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"Captain, what should we do now?" Li Gu felt a rare sense of helplessness, this matter was not small.

"Go check out where Li Yu is." The member of the society knocked his fingers on the table. If it was handled routinely, even if he made a mistake, Xiaomo would still be punished. If Representative Li were to handle the matter himself, then things would be much easier.

"Then what about 9520? Do you want to disqualify her? " After all, the women's special forces selection was not a small matter. One had to be careful.

The association's finger paused slightly. "There's no need for that."

Hearing this, Li Gu immediately understood the meaning behind the words of the society. After all, this time Su Mo's partner was Ji Yun. He immediately nodded and prepared to leave.

Before he could take two steps, the club behind him opened its mouth again. "Have you been training the recruits recently?"

"No, what's the matter?" Li Gu turned his head to look at the club, feeling a little strange that he would ask these questions.

Originally, the society wanted Li Gu to help train Xiaomo. However, they thought that if Su Mo turned red from embarrassment towards Li Gu, they would have an indescribable sense of frustration in their hearts, "It's nothing."

Since the society stopped talking, Li Gu also wouldn't ask. However, he was very curious in his heart, it seemed like there was some gossip going on.

When he went to check on Su Mo in the afternoon, he didn't let the society down. Because the society had never set high standards on Xiao Mo, it was already good enough that there weren't any less than four rounds out of ten guns: "Not bad, practice more."

Although there was no encouragement as expected, at least there was no criticism. The society's requirements were very high, so our little friend Su Mo was still very happy. "Yes, Captain."

However, the moment he got excited, he immediately tore a hole in his arm. It was not an unbearable pain, but it definitely didn't mean that it didn't hurt at all.

Looking at Su Mo's painful look, the society couldn't help but pull her sleeve and take a look. It was very normal for her to be bruised, "It's very normal. It's nothing big. We just need to practice for two more days."

Hearing this, Su Mo could not help but roll his eyes. Do you think that everyone is like you?

Without needing to look, the club knew that Su Mo was staring at her. She reached into her pocket and took out the ointment, "Quickly go back and clean up. Three times a day."

With that, the society turned around and handed the medicine to her before leaving.

Looking at the figure of the club, Xiaomo held the ointment in her hand, and a warm smile appeared on her face. In fact, he was doing quite well.

Not only Su Mo was working hard, Ji Yun was also training hard all day long, even more so than Xiaomo.

Xiaomo handed over the thermos filled with hot water to Ji Yun, "You're not tired either."

"The selection is about to begin." Ji Yun took the thermos and opened his mouth.

Su Mo knew the importance of this selection to Ji Yun, so he didn't tell her not to train. He only reminded her to take care of her rest.

Ji Yun laid on his bed, softly sighed, and turned his head to look at Xiaomo, who was smearing medicine on his face, "How's your training going?"

"It's still the same." Su Mo twisted his arm and rubbed the medicine in a strange manner.

"Famous masters produce great disciples. With a master like Captain Sheng, you're not far off." Ji Yun was afraid that Xiaomo would be thwarted, so he couldn't help but comfort her.

"That's because the students that master teachers are looking for are all good students."

"Then are you bragging?"

Su Mo put the medicine in the drawer, raised his head and ran towards Ji Yun with a flirtatious expression, "You could have seen all of this?"

Ji Yun rested his arm on the pillow and looked at the ceiling. "I don't blame you. Even if I wasn't injured, no one would have teamed up with me. So just try your best, no need to force yourself."

"Give up. I won't force you. You think too highly of yourself." Su Mo rolled his eyes at Ji Yun, got up and turned off the light.

When the lights went out, the room was completely silent. However, the two of them had bright smiles on their faces.

Staring at the endless runway in front of her, Su Mo wanted to retract the phrase 'he was pretty good' from last night. With such a big runway, Cannon was already exhausted to death by 30 laps: "No, no, I really can't run that much, I'll die from exhaustion."

Upon hearing Su Mo's words, the society couldn't help but glare at her a few times. "Hurry up and run, stop wasting your breath."

However, no matter what was said, Su Mo wouldn't be able to run properly. In the end, the club still ran in front while Su Mo followed behind. Su Mo stretched out a finger to pull the club while running.

When it came to Xiao Mo's actions, the society couldn't help but turn and glare at her. Upon being stared at in such a way, Su Mo's expression immediately turned extremely aggrieved. However, he still released his hand and ran on his own.

After running 30 laps, if the club wasn't quick enough, Su Mo would have directly jumped into Mother Earth's embrace.

Lying in the arms of the club, Su Mo raised his head and glared at him a few times. "I blame you for forcing me to run."

"Then I won't teach you." The society bent over and picked up Little Mo.

Hearing these words, Xiaomo lost her composure, "It's fine, it's fine. You teach me. It's just a small problem, but I can still hold on."

The society carried Little Mo into the infirmary and ignored her. She was just long-winded. After she finished speaking, she would continue to work hard.

"Why are you holding me?"

"To the infirmary."

Su Mo opened his eyes and went back to the infirmary. Su Mo was extremely afraid of that place. "No need, no need. There's no big problem."

However, the association didn't care about her at all. No matter what, it was better to let the doctor examine her.

However, once he went, he met Liu Che at the door. Su Mo subconsciously buried his head in the bosom of the club. He mustn't let her help him treat his illness.

Looking at Su Mo who was in the arms of the club, Liu Che felt a little disappointed in his heart: "Captain Sheng? Why are you here? "

The club lowered its head and glanced at the person who was hiding in its embrace. A smile appeared in its eyes as it said, "9520, she's not feeling well. Let me show her."

There was a theorem called Murphy's Law, which was that if something was bad, it would encounter something, and today, it was verified by Su Mo. The warm-hearted Doctor Liu Che accepted the task of inspecting Xiao Mo without a second word.

Taking advantage of the time it took for Liu Che to go get the blood test paper, Su Mo raised his head and glared at the society.

Looking at Xiaomo's small appearance, he pinched her fuming face, "Why are you so unhappy for her to see, her medical skills are really good."

Hearing this, Xiaomo rolled her eyes at him, "Don't you feel embarrassed?" She rejected me and still held me as she wandered around in front of her.

The society shrugged their shoulders and replied with an expression of indifference, "What's so embarrassing about that?"

"You, forget it, I don't want to tell you." He really was thick-skinned. Su Mo turned his head to the side.

"Alright, this is my problem. If you want to be embarrassed, then so be it. Why are you embarrassed?" The society stretched out their hands to pull Xiaomo's hair back. In the entire troop, she was probably the only one who hadn't cut it, but she looked pretty pretty.

Hearing this, it made sense. These random things were all done by the association. Embarrassment? Why would he worry so much?

Thinking of this, Su Mo's heart felt a lot more comfortable. He immediately felt an discomfort in his throat. He then glared at the club, complaining that they had to run.

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