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C6 Dawn 2

When Jealous heard her muttering to herself, he also noticed her situation. He then turned around and spoke with concern.

"Lin, what's wrong?"

"No, I'm fine."

After Lin Lin said this, Jealous's expression suddenly changed from relaxed to serious. He looked towards the forest and saw his expression. Lin Lin was also full of doubt.

"Jealous, why..."

"Be quiet."

Mifael's short sentence did not let Leng finish her sentence. Of course, at this time, Leng also felt that the surrounding atmosphere seemed to be a little unusual.

At this time, Jealous pulled out the sword from his waist. Under the sunlight, the light from the sword blade was even sharper.

"Mifael, there seems to be a lot of them. I'll have to trouble you to protect Leng."

"I know even without you telling me."

Mifael responded to Jealous's words and took a few steps back to Leng's side. However, the unusual atmosphere around her was not like what Jealous had said earlier, "safer.

"Your Highness, what is going on now?"

Mifael frowned at Leng's question and looked in the direction of the commotion.

"I don't know. Even I don't know why there is such an unstable Devil Thing aura in this place."

When Mifael finished answering the question, several wild wolves ran out from the forest. Their fierce but strange eyes made Jealous feel very strange.

"Mifael, the situation seems to be a little strange."

"Who deliberately controlled them to attack us?"

Mifael, who was holding a wand, seemed to have been practicing magic for a long time. She could tell that these were wolves controlled by strange magic. However, Jealous held the hilt of the wand tightly. In order to protect the woman behind him, he did not wait for the wolves to attack and planned to attack first.


At this moment, Jealous slashed forward. Unexpectedly, only one of the wolves attacked back. The other wolves split up and ran in the direction of Mifael and Leng. Of course, Mifael also quickly chanted magic Spells.

"Fire, turn into an arrow and burn the enemy in front of you!"

After Mifael finished casting her spell, she pointed at the tip of the wolf's staff and ignited it. The ring of fire also quickly shot out several arrows made of fire. However, the wolf pack was not a fool. In an instant, they all scattered and dodged the attack. Then, they surrounded the two girls.

"Mifael, Leng!"

After Jealous kicked away the wild wolf that he was fighting with, he started to run towards the two of them. At the same time, an even more strange atmosphere came from the forest.


An angry roar came from the depths of the forest, and the angry roar seemed to break through someone's control of the wild wolf. The wild wolf seemed to follow instinct because it sensed danger and began to escape.

"This roar... could it be!"

Hearing the familiar roar, Leng also remembered that this was a familiar feeling with the situation she had encountered yesterday. Jealous also ran to their side with a bad look on his face.

"Damn it... Did the black bear come to seek revenge yesterday? It even came to this kind of place."

When the howls of wild wolves could be heard from all four sides of the forest, it also made the three of them understand that the enemy was not just coming alone.

"Tsk, when did the black bear start acting together? - Mifael, Lin, let's quickly leave this place!"

Feeling an irresistible sense of danger, Jealous put away the Long Sword and immediately grabbed the hands of the two girls and ran towards the direction of the academy. However, the footsteps in the surrounding forest became more and more chaotic, and they were chasing in the direction of the three people.


After all, Leng did not have any actual combat experience. Mifael was also a magician, so her speed was obviously much slower than Jealous's.

At this time, the black bear that rushed out of the forest to intercept the three of them was even bigger than the last time they encountered it. Following which, two or three black bear beasts ran out from the road behind them. In order to protect the two women behind him, Jealous pulled out the Long Sword again.

"Damn it... If the Holy Pattern Sword's power can be used...

Jealous looked at the Long Sword in his hand, but his face was filled with uneasiness towards this battle. He also understood that if Mifael were to be distracted by so many black bear beasts to protect her, she would definitely be injured.

"Jealous, the princess will be counting on you."


Lin picked up a few stones and threw them at the two black bear beasts. Jealous and Mifael were shocked by her sudden movement. After all, they did not expect this young girl, who did not even know how to fight, to make such a bold move.


After hitting the two black bear beasts, Leng Lin immediately rushed into the forest. Jealous was also blocked by one black bear beast. Mifael was too slow and could not catch up to Leng's footsteps.

"What is that idiot doing!"

"Damn it... As expected, there is no way to defeat the Devil Thing without killing. These guys are clearly... very kind when they don't attack people!"

Jealous held the Long Sword tightly in his hand. He understood that the situation was dangerous and he could not hesitate anymore. The Long Sword in his hand also attacked the enemy's fatal weakness.

He kept running. In the original world, he could only be said to be a well-educated student. Although he was a little proud of himself in his footsteps, he was still a woman and he was in danger of losing his life. Of course, he did not have any control over his breathing and running speed. Not long after, he was surrounded by two black bear beasts.

"Lin... calm down, quickly think of a way..."

The black bear softly told him that he had to calm down, but it didn't give Lin Lin too much time to catch his breath. With a roar, the black bear behind him also waved its sharp claws.


"Why must I have to encounter such a thing!!"

When Leng Lin shut her eyes tightly and loudly complained about her own fate, the conversation with an unknown woman instantly resurfaced in her mind.

"Right now, what do you wish to have the most?"

"Hope...? That was needless to say! Of course, this is my life!"

This won't do. I didn't think that no one would be able to help you with the correct answer! "

"Imagine... Yes, let's try! If you want to live, you must need something. " And that correct answer will definitely save you! "

When she opened her eyes and saw the attack coming from behind, even she did not expect her body to dodge the attack by reflex. While thinking, another movement attacked.

"If the Holy Pattern Sword's power can be used..."

"Jealous, is it... the sword in his hand? Although he did not know what the power of the sword was, " But if I can have it, I should be able to use it as I wish! "

Recalling Jealous's words, Leng Leng's hands also began to grasp the sword. Following her memory, the surroundings seemed to have started to stir up an abnormal gale. The two black bear beasts also felt the abnormality around them and hesitated.


The instant his hands emitted light, a Long Sword similar to the one in Jealous's hands appeared in Leng Lin's hands. The difference was that the Long Sword actually emitted a strong radiance. That was the Holy Pattern Sword that Leng Leng had imagined to release a power. However, this power seemed to have a huge burden on the holder.

"Oh!? What a powerful strength..."


When it saw Lin Lin take out her weapon, the black bear did not hesitate to attack again.


Even though the Long Sword in her hand gave Leng a great pressure, she still used all her strength to swing her sword forward.

With a boom, the explosion that occurred in an instant was not even as big as Leng Leng had expected. She was also blown away by the explosion's airflow. When the dust from the explosion slowly dissipated, there was no trace of the black bear. The direction where the sword was swung seemed to have been blown away by the explosion. At this time, Jealous and Mifael also rushed to her side.

"Chill!? Are you alright?"

"Jealous, look... that sword."

"This... How is this possible..."

Seeing the Long Sword in Leng Leng's hand that was extremely similar to his, Jealous and Mifael's expressions were very surprised. But it also seemed that because Leng Leng's consciousness was no longer focused, the sword also began to become transparent and disappear.

"Oh... Jealous, Your Highness, you are fine now..."

"Leng, are you alright? Mifael, quickly use a healing technique to treat her. "

Although Lin Lin still had consciousness, the impact of the explosion also made her vision gradually blur. Mifael also hurriedly used the healing technique to treat Lin Lin's external injuries.

After the external pain gradually calmed down, Leng Lin slowly pulled her consciousness back.

"What... What happened to me? Oh right, the black bear..."

Looking at the spot where she swung her sword just now, there was a gap that looked like it had been blasted open, causing her to be shocked.

"Jealous, what exactly am I..."

"Lin, what exactly is going on? Why did you have a weapon that looks like the Holy Pattern Sword in your hand just now, and that energy..."

Looking at the broken gap in front of him, Jealous couldn't believe that this sword actually had such a powerful force.

After Leng Lin slightly sorted out the situation just now, she also told Jealous and Mifael about her "imagination." But when Leng Lin wanted to try to recreate the sword, she was unable to form it due to the lack of physical strength. Hence, the three of them decided to return to the academy to rest first.

When Ling Ran's physical strength was insufficient, Jealous would carry her on his back. Along the way, she kept thinking about the "imagination" ability that she possessed. Mifael, who was beside her, also looked at her with a rather puzzled gaze.

Because of her identity as a refugee, Leng, who was arranged to stay in the academy, awakened a Gothic-style teenage girl doll in her room. The two of them also established a friendly relationship, but the Puppet did not seem to have any memory, so Leng temporarily called it "Xiao.

In order to understand Xiao's past, after going to the library to investigate the information, under Jealous's invitation, Ling followed him and Mifael out of the forest to adventure.

However, they encountered a danger that they did not expect. After recalling the conversation with the unknown winged woman, Lin Lin once again used the power of "imagination" and let it release an unprecedented destructive power, causing Jealous and Mifael to feel puzzled about Lin's ability.

In order to prevent the two of them from discovering Xiao, after Jealous sent Leng Lin to her residence, she returned to her residence alone.

Xiao was naturally surprised to see Leng covered in wounds. However, in order to let her master recuperate, she didn't ask too much about it. She first took care of the room so that Leng could have a more stable environment to rest in.

"Xiao, I'm sorry. It seems that I've caused you to worry. However, don't put on such an expression. Aren't I fine now?"

At night, Xiao stayed by Leng's side to take care of her. It also allowed Leng to see that her expression seemed to be blaming herself for not finding out that her master was in danger.

"It is my dereliction of duty to not protect Master in time. It is an insult to my reputation as a guardian."

"Xiao, I have said it before. I am not your master. Do you still not remember the past memories?"

Although Leng Lin told Xiao this, Xiao did not change her mind. She had always hoped that Xiao would try to recall her "memories," but she only received a response from shaking her head.

Seeing Leng's bitter smile, Xiao also felt lonely because she couldn't respond to her master's expectations. However, that blank past wasn't something she didn't want to recall. It was just that it was a blank space that she didn't know how to recall.

"Leng Lin, I have a request that I hope you can accept."


Please allow me to follow you next. This is also to prevent such a situation from happening again. This is my request. "

Hearing Xiao very firmly say this, of course, Lin Leng could also feel her determination.

Looking at the starry sky outside the window, after pondering for a moment, Leng Lin could only nod her head and agree to her request.

The next morning, there was suddenly a knock on the door, causing Leng Lin to wake up from her peaceful sleep. Xiao, on the other hand, cautiously looked in the direction of the sound. Following the call from outside the door, Leng naturally knew who it was that came to visit.

Kowtow! Kowtow! Kowtow!

"Leng, are you still resting? Something big has happened!"


After tidying up her appearance that she had just woken up, Leng Lin came to the door and opened it.

At this time, the door opened, but Jealous held her hand in surprise.

"Leng, congratulations!"

"Ah? Jealous, what's going on?"

"That's right. The king said he wanted to see you. Mifael told me about it. It sounded like she was very interested in your ability, so she hoped you could make a trip to the palace."

"Go, to the palace?"

When she suddenly heard Jealous say that, she was shocked to the point of not knowing what to do.

"Yes, because Mifael told the king about the Holy Pattern Sword you made yesterday, it is a big matter in Cloris, so the king wants to see you."

"Uh, it is indeed that matter..."

Although Leng more or less guessed the reason for the summon, seeing Jealous so happy for her, she could only tell herself that this was not bad news. At this time, Xiao also walked to the door.

"Lin, please bring me along this time."

"This Puppet - spoke!?"

Seeing the Puppet that could walk and talk, Jealous was even more surprised than Lin Lin's reaction just now.

He originally thought that this kind of situation should be something Leng was used to in this world, so he also told him about Xiao's situation.

After Jealous understood the situation, his expression seemed to be filled with admiration towards the original owner of the house.

"He's really amazing. No wonder he's the only one in the department of science until now. Ling must also have her own special ability like this person!"

"Probably... After asking the registrar about the Spiritual Puppet Technique, it seems like this is the only information that can be passed on to outsiders."

Imagination, these two words reminded Leng of the thick book "Fantasy Creation," so she also guessed. In the past, this gentleman also came to this world because he came into contact with similar books. However, the school was only founded less than 20 years ago, so he still didn't know why he came to this world.

"Lin, then wait for the carriage at the entrance of the school to pick you up in the afternoon. I have to accompany Mifael into the palace now."

"En, then goodbye to the palace."

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