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Although Lil 'Mo said that he could let Little Jun come over, Yu Yang did come over himself. The moment he saw Xiaomo, Yu Yang was stunned: "How did you get dressed like this?"

Xiao Mo ignored him, opened the car door, and pulled Ji Yun inside. "Go to the First University."

"Where have you been recently? Why haven't you come to class?" Yu Yang turned his head to look at Su Mo and frowned, seemingly dissatisfied with her attitude.

However, to Xiaomo, what kind of attitude did he have? If it wasn't for the fact that he needed someone to pay for the car, he would have let the driver go first, "I went out to play. I forgot the time, so I didn't come back."

"I'm sorry, but I hope you don't blame me." Yu Yang turned his head to look at Xiao Mo, his face filled with sincerity.

Xiaomo took a deep breath, "I blame you for what."

"That's good."

After Yu Yang finished speaking, he didn't speak anymore and the car fell into silence.

"We're here." Yu Yang turned around and reminded Xiao Mo before paying the fare.

Since he was already here, Su Mo didn't want to dawdle with him any longer. As soon as he got off the car, he prepared to leave. Who would have thought that Yu Yang would pull him back so quickly that Su Mo almost pinned him to the ground: "Don't do anything rash from now on."

Having been in the army for such a long time, he had some reaction time. His reaction this time was fast. Next time, he didn't know if Yu Yang could keep his face safe or not.

Yu Yang's eyes were full of surprise when he saw Xiaomo's actions, but he still opened his mouth: "It's noon, let's go eat together."

Hearing this, Ji Yun raised his eyebrows at Xiaomo with a hint of ridicule in his eyes.

Su Mo ignored Ji Yun's expression and turned to look at Yu Yang, "You want to reunite?"

"Ah?" "No, no, I just want to treat you to a meal." Yu Yang hurriedly began explaining.

"That's good. There's no need to eat. I'm afraid that my boyfriend will be jealous." After speaking, Xiaomo motioned for Ji Yun to leave.

Just as he walked a few steps, he was stopped by Yu Yang again, looking like he had been betrayed: "You have a boyfriend again? When did this happen? "

Su Mo really wanted to beat him up. Damn, why did your baby look like Chen Shimei? It was clearly not you who first split up. "Sorry, this is my private matter."

"No, you have to say it today." Yu Yang stood in front of Xiao Mo with a look of 'if you don't tell me then I won't let you go'. Fortunately, he was the one who broke up in advance.

Everyone had their past that was hard to come back to. When they thought back, perhaps their brains had been eaten by dogs, to think that they would actually talk to such people. Fortunately, it was early, even though the mistake had been corrected. However, even if they had broken up, this trash of a man would still say that he had broken up first.

Before Su Mo could say anything, Ji Yun reached out and grabbed Yu Yang's arm, forcefully pulling him to the side. "Xiao Mo is my Young Master's woman. If you want to live well, you better behave."

Yu Yang struggled for a long time without moving away. Just as he was about to open his mouth, he saw a corner of Ji Yun gently flick, revealing the gun underneath his clothes. He was immediately frightened to the point that he didn't dare to breathe.

Seeing Yu Yang's expression, Su Mo forced a smile and said, "Cough cough, I'll return the car money to you when I get back."

On the other side, Yu Yang seemed to have yet to regain his senses, and it wasn't that he was timid. When they first met, Ji Yun and Xiaomo's clothes were already very strange. Who would wear camouflage clothes to stroll around the busy city? In addition, Ji Yun didn't say a single word along the way and had a cold expression the entire time.

If they were to fight, Ji Yun would not even be able to win against him with one hand. Therefore, the authenticity of the gun held in Ji Yun's arms would be much higher.

Regardless of whether he said anything or not, Little Mo and the others still had to get down to business. "Ji, let's go." Unlike Xiaomo, Ji Yun's information was confidential outside, so Xiaomo only called her surname.

Hearing Xiaomo call her, Ji Yun nodded, released Yu Yang's hand, and followed behind Xiao Mo.

The moment they left, Xiaomo couldn't help but laugh, "You're really too handsome."

Ji Yun smiled and said to Xiaomo, "Your judgement from before was too bad."

"It was an accident back then, alright?" Little Mo couldn't help but feel a little disappointed. "This is my first love, it scared me so much that I won't dare to talk about it anymore."

"Didn't you already talk to the captain?"

"No way, you're talking nonsense."

Ji Yun turned around and winked at Xiaomo, "Didn't you all kiss before? Have you kissed that man before? "

"Kiss my ass, we haven't even talked for two days and we've already split it!" Don't underestimate what Xiaomo said to the club last time. It was actually her first kiss. She said it because she was nothing more than a carefree person.

Seemingly seeing Xiaomo's anger, Ji Yun did not pursue the matter any further. "What do we do now?"

"Let's go to my dorm and change first. After that, we'll get a set of identity so they won't have to look it up."

"Identity?" With their current abilities, where could they get these things?

Xiaomo smiled at Ji Yun, "I have my own plans."

Once she returned, Su Mo was immediately surrounded by his roommates. They had let her go missing for too long. And this so-called ingenious plan was to find his roommate and borrow it first before returning it.

At first, Ji Yun felt that it was a bit inappropriate. After all, things like identification cards were private things.

However, when Xiaomo told them that she had been robbed while travelling and that there was an urgent matter for her to attend to and that she needed her identity card, two of the girls immediately lent it to her. "What's wrong with that? You two aren't going back to do anything illegal."

"Exactly, if you take our ID and do something you shouldn't, when Xiaomo returns, we will unload it." A girl said with incomparable viciousness.

Xiao Mo received the ID card with a face full of smiles, "How would I dare? When I come back, I will prepare many delicious dishes for everyone."

After everyone had a good time, Xiaomo and Ji Yun changed into different clothes, packed some other things and went out.

Sitting on the bus, Ji Yun suddenly said to Xiaomo, "You're so lucky."

"I think so too." The corners of Little Mo's mouth curled up and a smile appeared in the corner of her eyes. His family wasn't prominent enough, but his parents loved him dearly. Although not everyone in the Four Seas had friends, there were still friends like Ji Yun and his roommates.

Ji Yun did not say a word as he stared out of the carriage.

Seeing that Ji Yun did not say anything, Xiaomo placed the ID into her hands, "You're also very lucky."

"Hmm?" Ji Yun turned his head to look at Xiaomo, seemingly confused. Someone like him couldn't be considered lucky.

Little Mo gave a bright smile, "Because you have me by your side."

Seeing Xiaomo's smile, Ji Yun couldn't help but laugh, "You're so narcissistic."

"Abandon." Little Mo pouted and gave her a supercilious look. She didn't have the slightest bit of love from a friend.

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