Mai's tears/C5 Dan...
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Mai's tears/C5 Dan...
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C5 Dan...

While Kathryn was having breakfast, Paul called Mai. "Hello uncle". She said softly. "Mai, how's Rubi doing? Is she awake?". Paul asked. Mai sighed. "Mom is fine. I called an ambulance earlier. We're in hospital now. Apparently, it'd take months for her wounds to heal". Mai said sadly.

"Which hospital are you at? Tell me I'll come over when I'm free". Paul instructed. "Okay - I'll text it to you. I'll call you later. Moms IV is done - I'll tell the nurse so she can change it". Mai said.

"Okay - talk to you later then. Call me if you need anything". Paul replied. "Okay - bye". After Mai hung up, she went straight to the nurse. She was glad that that her mom was okay. Rubi had a fever all through the night. Mai didn't want to disturb Paul, so she did what she could to help her mother, and called an ambulance by 6am.

Rubi's IV was changed. Mai sat next to her mother's bed. She had taken a leave of absence from school. Zack would bring her homework to her after school. She told the nurse that she was heading home to rest for a bit. She called the driver Dan to pick her up.

Dan was a 16 year old boy, who had dropped out of highschool, and worked three part-time jobs in order to care for his little sister. She was his only family left after their parents untimely death.

"Young Miss, has the master finally permitted you to use the car? If he has, then that's great news". Dan said looking at her through the rearview mirror. "From now on, you only take instructions from me and my mother. Don't ever talk about that man. If his name so much as crosses your lips, you're fired". Mai looked at him sternly.

Dan smiled. "Alright - where are you headed, miss?". He asked. "Take me back to the villa. We'll return to the hospital in an hour". Mai instructed. "You got it ma'am".

Mai took a bath, and changed her clothes. She had gotten a list of things she needed to take back to the hospital for her mother. The doctor said she had to stay in hospital for at least two weeks. Mai packed the suitcase carefully.

She tried following a YouTube tutorial to make chicken soup for her mother, but she kept failing. The soup tasted like cardboard paper. Dan stood by the kitchen door, watching her. He admired how much she loved Rubi. When she accidentally cut her finger, Dan ran into the kitchen immediately.

"Miss, you have to be careful!. Cooking knives are very sharp!". He said sounding worried. "Let me see your finger". He gently took her hand, and washed the blood off. He put a band-aid on. "Don't let it get wet, or it'll get infected". He said.

Mai looked to the floor. "What's wrong, miss?". Dan asked. "You said not to let the wound get wet, but I have to make chicken soup for mom". Mai said with teary eyes. "You can't make great chicken soup, just by following a YouTube tutorial. Don't worry - I'll make the soup". Dan said.

Mai took a seat, and watched him. He worked carefully. He did everything with so much precision. He looked like a professional chef at work. When the soup was ready, he gave Mai a spoonful.

"Oh my! This is delicious. I've never had chicken soup this delicious. Where did you learn to make it?". Mai asked. Dan smiled. "My mother used to make me chicken soup whenever I caught a cold. I've watched her make it a million times". He smiled sadly.

"Oh... What happened to your mom?". Mai asked. "She and my dad passed away three years ago. Now it's just me and my little sister". He said. "Oh... Sorry. Did I make you feel sad?". Mai asked, looking up at him. He patted her head. "No - I'm fine. Let's get the soup to madam. Bring a thermos. I'll put the soup in, then I'll drop you off at the hospital".

Mai brought the flask to him. "Save me a bowl please, Dan". She said politely. "Alright miss".

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