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"Damn." Although Xiaomo didn't often use vulgarities, under these circumstances, not even saying a few words would not ease her mood at all.

Ji Yun tightly clenched his hands, and was only then able to restrain himself from rushing towards Yang Jing's face. "What are you trying to do?"

"A car, of course?" Yang Jing brightly smiled.

However, no matter how Little Mo and the others looked at this smile, they had to suppress their emotions. "Can we go together?"

"Probably not."

"Why?" Su Mo has such a bad temper. Damn, we were the ones who stole the car. Su Mo didn't have the habit of covering up for this kind of person who was getting ahead of himself.

Just as Ji Yun and he were about to move out, they heard Yang Jing's lowly voice, "If you make a move, I'll shoot you."

Now that their words had reached this point, Little Mo and the others did not want to waste any more words with them, "If you want to leave, hurry up and leave. Don't be an eyesore."

"If that's the case, then we'll accept it." Yang Jing signalled to her partner and the two of them quickly jumped into the car and ran away.

The master driver expressed his dissatisfaction: This is obviously my car! Why are you making the decision?

Seeing that Cha Su Mo was so angry that he wanted to throw away the thing in his hand, Yang Jing suddenly stuck out her head and smiled at Little Mo and the others, "I forgot to tell you, when we just arrived, we seemed to have been spotted by Captain Sheng's soldiers. They should be arriving soon."

"Damn." This time, not only Su Mo could not hold himself back, even Ji Yun, who had always been aloof and cold, could not help but explode.

It was truly wicked of them to snatch the car, but they even lured the pursuers over. If a group of soldiers came, both Xiaomo and Ji Yun would die.

Su Mo glared at the car, "If you don't kill her when we next meet, the baby won't be called 9520."

"Alright, let's find a place to hide first. If the pursuers come, we can still make preparations." When he was done, he still had to face reality.

Upon hearing this, Su Mo felt a little discouraged, "En."

He thought for a while and could not accept it no matter how hard he tried. Suddenly, he heard the sound of a car, and Xiaomo's eyes lit up, "Let's cut another one."

Ji Yun immediately nodded his head. Since they met, they can't blame us.

Only after the robbery did Su Mo realize that something wasn't right. This time, they seemed to have stolen a long car, the one that patted her shoulder.

Su Mo looked at the long hair in front of him and then looked at the chauffeur that was tied up by him. He trembled slightly. "Long live."

Afterwards, Ji Yun was also filled with surprise. "Good morning."

"What are you guys doing?" Seeing their expressions, Chang couldn't help but laugh.

The two of them looked at each other. This girl looked like she was easy to talk to, otherwise … After seeing the answer in each other's eyes, the two quickly united as one, but at the same time, they began to disagree on who should tie them up.

In the end, Su Mo came forward with a coy smile on his face, "Long, we are participating in the women's special forces selection."

The elder nodded with a serious expression. "Yes, I know."

"So, do you think you can cooperate?" Su Mo's face turned stiff.

"Cooperate with what?"

"He was beaten unconscious by us." After finishing her sentence, Xiao Mo's actions were extremely fast. Without saying anything further, she knocked on the door, causing the driver beside her to tremble in fear.

Only after he had knocked himself out did Su Mo react. He couldn't help but turn his head to look at Ji Yun and ask, "Tell me, will there be something important going on?"

If he was really in a hurry and knocked unconscious, he would be arrested immediately.

Now that he thought about it, wasn't it a little too late? Ji Yun looked at Xiaomo, "Why don't you let him go?"

"That won't do." This was something that Su Mo had spent his entire life trying to catch.

Both of them thought for a moment. Ji Yun turned to the driver and asked, "Is there something urgent?"

"This … this …" The driver didn't say anything for a long time. After all, it wasn't appropriate to not say anything.

Seeing the driver's appearance, Ji Yun stuffed the rag into the driver's mouth. "From the looks of it, he shouldn't have any problems. Let's go first, we'll release them after entering the city."

"Yes, yes." Xiaomo immediately nodded his head. He had to leave quickly, it wouldn't be good for the people behind to catch up.

They ran very fast.

Looking at the pit in front of him, Li Gu's eyebrows were twisted together: "Go, check, are there those cars that just passed by?"

He couldn't afford to lose this bet.

"Reporting, there is a military transport car and the C Army Commander's car passing by."

Zhao Yang and Li Gu looked around to confirm that Su Mo and the rest were here to rob them of their cars. Zhao Yang turned his head to look at Li Gu, "Which car do you think they robbed?"

Ji Yun and his group had formed an alliance with Yang Jing, and they met her just as the transport car was about to pass by. Plus, there were some messy marks around the tire marks of the transport car. It was probably some kind of fight that had happened before. After his brain spun, Li Gu roughly identified the target: "transport car."

Hearing Ji Yun's words, Zhao Yang also nodded. "I think so too." After all, he couldn't believe that Little Mo and company had the guts to hijack a car.

But this time, they were smart, so had they not heard that the newborn calf was not afraid of the tiger?

Just like this, Yang Jing was struck with bad luck. Along the way, she had to be careful not only of Su Mo and the others taking revenge, but also of Li Gu's pursuit.

When they were almost within the city, Su Mo and Ji Yun released the chauffeur and had him take good care of the commander before running off like a wisp of smoke.

"What do we do now?" Ji Yun turned his head to ask Su Mo. Wasn't this military uniform a little too conspicuous?

"Wait till I figure out a way to make a phone call." It wasn't easy to make a phone call either. In this society, who would lend a phone to you for no reason? In the end, they would still have to take out Ji Yun's soldier certificate, which was then used by him carefully.

Other than his parents' phone, because the girls in the dorm all directly used their cellphones, they didn't need to remember their phone numbers. Thus, Su Mo could only remember the phone number of one of his ex-boyfriends: "Hello, Yu Yang, I said Su Mo."

Su Mo ran out during the summer vacation and had been trapped in the army for several months. He hadn't even waited for the school to start and he was surprised when he received a call from Su Mo: "What's the matter?"

"My money has been stolen. Can you come and pick me up?" Su Mo indifferently opened his mouth. Actually, she didn't want to trouble him either. However, in this situation, the most important thing was the overall situation.

"Ah, but, I …" A girl's voice came from the other end. Yu Yang's tone immediately began to stutter.

A hint of disdain surfaced on Su Mo's face: "Yu Yang, if you can't come over, then find a way to contact my roommate. I'm at the entrance of the H Shop."

After speaking, Su Mo directly hung up and turned around to return the phone to the person beside him, "Thank you."

"You're welcome." The girl smiled lightly and turned to leave.

Standing at the side, Ji Yun raised his eyebrows at Su Mo, "Who is it?"

"Former boyfriend." Thinking of that love affair, Su Mo was a little angry. He was really blind back then.

Ji Yun looked at Xiaomo's expression for a long time without saying anything. The moment he opened his mouth, he said, "Captain Sheng, you've really suffered a loss."

"What do you mean?"

"Is this the first time Captain Sheng has fallen in love with him?" Ji Yun blandly opened his mouth, and completely ignored Xiaoman's surprised face.

"Are you for real?" That must have been his first kiss. No wonder he was so angry last time. It seemed like he earned quite a bit just thinking about it. As he thought about it, Su Mo's face turned red.

Ji Yun, who was standing beside him, had a slightly contemptuous look on his face. "Please don't put on such a shy expression in front of me."

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