Mai's tears/C1 Only the rich get justice
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Mai's tears/C1 Only the rich get justice
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C1 Only the rich get justice

Bang!....a loud noise was heard as the woman's body fell to the floor. The drunk man took off his belt and started whipping her. She screamed in pain as he kept on abusing her. She didn't do anything wrong. All she did was ask him to stop drinking so much for the sake of his health.

Mai sat in a corner with her knees to her chest. She buried her head in her arms and cried, while her father kept hitting her mom. She couldn't do anything to stop him - she was just as helpless as her mom.

"Mom I'll get revenge for you no matter how hard it may be or how long it takes". Mai said silently. Rubi was so weak that she no longer had the energy to scream. The man kept hitting her, but she didn't make a sound. In fear that she had died, her husband ran away. He took a flight to Seattle and wasn't planning on ever coming back.

He took his suitcase and crossed over the woman's bleeding body on the floor. After he left, Mai slowly crawled to her mother's side. She nudged her shoulder slightly - the woman let out a whimper. There were so many cuts on her fair skin. Mai's mother Rubi pulled herself up slowly and gently supported her back against the wall.

Mai's tears kept falling down her face. Rubi gently lifted a hand to wipe her daughters tears. "Don't cry child". She said in a weak voice. Mai ran to get the first aid kit. She didn't know where to start disinfecting the wounds. She was only 11yrs old. She helped her mother take a bath and change her clothes.....

While helping her apply the medicine, she felt pain in her heart. "Mom, why haven't you ever told the police about this? You keep letting him hit you it's not right!". Rubi smiled and placed a hand on her daughters head.. "Sweet child, in our society men always have the upper hand. I did file a report a few years ago, but he bribed the police off. And as it is I have no access to money even though he married me for my family's wealth".

Rubi flinched from the pain as Mai applied ointment to an open cut. Mai blew on the wound for her. "Besides your grandfather supports him a lot. Each time I made a complaint, he would scold me and tell me that misunderstandings between couples were normal. He hit me once while I was pregnant with you, but I forgave him since the doctor said the foetus was stable".

"sigh.... mom domestic violence isn't something that should be tolerated or endured. No woman should have to go through such a thing". Mai said with tears in her eyes.

She had taken a picture of her mom earlier covered in blood. She already had planned her revenge. After applying the medicine she left her mother to sleep. She quickly changed into a pair of white shorts and a black T-shirt. She took her little backpack and got on the train to the next city.

She was going to see Kathryn. Kathryn's father had recently received an award for being the most honest police officer in the district.

She put her hair in a bun and rang the doorbell aggressively. Kathryn opened the door and Mai quickly ran inside. "Kath where's uncle?" Mai asked hurriedly. She sat on the couch and crossed her legs. Kathryn walked to the couch. "Dad's upstairs in the study. He's on a conference call with his superiors".

Kathryn was a little sad. "Didn't you come to play with me today?". She asked in a low voice with her head to the ground. "Kath I'll play with you later don't be sad. You have to grow up ya know?". A bright smile spread across the little girl's face.

"Really? You've promised so you can't change your mind". Mai smiled at her childish behavior. "Okay, okay I promise". Kathryn ran to the kitchen to get juice and biscuits. She poured a glass for both of them.

"Okay - what do you want to talk to my dad about Mai?". Kathryn asked a little excitedly. Mai took a sip of her juice and gently placed the glass on the table. "I can't show you. You're a kid - you'd get triggered". Kathryn pouted her lips. "C'mon Mai you're only two years older". Mai lifted her head. "Yes - I'm two years older which makes me your older sister". Kathryn suddenly placed a hand over her mouth .

"Gasp! Mai you're choosing dad over me. sob...sob. I knew this day would come". Mai rolled her eyes. "Stop being so dramatic Kath. I'm not showing you because I don't want to ruin your childhood".

Kathryn's dad came down the stairs and heard their conversation. "I didn't know we had a guest". Paul said. They both turned to look at him. "Hello uncle". Greeted Mai. "Hey kiddo". Paul smiled and ruffled her hair. Mai scrunched up her face. "Uncle, I spent a lot of time brushing my hair. Now you ruined it. "hahaha.... okay I'm sorry little one. Why don't you go with Kathryn to her room and fix your hair while I make dinner?".

Kathryn nudged her shoulder. " Mai wanted to talk to you about something". Paul knelt down close to Mai and pinched her cheeks. "What's the matter little one?". Mai leaned closer and whispered "let's go talk in the study". Paul took her hand and led her to the study. "Go tell nanny Lee to fix a bath for you. We'll be in the study talking". Paul said to Kathryn. "Okay daddy".

When they got to the study, Mai quickly shut the door. "What did you want to say - why couldn't you say it in front of Kath?". Paul asked while finding her behavior a little suspicious. "I can't say anything in front of Kath. I don't want to ruin her childhood". Mai said sadly.

"A-ha! I was sure I heard something about childhood when I got downstairs". Paul exclaimed feeling proud of his hearing ability. Mai took out her phone and showed the photo to him. His face suddenly darkened.

"Mai we're going to your house now". Paul said and hurriedly put on his coat. He lifted Mai in his arms and ran down the stairs. "Nanny Lee take care of Kathryn and the house. I might not be home tonight!". He said as he grabbed his car keys off the dinning table. "Alright sir, be careful on your way!" said the old lady.

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