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"Ji Yun is a good seedling. This time's selection is set to be a team competition. I wonder if she will be able to find someone?" Commissar Yang continuously shook his head as he looked at Ji Yun's information.

"Don't worry about that, I heard that she has already formed the right team." Little Mo was blabbering in the club's ears every day, and the two of them had already planned it out.

After hearing the words of the club, Commissar Yang glanced at the plan written by the club, his face full of smiles: "Playing with your family's old man like this, aren't you afraid that he will flay your skin?"

"That still requires him to be able to move." The association opened its mouth expressionlessly.

At the side, Committee Leader Yang could only shake his head, "He is truly worthy of being the grandson of Old General Sheng."

He didn't know if this kind of praise could be counted as praise, but the society stood up and gave a military salute. "Then I'll go back and arrange it."

"En, however, you must not give that little girl of yours the trouble to pass the test." Commissar Yang could not conceal the smile on his face as he watched the club's facial expression gradually change with his words.

The society took a few steps forward while holding the hat, then turned around and looked at the serious face of Committee Leader Yang and said, "I am a man of principle."

Looking at the expression on the club's face, Commissar Yang always felt a sense of schadenfreude. It was unknown whether or not Old Master Sheng knew of this news.

On the other side, Li Yu had also spent all her money and returned to the Li Residence, causing a wave of shock. But because there were no news from the army and because Li Yu said that she had already escaped, representative Li did not take it to heart. Perhaps the society might not even know that their daughter had gone over.

"Association, what are the subjects of this selection test?" Su Mo hugged a steamed bun and looked at the club with a face full of hope, hoping that he would be able to pass the questions.

In the end, without the slightest bit of surprise, a pillow flew directly towards Su Mo's head. "Don't have any dirty thoughts. With Ji Yun's strength, he will definitely pass."

Little Mo was not happy when she heard this. At least her performance in this exercise was quite outstanding, "Are you saying that I'm not going to pass?"

The society glanced at her with a complicated look in their eyes. "I think it's better if you don't live there."

If it was over, who knows how much trouble it would bring? The information from Li Gu's side had already been investigated. The girl in front of him was indeed not Li Yu. If she entered the special forces and was discovered, wouldn't she be captured as a military spy?

"Abandon." Although Su Mo was dissatisfied with the society looking down on him for his actions, there was nothing he could do as his own strength was not enough.

After a moment of silence, Xiaomo opened her mouth once again, "Captain Sheng."

"Hmm?" The society returned to their senses and looked at Su Mo, who was hanging his head in front of them.

"There's something I need your help with?" Little Mo bit into the steamed bun and looked pitifully at the club.

"What is it?"

"Just agree to it."

Hearing this, the face of the society darkened. They knew Su Mo definitely had a request, "Tell me first."

"Aiya, it's definitely not a bad thing?"

"Not necessarily."

"The society." Su Mo pinched some steamed buns and threw them at the society, "I have also taken care of you for a long time, I am not willing to help you with anything small."

Following Su Mo's actions, the face of the society darkened. "Who asked you to waste the food."

Then, he picked up the small bun that fell on his body and placed it in front of Su Mo. His face was exceptionally dark.

Su Mo looked at the club's expression and immediately understood how big of a mistake he had made. In the army, wasting food was a matter of life and death.

Thus, Su Mo sat properly, stretched out his neck, raised his head, and bit down on the finger of the club. He conveniently ate the steamed bun, "You've rubbed your nest."

The society looked down at their wet fingers and then looked at Su Mo's obedient face. They felt a strange feeling in their heart, "Speak, what are you trying to do?"

"I want to ask you to train me. I don't want to be a burden to Ji Yun." Although Su Mo could be unreliable at times, he still knew how strong he was.

Hearing this, the club couldn't help but look at her a few more times.

Seeing that the club was looking at her, Su Mo thought that they were unwilling and quickly replied, "I'm very serious. Besides, I don't have any problems with the usual training. If it really doesn't work, then just treat it as repaying me for taking care of you. "

The society returned to normal as they leaned against the side looking at Xiaomo, their expressions calm and collected, "You took care of me a while ago, but I'm the one who took care of you."

Seeing this, Su Mo was immediately disappointed. "Is that really impossible?"

"We'll talk about it when you're better." Training was still okay. After all, they couldn't let their country lose a talent just because of Su Mo. The society felt that they were being more considerate for their country.

Upon hearing this, Su Mo's eyes instantly lit up, "That's great, thank you Captain Sheng."

Upon returning to the dorm and seeing Ji Yun, Su Mo felt hot tears welling up in his eyes. "I missed you so much."

Ji Yun's eyes revealed traces of a smile, but his face remained expressionless. "I don't miss you."

"Abandon, I really have no conscience. I sold myself to the club for you." Su Mo turned around and lay on the bed. Although he was staying in a good ward in the hospital, there was still something wrong with his body.

Towards this, Ji Yun was truly somewhat disdainful. "It seems to me that you're not doing this for me, but rather because you're willing, right, Madam Sheng?"

Last time, Xiaoman wanted to vent his anger on behalf of Ji Yun by saying that she was the club's fiancee, but in the end, she had ridiculed him quite often, "What a kind heart."

"Are you really going to accompany me to participate in the female special forces selection?"

Su Mo nodded. "Of course. This is the first female special forces in our country. How can I be missing?"

Ji Yun didn't say anything. Since Su Mo wanted to help him, then he didn't have any reason to refuse.

"Stand up for me!" Looking at Su Mo's standing position, the society felt as though the blood vessels on their forehead were about to pop out. They were truly causing themselves pain.

Su Mo immediately stood up, but he still had to listen to the words of the society. "Sir, please speak."

As soon as he said this, the club felt that his blood vessels were beating even faster. "You're talking too much nonsense."

Su Mo silently retorted in his heart.

"Do the design. Let me see." As for Su Mo's ability to incite his own anger, it had always been very powerful.

"Yes, sir."

"Don't call me sir." It always felt like a bourgeois feeling.

"What's that called?" A society? It wouldn't be too good to just call him by name. " Su Mo blinked his eyes innocently.

The Society reached out its hand and knocked on Xiaomo's head, "Stop acting good, just call me Captain."

After saying that, the society members turned around and stood once more. Xiaomo slightly turned her body to the side and pouted, "Yes, Captain."

A wave of gunshots rang out. What a mess.

The society didn't know what to say about the results.

"Hey, what's with that expression? Is it that bad?" Su Mo looked at the club members' expressions, which I couldn't bear to look at, and felt really dissatisfied.

The club lowered its head and glanced at her. "Isn't it good enough?"

Su Mo looked around guiltily, "Alright, even if it's a little terrible, you still can't have such an expression on your face." The more he said it, the more Su Mo was dissatisfied. After all, he had at least 8 guns out of 10.

Seeming to know what Xiaomo was thinking, the club grabbed the gun in her hands and fired off a few shots.

Actually, Little Mo knows that a society is really strong, how can they not be strong when they are already the special forces captain? However, when Su Mo saw that the target only had a single hole, his eyes shone with worship.

Putting away the gun, the society turned to look at the admiration in Xiaomo's eyes, with a faint smile on their lips.

Seeing the club's expression, Little Mo quickly stood up and put away her expression. She couldn't let him see it, or else her confidence would burst again.

Seeing the change in Su Mo's expression, the corner of the Society's lips couldn't help but twitch, "Come and try. You won't. I'll teach you."

"Alright." To be taught by such a teacher, his ability would definitely soar.

The society couldn't help but glare at her again. "What's good? Being a soldier for so long, you don't even know how to speak. "

If this was in the past, Su Mo would definitely not be able to hold back and argue with him. But now, not only was Xiaomo not angry, she even gave him a big smile, "Yes, Captain!"

This captain's shout was so loud that you could hear it from a few miles away. He was truly flattering me.

"Come here." The society might not know Su Mo's little scheme, but it seemed like he was going to eat something.

Su Mo had a gun in his hand and was being coached by the society at the side.

Following Xiaomo's actions, the society began to guide him manually. Su Mo held his gun as the club stood behind her as if they were hugging Little Mo. Such an action was really too dubious.

"This way, your arms will be flat. Push, don't think you haven't eaten. " Directions from the club's hands.

The hot air continued to hit Xiaomo's face, making her feel very, very uncomfortable. Although Xiaomo felt that she wasn't concealing any shady intentions towards the club, how could she ignore a hormone that was so close to her?

Thus, Su Mo's face slowly turned red.

The more he said it, the more unorthodox Su Mo's movements became. Turning his head, he saw Su Mo's flushed face and could not help but laugh out loud.

Because of the club's approach, Su Mo was initially a little nervous. However, when he heard the club's laughter, his soul almost flew out of his body. "What are you laughing at?"

"Nothing." The society lowered their heads and purposely approached Su Mo's neck. However, Xiao Mo hurriedly pushed back and blushed even more.

It turned out that she was shy after all that time. Although Xiaomo couldn't defeat him, in order to prevent some young lady from getting angry from embarrassment, the association pretended to not know anything. "Have you memorized all the movements?"

"Yes." Su Mo quickly nodded his head. He was very dissatisfied with his own way of thinking, despite the society teaching him so professionally.

"Then train yourself first. I'll check later." If he didn't leave now, he estimated that he wouldn't be able to train for another half a month.

Hearing this, Su Mo hurriedly nodded his head. He had almost suffocated me with the smell of the hormone, "Yes, Captain."

The moment he walked into the office, before he even sat down, he saw Li Gu, who didn't look too good. The society then understood a little more. "Wrong?"

"Yes, captain, punish me." Back then, it was Li Gu who led the team. It was a huge mistake to capture the wrong person, not to mention that he had let Little Mo stay in the team for such a long time.

The society placed their hats to the side, "You will definitely be punished for this matter, but it's also my fault."

If it wasn't for the fact that he refused to believe Xiao Mo's words, he would have found out a long time ago.

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