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C7 Xiao 3

After informing him of the time to enter the palace, Jealous ran back to the academy campus.

Xiao Xiao did not understand the special ability that Lin Lin possessed and asked her about it. She also used the morning time to explain yesterday's situation, as well as the things that happened before she came to Otis.

At noon, after lunch, Lin Lin came to the entrance of the academy and boarded the horse carriage sent by the king. Of course, Xiao also followed beside her. However, Xiao's situation seemed to be very special in the academy, and when he walked past the crowd, it also caused the students of the academy to discuss. After all, those who knew magic could tell that this Puppet did not use the principles of magic to control its movements. Instead, it possessed its own consciousness and thoughts.

"Lin, do you want to try 'creating' something to confirm this superpower?"

After getting on the carriage, Lin Lin immediately accepted Xiao's suggestion.

"Yeah, you're right."

She slightly meditated on the wooden sword she was using to practice sword skills. After focusing her mind, the palm of her hand that held the sword also condensed a light, and after the light shone, it also formed a physical object that was exactly the same as the wooden sword.

Staring at the wooden sword in front of her, Leng Lin couldn't help but reveal a joyful expression.

"Success, success, this is... this is my ability... Ah?"

The moment he relaxed his mind, the wooden sword gradually became transparent and faded away.

Although many subjects had high walls that were difficult to cross, for her to possess such a special ability, it made Leng feel a lot more at ease. However, when she saw the horse carriage heading towards the palace, she was still very nervous.

When the carriage passed the moat bridge of King City, what entered her eyes was a pure white palace. After Lin and Xiao got off the carriage, they were also led into the palace by the receptionist.

The palace was mainly white, and there were many noble bright red silk sheets as decorations. The elegant buildings accentuated the majesty of a country's main city.

The guards along the way were not very strict. They could feel that the defense of the palace represented the peace and quiet of the country.

"Lin, you're here"

On the way, they met Jealous and Mifael at the intersection of the corridor.

The receptionist stopped when she heard Jealous's call. At this time, Jealous also hurried over. Mifael, who was behind him, still had a dissatisfied expression when she saw Lin.

"Looks like you don't seem to be very polite. Brother Wang should change into clothes that are more suitable for the environment when he is summoned."

Lowering his head to look at his student's clothes, Leng Leng clearly did not know how to respond to Mifael's reproach.

"I... I'm sorry. I... " Because I only have the uniform and the student's clothes when I first arrived here. "

Forget it. "

At this moment, Mifael was going to receive someone to prepare a suitable set of clothes for Leng.

"That's enough."

"Your highness, thank you."

When Leng Lin thanked Mifael, Mifael nodded and looked at Jealous.

"Jealous, you should have told her why you summoned her, right?"

"Yes, but I haven't told her about the Holy Pattern Sword yet."

Speaking up to this point, Jealous pulled out the sword from his waist.

When the matter of the Holy Pattern Sword was mentioned, only then did Leng remember that she didn't know about the origins of the Holy Pattern Sword, so she wanted to ask about it.

"The summoning this time around is because I created that sword, right? Just what exactly is that Holy Pattern Sword...?"

"Jealous, you can tell her about this matter."

After Mifael finished speaking, Jealous also began to talk about the Holy Pattern Sword and the matter of this country...

The Holy Pattern Sword was one of the legendary Eight Patternss and Divine Artifacts in the continent of Otis. This sword was also a treasured sword that was given to Jealous when he entered the Palace when he was young. It was said that the Pattern Divine Artifact had the characteristic of choosing its owner. This time, the owner was Jealous, and also the second owner of this sword.

It was said that this sword possessed great power, but it also had a great connection with the power of this country. Those who were recognized by the Holy Pattern Sword could obtain half of the ruling power of the Cloris and be on equal footing with the king.

This was a rule that had been passed down since ancient times, but the way this rule was implemented was that the owner must be able to use the power of this sword and become the "Sacred Mark King.

"At that time, Jealous said that if the power of the sword can be used..."

When he remembered that Jealous could not use the power of the sword, of course the question made the successor smile bitterly.

"En, I... haven't been recognized by the Holy Pattern Sword yet, so the Holy Pattern Sword's power can't be used at all."

"However, the successor that hasn't been acknowledged by the Holy Pattern Sword must unconditionally give everything to the current royal family before he becomes the Sacred Mark King."

Mifael followed Jealous's words and completed the rules.

She originally thought that the two of them had a relationship similar to lovers, which was why she put Mifael at the front of everything. After understanding the relationship between the Sacred Mark and power, she also thought about how she had used that kind of power yesterday and whether it would affect such a rule.

"Then... Yesterday, I used that kind of power. Could it be that you think that the Holy Pattern Sword recognizes me?"

"It's not that. Brother Wang is just curious about your identity. If you really want the Holy Pattern Sword to acknowledge you, you must follow the law of the legends and go to the north of Clotta Mountain to kill the evil Witch."

"So that's how it is..."

Mifael's answer made Leng feel a lot more at ease, but this law also made Jealous's face look very awkward. But when he thought of his strength, it also made Leng feel very strange.

"By the way, didn't Jealous always work very hard to cultivate? Could it be that he still can't defeat the evil Witch? " Could it be that the Devil Thing that attacked us was sent by that person? "

Er... About that... "

When Jealous was still holding back his words but did not know how to explain it, Mifael, who was at the side, also directly voiced out his thoughts.

"Jealous, if you still think that way... You will never be able to become a Sacred Mark King for the rest of your life, and you will not want to hurt anyone. " She is the legendary evil Witch. After killing her, you will be able to obtain the power of the Sacred Mark. He could also gain the trust of the people. Now, you only made the people worry about having a successor of the Sacred Mark. "Will Witch start to do something to Cross?"

At this point, Mifael's face also revealed a worried expression.

"Maybe it's just as Leng said, Witch started to attack us."

"Mifael, but it has been many years since I got the Holy Pattern Sword. Under the rule of Delian, the country has been prosperous and prosperous. Since Witch did not cause any harm to the country, if I go and kill her like this, not to mention it did not prove that she ordered the Devil Thing to attack."

Hearing Jealous's words, Mifael could only sigh impatiently. Obviously, this was the conclusion she had come to before.

At this moment, the receptionist had already prepared the clothes to be replaced, so she returned to where Lin and the others were.

"Your Highness, Jealous, I'll go and change my clothes first."

"Hm? Speaking of which, the Puppet that follows beside you..."

At this moment, Mifael only paid attention to Xiao who was following behind Lin. Xiao had also been paying careful attention to his surroundings. Of course, Mifael also felt that this Puppet was protecting Lin Lin's safety.

When he heard Mifael's question, Xiao politely introduced himself.

"I am Lin Lin's guardian, Xiao. Due to my low status, I am afraid of offending the princess. Please forgive me for registering at this time."

Xiao's actions and words were naturally like a little girl. Although Mifael was a bit surprised, she was also very satisfied with her manners.

"Guardian? Oh... It was really surprising. It seemed that the etiquette of the servant was much better than the master's and the clothing was also very appropriate. Since you are her guardian, then follow me to see Brother Wang. I believe that Brother Wang will also be interested in you. "Then let's go, Jealous."

Seeing the long dress on Xiao's body and the light swordsman armor, Mifael also seemed to like Xiao's heroic and noble attire.

After saying this, Mifael followed Jealous and left. However, Leng who was ridiculed could only shake her head and sigh at the discord between her and Princess Mifael.

Under the guidance of the receptionist, Lin first went to a room and changed into the clothes that the receptionist prepared for her.

Upon closer inspection, it seemed that this dress was specially designed for her. It was very similar to Otis' uniform. The red undergarments were tied with a white silk robe, plus a part of the light armor, as well as the short skirt and pantyhose that did not hinder her movements. The boots on her feet were made of leather, just like a young girl's special swordsman's armor.

"Could it be that Princess Mifael prepared this for me long ago...?"

Unable to guess what Mifael was thinking about him, Leng Leng's incomprehensible emotions were also revealed on her face. But wearing such clothes also made Leng feel the culture of the other world - no matter what, the smile on his face was clearly very satisfied.

After changing into a new set of clothes and tidying up her appearance, Leng and Xiao followed the receptionist into the palace.

"Greetings, King Kronos."

When they arrived before the throne, Lin naturally understood that they had to kneel before the king in this era.

"Haha, rise, travelers from another world."

"Th-thank you, Your Majesty."

The king sitting on the throne was quite young. He was probably a few years older than Jealous and himself. Of course, since he was the king, his elegant and gorgeous royal robe was also very eye-catching. However, the king's laughter did not have the arrogance that he imagined. Instead, it was a kind of friendly laughter.

"I am the king of Kronos, Delian. You must be Leng. I have heard about you from Mifael. It is quite interesting."

" Uh... "

Although Leng could feel Delian's affinity, she did not know how to get along with the royal family. After all, her relationship with Mifael made her unable to figure out how to deal with it.

At this moment, seeing her perplexed expression, Delian seemed to understand her feelings.

"Haha, don't be too restrained. Just follow your usual attitude when you talk to people. I heard that your situation is very similar to that of a refugee from another world 20 years ago. Although I have never seen him before, it seems that the people from the other world have quite a special power."

When mentioning special powers, Leng Lin also remembered the main purpose of coming to the palace, so she did not conceal the current situation she knew.

"Actually... even I myself am not too sure what is going on. Is Your Majesty worried that something will go wrong if I replicate the Holy Pattern Sword?"

"That is indeed one of the reasons. After all, not only did you create the Holy Pattern Sword, you also used the power of the sword. However, based on the explanation you gave Mifael, it is a temporary imitation of 'imagination', so the problem is not that big. At least the Holy Pattern Sword in Jealous's hand is the real one."

After hearing Delian's explanation, Leng also understood that the king only wanted to confirm the authenticity of the Holy Pattern Sword. After listening to it, she felt much more at ease, and Delian also said his thoughts.

"Your special ability, I plan to use the special case given to that person by the late king to let you have your own faculty. I will give you time to concentrate on developing this ability."

"Your Majesty, this means..."

Yes, I will give you sufficient time to research your own ability. " When needed, you will be able to aid the prosperity and development of our country. Of course, we will not force you to hand over any results within a limited period of time. After all, only by raising a special person can our country's reputation be greatly boosted. What do you think? Of course, I don't have any special objectives. "Just by looking at the freedom of your 'roommate', you can understand what I mean."

Recalling the registrar mentioning that 'that person' often went out on trips and even returned to the country only once after a long time, of course, Lin also understood that she could at least use time to develop her own power and try to find a way to return to the original world from this power. Thus, she accepted Delian's suggestion.

"Mm, then I'll have to trouble you, Your Majesty"

"Hehe, then I'll give you the identity of a citizen of Cross right now. I hope you can work hard."

"Yes, thank you very much for your help."

After Lin Lin expressed his thanks to Delian, he also noticed Xiao's existence. After all, as the ruler of a country, he already had some understanding of puppet manipulation.

"Oh? Is this Puppet the result of that person? It's really amazing. "If it wasn't for that ball-shaped joint, it would be no different from an ordinary girl."

"Well, actually, the reason why I woke up at dawn was because -"

To avoid the king misunderstanding that he also had the ability to control puppets, Lin also told Xiao about it to Delian, and even asked if he could inquire about its owner's relevant information, but the answer he got was a rejection.

"I can't allow this. After all, Cloris is a place that focuses on human rights. Since that person doesn't allow anyone to investigate his information, of course, even I can't go and take a look on my own. In fact, I have a favor to ask of you."

"Request? Please speak frankly, Your Majesty. If you can help, I will definitely not refuse."

Seeing Leng agree in such a manner, Delian first revealed a smile, but then frowned.

"En... Actually, it is Jealous's matter. As the inheritor of the Holy Pattern Sword, he is not willing to fulfill the legendary conditions. " I heard that you are friends. I think you can try to persuade him. " Maybe you can also help him defeat the evil Witch. After all, there were officials who started to panic because he was unable to be recognized by the Sacred Mark and they started to panic about Witch's movements. "

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