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The Elder with the surname Zhang that was knocked out by Little Mo and co. was originally one of Old Master Sheng's subordinates. Upon seeing Old Master Sheng, he immediately reported the news that he had just received to the Elder.

Upon hearing that the selection would be taking place, a smile blossomed on Old Man Sheng's face. "Aiyo, this kid is getting bolder and bolder."

"I was afraid that grandpa would be bored, so how about this big show I prepared for you?" The group walked over to Old Master Sheng as they spoke, the coldness on their faces lessening.

"I think you want to play by yourself." Old Master Sheng's eyes widened, but he couldn't conceal the smile on his face.

The society smiled, turned around, and saluted Zhang Chang. "Good morning. Are you hurt by those little girls?"

Zhang Chang's expression immediately lit up. This kind of shameful thing, it was better not to bring it up. However, the society was unwilling to let him off just like that. "Wait until the selection ends. I'll see if I can properly settle them or not."

"What, you're injured?" Old man Sheng turned his head to look at him. This didn't seem like an injury.

As for the Society's shameless behavior, Zhang Chang also made the necessary counterattack: "Nothing much, your granddaughter-in-law is just joking around."

"Sun's daughter-in-law?" When Old Master Sheng heard this, he looked at the club in confusion.

"Eh, Zhang, you still don't know? Everyone in the team knows that there's a young daughter-in-law of the society who's in deep pain in her hands." Zhang Chang felt that it was not lively enough, so he added fuel to the fire. You still want to fight me?

Old Master Sheng's face was solemn as he said, "Speak, how is it that I don't know about this!"

This brat is getting more and more impudent. The entire army knows about such a huge matter and I'm the only one kept in the dark. Old Master Sheng was getting angrier and angrier.

Seeing the old man's expression, the society glanced at the matters on the side which no longer mattered and prepared to slip away at any moment. Zhang Chang smiled and slowly said, "Grandfather, it was Uncle Zhang who wanted to give you a surprise."

"I didn't say that." Hearing the Society's words, Zhang Chang quickly explained. He did not want to be dragged into the training ground by the boss to be trained.

"Alright." How could the grandson he raised not know about it? On the surface, it seemed as though he couldn't hit a single one, but in reality, he was filled with evil intentions, "Give me a proper explanation for what happened!"

"You'll know about it later, but grandpa, you must not be killed by them first." After the society had finished speaking, they walked out, disregarding Old Master Sheng's jumping feet behind them.

No matter what happened, there was bound to be a good show today.

Just as Xiaomo and Ji Yun, who had changed their clothes, came out of their room, they saw Jack approaching them. Their expressions changed slightly, and they could not help but quicken their pace.

In the end, before they could walk over, Ji Yun was blocked by Jack. "We meet again."

Ji Yun stopped walking and looked at him warily. "I'm sorry, I don't know you."

"It doesn't matter. Since you don't know me, then let's get to know each other. My name is Jack." Jack had a bright smile on his face, looking like if you didn't tell me who it was, I wouldn't want you to leave.

If it was in the past, Xiaomo would definitely tease Ji Yun. However, right now, she was not in the mood to tease him.

"Jane." After finishing his sentence, Ji Yun pushed Jack over to him. He didn't know why, but Ji Yun had a feeling that this person was somehow in danger.

Jack blew a kiss towards Ji Yun's back, and his eyes turned pitch black. "Miss Jane, I look forward to our next meeting."

Hearing the voice coming from behind her, Xiaomo was still unable to hold it in, laughing out loud, "Ji Yun, you are so charming."

Ji Yun rolled his eyes in response. "You'd better think of a way to deal with Li Yu first."

"Aiya, don't mention it." Little Mo's face scrunched up into a frown as she spoke of this. Every step she took, she took.

In order to blend into tonight's dinner, the two of them even went out to buy dresses. However, the two of them, who had changed their clothes, stood in the crowd. It was truly too eye-catching.

Ji Yun picked up a glass of champagne and leaned to the side with a look of "don't come near".

However, it was as if Xiaomo hadn't eaten her fill. She took a biscuit here and tasted a piece of dessert there. She didn't forget to sigh with emotion, "It's really delicious!"

He had just stuffed a piece of food into his mouth when he noticed that Representative Li had walked in with Li Yu. Xiaomo quickly put the plate aside, "Ji, wait for me here. I'll go and take care of Li Yu before coming over."

Ji Yun nodded his head. If only Li Yu had come out to cause trouble when the plan was halfway done, he thought, "Be a bit more ruthless."

"That's for sure." Xiaomo gave Ji Yun a flirtatious look, turned around, and disappeared into the crowd.

Representative Li said something to Li Yu. Li Yu went to the bathroom grumbling with a face full of dissatisfaction.

Looking at her reflection in the mirror, Li Yu threw the towel to the side. "What kind of item is this Club? Why do you need me to touch it? Do you need me to come over and apologize to him?"

When he heard what Li Yu said, he pursed his lips in disdain and actually said 'Captain Sheng'. She truly deserved to be called a lady of a noble family. No one could hold her temper anymore. It was no wonder that this was the first time the society saw her in such a bad mood.

However, no matter how much he ridiculed her, Su Mo still noticed Li Yu, who was about to leave. He knocked her out before she could react.

Looking at Li Yu in his arms, Xiao Mo couldn't help but make a face. He wondered if he should leave it close to the toilet or drag it back to his room. Afterward, Xiao Mo dragged Li Yu two steps away and immediately made a decision. He bound her hands and feet and gagged her with a gag.

Seeing Li Yu sitting on the toilet, Little Mo couldn't help but laugh. She locked the door from the inside and flipped it open. After finishing everything, Su Mo clasped his hands together and waved them towards the door, "I'm sorry, it's not that I don't want to bring you to my room, but you're really too fat."

However, to be honest, Little Mo's heart felt really good. On the one hand, it was because she had been trapped in the army so long; on the other hand, she hadn't even said it herself. Who are you, to dare say it like that, little boy?

Thus, Su Mo walked out of the washroom happily while humming along the way. However, he didn't notice that there was someone secretly watching her from the corner of the second floor.

This selection wasn't just about the selection of female soldiers, it was also about teaching their subordinates a lesson. But no matter what, these people had to be taught a lesson. In the end, they had to be kept in his hands. If he let them win this time, how would he teach them a lesson in the future?

Seeing the happy expression on Xiaomo's face, the club couldn't help but raise the corner of its mouth and drink the wine in the cup in one gulp before waving at the soldier beside it.

When the soldier at the side saw this, he immediately ran over and asked, "Captain, do you have any instructions?"

"Go to the female restroom and bring the Li family's daughter to her room. Don't do anything unnecessary." The club casually threw down a few words before leaving.

He left behind a little soldier with a messy face. Was he going to the ladies' room?

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