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If not for the feeling of having been on the battlefield for a long time, the association might have been ambushed by Su Mo this time. I don't know if I should call her bold or short-circuit.

Looking at the bullet not far away, the corner of Li Gu's mouth almost reached the sky: "Captain, your little fiancee is getting more and more explosive."

"How did you know it was that girl?" Zhao Yang turned to look at Li Gu.

Li Gu glanced at the club and explained to Zhao Yang in a kind tone, "In the entire army, other than her, who else would have the guts to shoot at our captain?"

These words immediately attracted everyone's approval.

However, although it was just a blank shell, it was not without danger. Of course, this was only realized after Su Mo shot the gun.

He walked over and picked up the bullet. The bullet had a few cracks in it from the impact, but the society put it in their pocket. "Find a way to find her. If you can't catch her, then I'll return you to the furnace."

Hearing the indifferent voice of the club, everyone shivered. This time, Sister-in-law was dead for sure.

"Tsk tsk, if you really were caught and brought back, you wouldn't be happy, right?" Although the club was stunned when the bullet landed, there was no sign of anger. If they were caught, the society would be angry.

The members of the Chen family looked at Xiaomo, and the corners of their lips curled up into a devilish smile. "I'm sure you won't be able to catch her."

"You're saying too much. If we can't catch her, what do we do?" Before Li Gu could say anything, Zhao Yang opened his mouth. After all, in Zhao Yang's eyes, Su Mo was still a recruit.

"Do you want to bet?"

"Betting on what?" Li Gu laughed as he opened his mouth.

"We don't need too many socks in our team, just one month." The club opened its mouth indifferently.

"Alright." Zhao Yang agreed without hesitation.

However, Li Gu's expression immediately changed. Just as he was about to refuse, the club opened its mouth, "Why don't you even have this little bit of confidence?"

"There's no need to goad me into a corner. If you want to gamble, then gamble. Who knows who will wash up then?" Li Gu's face was full of seriousness. The Society only knew how to take advantage of the weakness of others. Li Gu had never had any problems with anything in his life, and his biggest problem was his obsession with cleanliness, which was even a bit serious.

The club raised an eyebrow, "It doesn't matter what method it is, as long as it's useful."

Su Mo, who was still escaping, didn't notice that the society had already sold him out.

Initially, when Su Mo fled, he had already studied this patch of forest, so it was easy for him to walk on it. However, it seemed that Yang Jing and her partner didn't really believe in Su Mo's abilities. However, that was also the case. After all, she was still too stupid at times.

"Since you are with us, you must choose to trust me. Otherwise, there is no need for you to form an alliance." Su Mo looked at them and solemnly opened his mouth. There was no need to argue at a time like this, as long as Ji Yun believed in himself. As for the others, if you don't believe me, you can leave.

"Of course I trust you." Yang Jing glanced at the indifferent Ji Yun beside her, and already had a plan in her heart.

Since they had already reached an agreement, Xiaomo led the large group forward. Although they would occasionally encounter some soldiers on the way, it was not a big crisis.

The biggest problem was that they didn't have anything after exiting the forest, so how were they supposed to get into the city?

"Let's take care of the clothes first." Little Mo glanced at them and then reached out to take off her shoulder emblem. She loosened her tied head and undid two buttons. "We are both university students and military fans. We came out to travel."

This kind of Xiaomo once again made Yang Jing look at him in a new light, "What happened next?"

"Think of a way to take a ride." Little Mo lowered his eyes and thought for a while.

"Yes." Since they didn't have any money, they could only take a ride on a windmill. There was really nothing else they could do.

However, this place was originally quite remote and had some important military matters to attend to. So how could he hitchhike?

"I haven't seen a car in a long time, I'm going to catch one soon. What should I do?" There was no car for half an hour, so Yang Jing's partner was a little anxious.

However, there was nothing he could do about it. Su Mo suddenly turned around and remembered something, "I know there's a car there."

"Where?" Hearing Su Mo's words, everyone couldn't help but ask in unison.

"There's a transport line in Area E 7620. There's one at 8: 40 today." Su Mo pursed his lips and smiled, "We can cut it off."

"That won't do, this is a court-martial." Yang Jing's partner rejected him without a second thought.

However, Ji Yun and Yang Jing did not say anything. Xiaomo lowered her head and looked at her watch, "There are still twenty minutes. Excluding the time we have on the road, we still have at most five minutes. If we go, we will make our decision."

"I agree." Ji Yun nodded. He did have the guts to do so.

Hearing Ji Yun's words, Yang Jing shook her head with a serious face. "Let's think of something else."

Since the others had made a decision, Xiaomo and Ji Yun naturally wouldn't disturb them. They nodded, turned around, and entered the jungle again.

After Xiao Mo and co left, a smile appeared on Yang Jing's face.

Since there were only two of them, they moved rather quickly, saving a few minutes more than they had expected.

Little Mo observed the surroundings and said, "Let's dig a trap."

"Yes." Ji Yun nodded.

After all, the transport staff were not part of the selection, they also had their own tasks and could not turn him into a corpse. They could only capture him alive. When he reached a convenient place, he let him go.

There were no big stones or wood around, so he had to dig a big hole in the ground.

Hearing the sound of a car in the distance, Little Mo quickly covered up the grass and hid to the side.

With a loud clang, the car was stuck in a pit. The driver turned around and looked at the co-pilot, "You stay here, I'll go down and take a look."


The driver looked at the crater in front of him as his eyelids jumped. Before he could say anything, he was grabbed by Ji Yun, who conveniently covered his mouth with his hands. At the same time, Little Mo also quickly knocked on the door, knocking the copilot unconscious. Both of them just needed to explain themselves.

Listening to Xiaomo's explanation, the driver's face turned darker and darker. They had offended someone. When they were practicing, although there was a rule not to offend the logistics team, there was always someone who disobeyed them. But now, not only was he practicing, he had even messed with them in the preliminaries. It was truly outrageous.

However, Little Mo and the others did not care about the suffering of the logistics soldiers. They tied you up and threw you into the back of the car, "When we get to the city center, we'll let you go."

The main pilot silently exploded at the rear.

After settling the issue of traveling, Xiaomo's mood immediately improved a lot, "Ji Yun, let's …"

Before he could finish his sentence, a gun appeared in front of his forehead. The one holding the gun was Yang Jing's partner.

Behind her, stood Yang Jing. She pointed a gun at Ji Yun's head and said, "We meet again."

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