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Title: The Little Wife of the Major in Military Marriage

Pen Name: Tens of Thousand Mountains and Rivers

Description: The hateful Major accidentally captured me into the army camp. When my little sister Wen Wan met my brother in the Ice Army, did she start to smell like she was having a different life? Hormone Flavor...

There were always times in life when people would tease you. For example, when Su Mo looked at the armed and ready special forces in front of him, his heart simply collapsed. "What are you guys trying to do?"

"Please come back with us." A man with a face full of camouflage and dressed like a big bear spoke up.

"What do you want me to go back with you? Have I done anything wrong?" Su Mo looked at them. The black barrel of the gun was pointed at him. Who wouldn't be afraid?

However, the person on the other side didn't have any reaction. He only said lightly: "If you don't leave, then I can only be rude."

"Huh?" Before Su Mo could react, he was caught by them.

After being propped up, Su Mo's anger soared to the sky. He turned his head and stared at them, "What are you guys trying to do? You call this kidnapping, you're breaking the law, you know that? Aren't you all soldiers? How could you all do such a thing? "

No matter what Su Mo said, that group of people didn't react at all. They only supported her as they walked forward, and even blindfolded her.

It was unknown how much time had passed before the car finally stopped. The people beside Su Mo took off the eyepatch in front of their eyes. Su Mo suddenly covered his eyes and frowned, "Why did you guys bring me here?"

After a long time, there was still no reply.

"Reporting to the captain, the deserters have been brought back." The camouflage soldier next to him stood up straight and reported,

"Yes." A cold voice sounded.

Su Mo vaguely opened his eyes and looked towards the source of the voice. "Are you their superior?"

That person had a cold expression on his face as he lightly nodded his head, "Mhm."

Looking at his appearance, Su Mo's anger and grievance immediately burst forth, "What are you trying to do? Didn't I just come out to travel? Not only were you tricked by the tour guide, you even lost your luggage, and you even brought me here.

"Li Yu, if you really want to leave, then go find your father by yourself. I definitely won't keep you." "When you come to the army, you must follow the rules of the army. If you do it a second time, then don't worry about not showing any mercy to my subordinates." The man looked at her coldly with disdain in his eyes.

Hearing the man's words, Su Mo was slightly stunned. He raised his head and stared straight at him, "I'm not Li Yu. My name is Su Mo, I'm a freshman student."

Who would have thought that the man would ignore her and turn to leave.

"Hey, hey, why did you leave? I still have something to say to you. What the hell did you bring me here for? "Hey, that person, stop right there!" Su Mo looked at the man's figure. He was so angry that his teeth were itching. He could only stomp his feet.

After a period of investigation, our little friend Su Mo finally found out where this was. It was one of the top six military bases in A Nation. And the one with the ice-cold face was the captain of the most famous Special Forces in the Sixth Army. The parents of the club were also well-known figures in the Six Forces, and another failure in their counter-terrorism mission led to the death of his parents.

The current him was together with his grandfather, Sheng Guoye. It was said that his grandfather was a famous general in the country. After hearing someone else's story, Su Mo had a feeling that the society was definitely the legendary third generation of the military, the rich third generation.

"I'm really not Li Yu. I'm Su Mo, a university student at the First National University. I'm just out on a trip. " Su Mo looked at the person in front of him who claimed to be his class monitor. He took a deep breath and explained.

The woman was the class monitor of a female soldier company. Her name was Liu Xiao and she looked very robust. "I'm sorry, Miss Li. You'd better tell Captain Sheng yourself, or there's nothing I can do. "

"Who cares what province he is, or whether he's from the international community. Call him over, I want to talk to him in person." Su Mo raised his head and glanced at Liu Xiao. He then coolly threw down those words before continuing with his hunger strike.

The club lowered its head and glanced at her. The corner of its mouth curled up slightly. "What are you trying to do?"

Hearing the tone of the club, Xiaomo's anger burst out, and she stood up abruptly, "Let me repeat to you again, I'm not that Li Yu, my name is Su Mo, Su Dongpo's Su, foam on the floor, spotless."

"It's enough to play this kind of trick once, it'll be very stupid to do it again." A trace of malice flashed across the eyes of the club members as they looked at the people who were baring their fangs and brandishing their claws in front of them.

"Who's the fool, you're the fool." Su Mo said in a huff. Only after he finished his sentence did he realize that the main point was not here.

Seeing Su Mo's dumb appearance, the society really didn't want to talk anymore and was about to leave. Su Mo grabbed the club's arm. Before Su Mo could react, the club had already flipped its head and pressed its face against the wall.

"What are you doing? Let me go, you're hurting me, I'm not a criminal." Su Mo's arm was so tightly locked by Cheng Zhen that he couldn't even move it.

The society opened their mouths and turned to look at her. The patience in their eyes seemed to have run out. "What are you trying to do?"

Seeing the impatient look in the society's eyes, Xiao Mo stopped waving his hands. He secretly glanced at Li Yu and whispered, "I'm really not Li Yu, you have to believe me."

"I don't have any requests for you to stay here, as long as you don't die here. If you want to leave, you can go back when Li Hui wants you back. And here, "the society's gaze immediately shot over halfway," Don't say that you're my fiancee, I've never admitted to it.

After which, he left in a carefree manner.

"Angry? Abandon, who do you think you are? It's as if you're the one who cares about you." Su Mo glared at the back of the club. The moment he saw that the club was about to turn around, he quickly sat back down.

When the society disappeared without a trace, Su Mo suddenly remembered that he still hadn't agreed to his identity. Then how would he be arranged?

Soon, the arrangements were made. He was actually assigned to Liu Xiao's company to undergo military training. When standing under the sun and being kissed by the burning sun, Xiaomo's heart refused, but the refusal was obviously ineffective.

"Report, I can't stand up."

"Report, my leg is cramping."

"Report, my sweat is in my eyes."

"Report, I can't open my eyes."

However, no matter what reason Xiaomo had, the class monitor glanced at him indifferently. Then, he said, "Stand still."

Hearing the class monitor's words, Su Mo directly bit her to death with his teeth. She was clearly innocent, alright? How could she treat herself like this? She was just a child after all.

Su Mo looked at his swollen hand and felt his heart ache. Ah, he really cherished his hands. Alright, he was already somewhat fat to begin with, but he could still see it. However, a swelling like this was simply too horrible to bear to look at.

"Squad leader, I really can't stand up anymore. My hands are swollen." Su Mo looked at Liu Xiao with a pitiful expression.

However, Class Rep Liu Xiao ruthlessly rejected him. "Hand swelling is a very normal thing. If you're not going to train because of this, then we don't need to train anymore." If you can't even endure this little bit of suffering, how can you become a qualified military man? "

"I don't want to be a qualified soldier. I'm just a student." Su Mo's face was filled with helplessness as he vigorously fought for his rights.

Hearing Su Mo's words, Liu Xiao's face darkened, "Then why did you join the army?"

"I didn't want to join the army. I was just dragged in." Su Mo grabbed Liu Xiao's sleeve, "Squad Leader, I'm speaking the truth. You have to believe me."

Before Liu Xiao could say anything, one of the female soldiers beside her opened her mouth, "As expected of someone with a good background. We went all out to get admitted here, but he was still not satisfied with it. What are you talking about, being forced?"

"Yeah, it's like us. We can't even get in if you want to."

Now that it was time to rest, Su Mo could not help but feel a little impatient after hearing those words, "Hey, can you not say it like this? I am also a child of a poor family."

Ji Yun walked in front of Su Mo and looked at her. "Relying on our family's influence, the one who is committing violence is the most despised."

Seeing the look of disdain on Ji Yun's face, Su Mo sighed and glanced at her. "I'll tell you one last time, I'm not an official family like you, I'm an ordinary family like you guys. The only difference is, I was captured by the society, do you understand?"

Although Su Mo tried his best to explain, it was very clear that it had no effect. It seemed as if there were other disagreements, such as a girl beside him saying, "You actually dare to say that to Captain Sheng, what qualifications do you have to compete with him?"

"Don't tell me you're his brainless fan." Su Mo let out a laugh.

It was unknown if it was because the words of Little Mo had caught her attention, but the girl's face immediately turned red and her voice suddenly became louder, "What did you say?"

"Heh, it really is that guy's brainless fan." Little Mo turned her head and looked at her. It was really obvious.

"What did you say? Keep talking."

"So what if I say something? Aren't you that guy's brainless fan?" Su Mo rolled his eyes, "I really don't understand. The legendary army actually has such a person."

Hearing Xiaomo's words, Ji Yun folded his arms and turned to look at her, a faint smile appearing in his eyes. "This is your companion."

Su Mo raised his eyes to look at Ji Yun, smiled, and glanced at that person. "Heh, I'm not her companion. Truly deadly."

These words seemed to have angered the girl, who rushed up to hit him, "You dare to talk to me like that, do you know who my father is?"

When the class monitor saw this, he hurried over to stop her: "Zhang Ru."

"Who's your dad? Could it be the Prime Minister? " Su Mo pursed his lips and glared at her.

"You, you …"

"Alright." The squad leader seemed to have seen enough of this farce. "When you come to the army, you have to look like a soldier."

After saying that, Liu Xiao looked at Zhang Ru, and then looked at Su Mo: "I don't care about your past status, once you enter the army, you must act like a soldier. Look at all of you, stand for three more hours when you get back. "

"What?" Hearing the class monitor's words, Xiaomo instantly became frightened, "class monitor, we just finished standing right?"

Before he could finish his sentence, he saw Liu Xiao send a Eye Knife over. Xiaomo instantly quieted down, "Yes."

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