Mai's tears/C4 Taking these risks for my daughter
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Mai's tears/C4 Taking these risks for my daughter
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C4 Taking these risks for my daughter

The orphanage was in another city, and would take an hour to get there by flight. Paul had to spend some time with Kathryn before leaving.

He only got home by 4am the next day. Kathryn was already asleep. He went into her room, and kissed her forehead. He went to his room, and took a cold shower. The freezing water ran through his body, as flashes of Rubi's bruised body filled his mind.

He banged his hand on the wall. He walked out to the bathroom. After putting on his robe, he went to the kitchen to make himself a cup of coffee.

His heart ached, and everyday he wished he could fight for his love all those years ago. When Rubi told him she was pregnant, he was over the moon. He wanted to spend every moment with her, but he couldn't.

When he tried to get close to her, her father got him a restraining order from the police. When he knew the child was taken away from Rubi, he couldn't bare the pain.

For years they both thought the child was dead. Until Mr Throne's assistant told Rubi that she had sent the baby to an orphanage. She couldn't tell her which orphanage it was before she passed away.

Two years after Mai was born, Paul adopted Kathryn. He wanted to know what it was like to care for his daughter. He felt he should get some experience before their daughter is found. He had grown to love Kathryn so much, and he was happy Rubi liked her too.

Paul didn't sleep a wink that night. He kept tossing and turning till daylight. In the morning, Mrs Lee came downstairs to make breakfast. She saw him in the living room, reading some documents.

"Sir, when did you return? I didn't even notice when you came back". She said. Paul looked up from the document and smiled at her. "You must've been really tired last night".

"Yes. The young miss threw a tantrum when she found out you had left with miss Mai. It took a long time to calm her down". Mrs Lee said.

"Why would she throw a tantrum? I had to help Mai". Paul said angrily. "She's just a child. She probably wanted to spend time with you last night. You promised to go with her to the zoo today. Make it up to her". Mrs Lee instructed.

"Oh... I had completely forgotten. Thanks for reminding me. Mai's mother is going through a lot. I had to go over to see her last night. She's in a really bad state. I'll call Mai, and tell her to call an ambulance to take Rubi to the hospital". Paul said.

"That little girl has been through what most kids her age don't even know about. I know how much you want to help them, but don't neglect the young miss". Mrs Lee said.

"I know my responsibility Mrs Lee. I'll try to be the best father for Kathryn". He said. Mrs Lee smiled and went back to the kitchen.

After an hour, breakfast was ready. Kathryn came downstairs sleepyeyed. She ran into Paul's arms the moment she saw him. She hugged him tightly. "Why did you leave me all alone last night daddy?". She sobbed.

Paul kissed her cheek. "You weren't all alone, Mrs Lee was here with you. Don't be so dramatic Kath". He said. "But you left with Mai. I felt you didn't love me anymore". Kathryn said, teary-eyed.

Paul hugged her tightly. "I could never not love you. Something bad happened to Mai's mother so I had to go with her. I love you so much my beautiful daughter. Nothing can change that. Please don't ever think like this again". He wiped the tears from her cheeks.

She kissed his cheek gently. "I love you too daddy". He smiled. "Is pretty aunt gonna be okay?". Kathryn asked about Rubi. "Yes she'll be fine. She just needs to rest". Paul replied.

"Were going to the zoo today, right? Go have breakfast and get ready quickly, or we'd be late". Paul instructed. "Yayyy - we're going to the zoo!". Kathryn exclaimed happily.

Kathryn immediately ran to the table and started eating. "Mrs Lee, would you please help me get ready? I want to look perfect". She said with her mouth full.

"Haha..... Of course I'd help you, young miss. Finish your breakfast first". Mrs Lee replied.

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