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Without waiting for Su Mo to speak, Liu Che walked in with the checklist, his expression a little strange.

When they saw Liu Che's appearance, the club seemed to have thought of something and their faces darkened.

Seeing their expressions, Su Mo was confused, "Why are all of you acting this way? Have I gotten some sort of terminal illness? "It's all because of your association."

Before he could finish, the society knocked on his head, "What are you talking about?"

Su Mo pursed his lips and touched his own head, "Don't keep hitting me. I'm not your soldier."

"You're not my soldier?" The society raised its eyebrows.

"Well, sort of." Now that he had a favor to ask of others, he naturally had to be obedient.

On the other side, Liu Che looked at the list in his hands, then looked at the club, as if he had something to say.

"Just say it directly." At the beginning, he only remembered to bring Xiaoman to check up on her and forgot that Su Mo and Li Yu had different medical reports.

Since the society said this, Liu Che directly opened his mouth: "There's not much of a problem with your body, but this physical examination is not the same as the ones in the file, and a lot of the tests are not up to standard."

Actually, Liu Che was more curious about how Xiao Mo joined the army. He didn't want the club to be the kind of person who opened the back door.

Unfortunately, she was only half right about this.

Hearing Liu Che's words, Su Mo's face turned white from fright. Although Su Mo couldn't wait for the club to find out that he was a fake, he immediately let himself out. This was the critical moment. If he were to get out now, Su Mo would definitely be unwilling to die.

The society sat to the side, half hugging Xiao Mo as they quietly listened to Liu Che finish. They raised their heads and said lightly: "It's good that you're fine, just pretend you don't know the rest."

Hearing the words of the club, the two ladies in the room were stunned. Especially Liu Che, who seemed to have suffered a huge blow.

As for Su Mo, he had no idea what the society was thinking about. Could it be that he realized something? Then why didn't he kick him out? No matter how he thought about it, Su Mo still couldn't understand.

Without waiting for her to understand, the society took the medical records from Liu Che's hands and picked Xiao Mo up.

Only when she was lifted up did Little Mo react. "I can walk by myself."

As for Xiaomo's words, the club treated them as if they heard them. It was rather comfortable hugging her like this.

Little Mo didn't want to say anything more, even after talking for a long time and seeing that the club still didn't let go of her hand. If she wanted to hug him, she would let him hug her. After all, she wasn't the one who was tired.

However, Su Mo had never imagined that such an action would bring about such serious consequences.

Su Mo was slightly stunned as he looked at the people with many stars on their shoulders. He hurriedly greeted, "Good morning."

If it were in the past, no one would care about a small fry like Su Mo. However, who knew that this time, not only did he give Little Mo a meaningful smile, he even patted her shoulder and said, "Little Sheng is not a bad person. You should cherish him well."

Su Mo really wanted to cry, but no tears would come out. He and the association were obviously innocent, alright!? When Su Mo told the club about this, the club didn't have any expression on its face.

Su Mo was really curious. As far as the association was concerned, what was the real deal?

As the training progressed, Su Mo became very annoyed with the ready-made society as well as the fact that they were already at a very high level.

Every time Su Mo failed to meet the standard, the society would immediately make a move. It was simply too brutal.

It was almost time to participate in the selection. This indicated that the training was about to end. Su Mo suddenly felt reluctant.

With a "pa" sound, the club pointed at Su Mo's head, "What are you thinking about?"

Su Mo felt reluctant to part with the report. He turned his head and looked at the club's ears, shouting, "Report, it's nothing."

Little Mo cried out and felt the pain. However, the society didn't feel anything. They merely looked at Su Mo's head and said, "The next time you do this, I'll punish you to run 50 laps."

With regards to the words of the society, Xiaomo silently expressed her disdain in her heart. Ever since the previous check-up, when Xiaomo's vital energy had not reached the standard, the club had not allowed her to run as many steps as she did now.

All the powerful enemies were paper tigers!

Looking at Xiaomo's expression, the club felt helpless. It was all because they were being too merciful to her.

The society was still a bit worried before the selection and explained again. After all, Su Mo was one of the people who ran into a wolf's lair. "There's no difficulty in this selection. You should be careful and not act like last time."

The society cast a glance at Little Mo, who looked as if he had lost me, and I'll kill you.

Su Mo swallowed a mouthful of saliva and carefully looked towards the club. "Captain Sheng, in order to prevent me from losing your people, why don't you secretly tell me about the practice problems?"

With that, the Society shot a sharp glance at him. Little Mo hurriedly shrank her neck, "I'm just saying, don't be so serious."

"You dare to lose face for me? Just you wait." The club had a fierce look on their face.

Xiao Mo pouted and took out the notebook that he had prepared and handed it to the club, "This is the reward from last time. I will give it to you as a form of thanks for training me during this period of time."

"This is too cheap." Even though she said that, the club still opened the book. Just as they opened the book, they saw a big smiling face with 9520's as a gift.

"You're still looking down on me. This is my first memento in the army. Don't give it back to me." With that, Su Mo stretched out his hand to snatch it away.

However, the Cheng Club put it behind them first. "After this selection, I also have a present for you."

Upon hearing the gift, Su Mo's eyes instantly lit up, "What gift?"

"I'll tell you once I choose it." The corner of the Society's mouth curled up. This was a gift that Su Mo had been thinking about for a long time.

"Aiya, how could you do that?" Su Mo pulled on the sleeves of the society. His face was filled with dissatisfaction. It aroused the curiosity of others but not the satisfaction of others. The worst case scenario was that.

But in the end, the association didn't even let up. Just what kind of mysterious gift was this?

In the morning, just as Xiaomo opened her eyes, she saw the soldiers standing at the entrance. She could not help but turn her head to look at Ji Yun, "Today is not the selection. What do they mean by this?"

Ji Yun shook his head, not really understanding.

"This way, please."

Just as they arrived at the main entrance, they saw a large carriage with other participants in the selection process.

"Ji Yun, you came too." A girl sitting in the back of the car spoke up. Xiaomo recognized this person. It seemed to be a second-generation official named Yang Jing.

Although Su Mo wasn't very interested in other things, he still used Li Yu's name. Many things would be notified to Li Yu, so it wasn't like Xiao Mo didn't know anything about these people.

"Yes." Ji Yun nodded towards Yang Jing.

As Ji Yun's little follower, Su Mo had always been an honest and quiet person.

Yang Jing shifted her gaze to Little Mo and sized him up. "Are you the fiancée of the society?"

Hearing this, Su Mo's expression became more interesting, and even Ji Yun's face revealed a trace of a smile. "Yes, she's the one that the legendary Captain Sheng was holding in his hands."

Su Mo really wanted to cut all ties with Ji Yun, who was trying to scam his teammates. "I just know him."

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