me."

After Jealous's introduction, Lin politely greeted the swordsman master. He sized Lin's body up.

"Hmm... Your figure is not bad."

Jealous looked at him with doubt when he heard his master's comment.

"Master... don't look at the female student with a pair of sexy eyes again, okay?"

"Jealous, you are being rude. I am using my profession to see the potential of this female student. Are you doubting me?"

"Alright, stop it. My sisters all say that you are a lecherous old man."

"Hmm? What are you talking about?"

"No, it's nothing. Can we start teaching now?"

"Hmph, don't think I didn't hear you! Forget it, little girl. Take this wooden sword well! " Learning a sword requires one to use one's heart to feel, and to properly feel the existence of this sword. "

After the conversation between the master of the sword technique and Jealous had ended, the master of the sword technique threw the wooden sword in a cold manner. She took the wooden sword in her hand, and following the master of the sword technique's words, she tightly gripped the handle of the wooden sword with both hands.

This was the first time Lin had held a wooden sword. Lin Lin first felt the heaviness of wood, and the sword master's lecture also began to pass into her ears...

"The heaviness of a sword, you must treat it as protecting your own sense of security. While you wave it, it is also equivalent to increasing your survival rate. Of course, only by swinging it effectively can you have a greater sense of security. Unnecessary movements will only increase your own danger."


[Very well, swing the sword in front of you now]

He moved according to his master's words and raised the wooden sword in his hand.


The sword he swung gave people a very heavy feeling. After all, it was a very heavy sword. This swing of the sword was not an ordinary and familiar movement, so it was also somewhat slow. Of course, his master continued to guide him.

"Faster and harder! Swing the sword with force. Even if it was only for a split second, he could not close his eyes. Close your eyes is equivalent to giving the enemy a chance! "

"Un... Yes!"

With the guidance of his sword skill teacher, Jealous also began his own practice by the side. Even though Lin Lin's swinging of his sword had always been corrected by his sword skill teacher, it could be seen that Lin Lin was used to the feeling of holding a sword.

With this practice, it was already dusk.

"Although there is no improvement, a sword skill like this does not have the so-called talent. It needs to be practiced more. If you are willing to come into contact with this class again, you are welcome to come again."


After hearing the words of the sword master, Leng Lin also understood that it was impossible to rely solely on intelligence to take shortcuts to learn a sword. Although this class might be quite terrible to learn, she also made up her mind to work harder. After all, she had worked so hard since she was young.

After the two of them left the sword skill field, Jealous also brought Lin Lin back to the front of the house at the Registration Centre.

At this time, Mifael was already at the door waiting impatiently as she walked back and forth. When she saw Jealous, she also angrily walked over.

"Jealous, why are you so late? The sky is almost dark! " Imperial Elder Brother will get angry if we don't return to the palace! "

"Haha, sorry, sorry. Because Lin Lin is very focused on her studies, she is a little slow."

When Jealous finished speaking, Mifael looked at Lin Lin with a stern look. Of course, Lin Lin could only scratch his face and smile bitterly like Jealous.

"Didn't you already have the status of a graduate student? You can act on your own now, right?"

Regarding Mifael's questioning, Leng also felt very guilty.

"Princess Mifael, I'm very sorry. It's all my fault..."

"Forget it. Let the registrar lead you to your residence. Jealous must send me back to the Palace. Take care of yourself."

After Mifael apologized, she did not seem to hold a grudge and turned around to walk towards the school gate. Jealous also did not open his mouth and waved to Leng to indicate that he would follow her for the time being.

Looking at the figures of the two people, he felt a chill run down his spine. In her heart, she also guessed that the two of them were probably lovers and that was why Mifael was so angry.

"Miss Lin, how is it? How does it feel to study in the curriculum?"

When the registrar walked out of the house and asked about it, Leng Lin remembered the terrible learning situation that day. She shook her head helplessly and sighed. However, the registrar's smile seemed to have predicted the result.

"Haha, it is indeed like that. That person in twenty years is also the same. Nothing goes smoothly in his studies. He is surprisingly very proficient in the subjects that the academy does not have."

"The subjects that aren't available in the academy."

"That's right. The current subject is also something that the previous king only set up for him back then. And so far, he is the only student. Thus, after graduation, he became the only teacher in the subject. However, the students who chose later on were unable to have the same potential. In the end, it became a subject that he specialized in. That's why he used his spare time to travel around. "

As they listened to the registrar talk about the same situation as Leng Lin twenty years ago, they also headed towards Leng Lin's residence.

After walking for quite some time, Leng Lin discovered that the place the registrar brought her to was especially sparsely populated, as if it carried a sinister and strange feeling.

"Uh, this room..."

Looking at the place where the registrar had stopped, even though the sky was not completely dark, looking through the dusty window, it seemed to be even darker than the night.

"Hehe, you guys are all so special. I think you guys should be able to be good roommates. But he only came back once a long time ago, and he's not in the academy right now. The next time he comes back, he didn't say when, so this place can be said that you're the only one living here."

"Hehe... it's like that. Then I really have a lot of room for activities."

After watching the registrar leave with a bitter smile, Leng Lin also looked at this dormitory that was even bigger than the one she saw earlier. Although it was a little old and sinister, there was a trace of elegance in it. Her hands also slowly pushed open the unlocked door.

... "I am a new graduate student, Leng Lin. Please... point. "Teach..."

Following the sound of the old door opening, Leng also greeted with a voice that could be compared to the environment. However, as the registrar had said, the other roommate in the room was not here, so no one responded to her in the deserted room.

"Sigh... What am I doing, what is this world... Could it be that lyceum Head already knew that the result of taking the book would be like this?"

After a day of training, Leng's curiosity towards this world finally stopped temporarily.

Walking into the room, she casually picked up a chair by the side and sat down. Looking at the lyceum Heads that Baloken lyceum Head gave her, Leng Lin also remembered that she should not continue to indulge in learning in this fantasy world.


Suddenly, the faint sunlight outside shone on a certain item in the dark room. That flash of light also aroused Leng Lin's curiosity. She stood up and walked in the direction of the flash of light.

"This is..."

When it came into contact with the darkness, the item that emitted the flash of light just now was like a cold iron that came from her hand.

At this moment, Leng Leng lit up the candlestick by her side. When the lamp lit up, the thing that entered her eyes also made her very pleasantly surprised.

"A gothic-style... Puppet?"

As Leng Lin saw, it was a European young female doll that she had seen in books. However, that dress was not just a lace dress. On her wrist and chest, there seemed to be a light armor specially made for knights. And this young female doll not only had an elegant temperament that was different from ordinary Puppets, but also seemed to have the heroic spirit of a king.

"So beautiful... I've only read about it in books before, it's so soft... like a real little girl, is this that person's collection?"

The Puppet's golden hair gently touched her face. The Puppet's eyes were closed, and the moment it touched it, it felt as if they would shatter with a pinch. Hence, Leng Lin did not dare to open the Puppet's eyelids.

Just as she was wondering if this was the collection of her "roommate," Leng Lin kept staring at her as if she was attracted by the Puppet.


Suddenly, a gust of wind blew over. The window seemed to have been blown open by the wind. The Puppet suddenly lost its balance and fell into Leng Lin's arms. She was shocked and quickly hugged the Puppet.

"Phew... luckily it's fine, eh...?"

When the Puppet fell into her arms, Leng Lin noticed that there was a key hole on the back of the Puppet. She, who was holding the The Key Of Otis with one hand, also discovered that the hole seemed to be made to imitate the shape of a The Key Of Otis. Just like when she took out the book, Leng Lin's hand that was holding the key was involuntarily attracted by the Puppet.

Crack crack crack crack! Crack crack...

After the key was inserted into the keyhole behind the Puppet, it began to slowly turn. When it stopped and pulled out the key, it was only then that it regained its original consciousness.


Crack crack crack...

Leng Lin loosened her grip and realized that the Puppet could actually stand on its own.

"This... Just what in the world is this..."

Lin Han was so shocked that he didn't know how to react. The small step that was slowly taken by the Puppet also understood that the turning of the key had already started the movement of the Puppet. When the Puppet opened its eyes, its dark green eyes also reflected a stern expression. Immediately, it also felt that the Puppet seemed to be staring at her.

"You... are you my... master?"

"Speak, speak?"

The Puppet's voice was as gentle as his appearance. However, this unusual phenomenon gave a chill down her spine. After all, the European Puppet that she knew shouldn't be able to speak. However, the moment the Puppet finished speaking, it seemed as if a mechanism had been activated in the surroundings...

With Mifael's help, Leng successfully obtained the identity of a graduate student who could study in Cross Academy. However, she did not expect that the refugee registrar would directly accept her information and find out that there was a similar case 20 years ago.

Lin Lin, who had just come to the fantasy world for the first time, was attracted by the subject that she had never tried before. He chose many special subjects, but it was as the registrar had expected. They were all unable to study smoothly, and they also learned that the teacher from twenty years ago was also in the same situation. In the end, the registrar also arranged for Lin to live in the same place as the mister, and when Lin Lin touched a Gothic-style teenage girl doll, A special phenomenon occurred...

"You... are you my... master?"

The Puppet spoke with an expressionless face. However, the fact that it could speak caused Leng Lin to be shocked speechless. At the same time that the Puppet spoke, some sort of mechanism had been activated in the surrounding environment.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Suddenly, two arrows shot out from the mouth of the statue beside the wall and mercilessly shot towards Leng Lin's back. At this time, the Puppet's wide green eyes seemed to no longer be staring at the young girl in front of it. Instead, it shot out an arrow.

Seeing that the arrow was about to hit Leng Lin's back, the Puppet also quickly made its move.

"Ya -!!"

The Puppet's hands looked like they were holding something. It was as if the Puppet was waving something, but it was as if the two hands were really swinging a sword and cutting the arrow in half. Of course, this action shocked Leng Lin to the point of being speechless.

Even though the hidden arrows were stopped, the other mechanisms did not seem to have stopped. The next thing to move was the knight armor that no one was wearing around them. It was as if they had a soul attached to them. They waved the sword in their hands and slashed at the Puppet's position.

"Wind! Give me the power to leap!"

With a leap, the Puppet easily dodged the chaotic slashes from the knight armor. At the same time, it chanted the Spell. Its originally small body, with the help of the "Wind Magic Technique," became even more light and agile.

After the knight armor's attack on the Puppet failed, seeing that they could not keep up with her, they did not plan to chase after her. Instead, they walked in the direction of Leng Lin.

Leng Lin was naturally not prepared for the sudden danger in front of her. Even if she had learned sword skills before, it would be difficult for her to maintain her posture in a tense situation, let alone make any defensive movements.

"Don't, don't come over!?"

The knight armors that were controlled by the mechanism naturally raised their heavy swords and prepared to attack when Leng Lin's words were about to come out. Just as the heavy swords were about to be swung down...

Leng Leng tightly shut her eyes, but what entered her ears was the sound of metal plates being struck. As she did not feel any pain from her body, she slowly opened her eyes.

As the sky darkened, only the candle light was left in front of her eyes. The knight armor that was originally surrounding her had been turned into scrap metal. The swordswoman like girl doll stood in front of her. She could understand that the Puppet in front of her had saved her life.

"Thank, thank you..."

"Are you my master?"

Although her gratitude to a Puppet was very strange, she immediately realized that this was a world full of fantasy and mysteries. It shouldn't be so strange that a Puppet could speak. However, the repeated questions of the Puppet made her not know how to answer them.

"Uh, I did use the key to turn the switch, but your master should..."

When she thought of her "roommate" in this room, if she privately took possession of such a collectible, it naturally wouldn't be Leng's style. Hence, even if she activated the special mechanism of the Puppet, she couldn't just accept her as if it was a matter of course.

"Uh... why did you kneel down?"

Even though Leng thought so, the Puppet had already half-knelt down like a knight's oath. It gently lifted the girl's hand and began to swear an oath.

"I swear an oath. From now on, I will use my life to protect your safety. I will become your treasured sword, and my fate will be with you. I will do everything I can to help you eliminate the dangers and obstacles ahead of you."

"That... Eh? Uh... Your name is...?"

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