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Looking at Su Mo, who was standing in front of her, the society was slightly surprised. After all, this girl was not someone who disliked her, "Why are you here?"

"Let's see how you're doing." Little Mo pursed her lips and looked around.

"What, you care about me a lot?"

Hearing that, Xiaomo's face was immediately filled with disdain, "Heh, how could that be? I was just afraid that if you really died, I wouldn't be able to leave. When Li Yu's dad comes and sees me replacing her daughter, he'll kill me. "

After saying that, Xiaomo regretted it, because the club's expression suddenly darkened. She looked over and asked, "What did you say?"

"Didn't you hear it?"

Hearing this, the society's expression darkened even more. Xiao Mo's eyes couldn't help but darken, "Alright, alright. I won't say anything. How annoying."

Then he picked up an apple and took a bite, then pursed his lips and said, "The skin is so bad."

"There's a knife." The society members lying on the floor looked at Su Mo with a face full of disgust as they reminded her.

"I know. It's not that I don't have eyes, it's just that I don't know how to cut." After speaking, Su Mo took another bite.

Hearing her words, the society's expression changed. Who was this child and how did he grow up to be so big?

Looking at the appearance of the society, Su Mo blinked his eyes. Even though they were enemies in theory. However, he was injured after all, so he put one in front of the club and raised his eyebrows at him. "Here, have some apples. It's very tasty, even though it's not peeled."

The society raised its head and looked at Xiaomo. A hint of speculation flashed in its eyes, and it was about to speak up. Su Mo stuffed the apple into his mouth, "It's such a waste that I don't eat such a good apple."

With such a big apple in his mouth, he could still move his mouth, let alone the fact that the club was injured. The club raised its head and bit onto an apple, glaring fiercely at Little Mo.

Su Mo, who was trying his best to nibble on the apple, laughed out loud when he saw the club. Saliva accompanied with apple meat flew towards the club.

The drool on her face was accompanied by the fragmented flesh of the fruit. If the club could move, she might have been sent flying with a slap.

Looking at this scene, Su Mo's brain felt like it was going to explode. If he recovered, would he kill me?

Congratulations to little friend Su Mo.

It was not easy for him to spit out the apple in his mouth before the society roared, "Hurry up and clean this up!"

"Oh, oh, oh." Xiao Mo quickly rushed over, picked up the things around him and wiped them off from the face of the club.

"Li Yu!"

Su Mo, who was originally trembling with fear, suddenly slammed the cloth in his hand onto the body of the club, "So what?"

Hearing Su Mo's words, the club didn't say anything and just stared at her.

That gaze, when he saw that Xiaomo's entire body was uncomfortable, he couldn't help but explode, "Just what are you trying to do? Even though I'm wrong when I sprayed on you, I'm not going to wipe it off?"

"Heh heh, can't you tell that this is a cleaning rag?" The society raised its head and stared at Xiaomo. She could almost be sure that he was furious.

As a result, Xiaomo was terrified. She picked up a cloth and threw it away, "Hehe, I was wrong."

After saying that, he laid on the bed and used his sleeve to wipe the face of the club. Then, he raised his head and looked at the society member with a fawning expression.

The society looked down at Xiaomo, and the anger in their hearts was extinguished. They could not help but want to laugh.

Noticing the club's smile, Su Mo pursed his lips and lowered his head. The strength in his hand couldn't help but increase a bit: You're going to laugh at me, you're going to laugh at me!

"Alright." The society members held Little Mo's hand and looked down at her.

Looking into the eyes of the club, Su Mo actually felt a little embarrassed. This was too scary.

Before Su Mo could climb up from the body of the club, the door to the ward was opened. Liu Che, who was at the door, looked at Su Mo who was in the arms of the club and frowned.

Upon seeing this, Su Mo immediately understood and quickly got up.

The moment Su Mo woke up, Liu Che had already walked over and directly ignored Su Mo: "How are you? Do you feel any better?"

The society lifted its head and lightly nodded at Liu Che: "En, I feel much better already."

"That's good." Liu Che reached out for an apple and began to peel it.

Looking at Liu Che's sliced apple, Su Mo couldn't help but sigh in admiration. His skills were quite good. It was so long and thin, but it still didn't break. It would be great if he could carry it around with him and peel apples.

Without waiting for Xiaomo to finish appreciating it, Liu Che's apple had already been peeled and he put his hand next to the club's mouth.

However, the society didn't have any intention of eating the apple. They turned around and glanced at Little Mo.

On the other side, Xiaomo was trying her best to reduce her own presence, so Hua Li ignored her gaze.

"Li Yu."

"Here." Hearing the call from the club, Xiaomo, who was still in a daze, suddenly stood up and took a break. Little Mo came back to her senses and rolled her eyes at him. "Why did you call me just now?"


"Not in front of you?"

With that, the society looked deeply at Su Mo and said indifferently, "Didn't you say you want to eat a leatherless apple?"

He knew that it wasn't a good thing for the club to call him that. The moment he said those words, the skinned goddess' gaze shot over. However, it wasn't easy to get our little friend Mo to be our shield. "Even if you want it, I can't take it. Beautiful big sister cut it for you. It's not easy. Hurry up and eat it."

After he finished speaking, Su Mo turned his head and winked at Liu Che: "Beautiful sister, I'll leave our team captain in your care."

Then, she slipped away like a wisp of smoke. As she gazed at Xiaomo's back, the eyes of the club narrowed as a dangerous glint flashed across them: Li Xiaoyu, just you wait.

"Who is she?" Liu Che couldn't help but open his mouth when he saw the club's rare expression.

Hearing Liu Che's words, the club returned and frowned: "What did you just say?"

Liu Che looked at the club in surprise. He didn't seem to have expected this, but he still repeated: "Do you know that new recruit?"

Looking at Liu Che's delicate face, the club nodded. It was unknown what their deep eyes were planning.

It was not easy for the society to admit it. Unexpectedly, the society opened its mouth again, "She is my fiancée."

With a "pa", Liu Che's face turned pale and the apple in his hand fell to the ground.

"Are you alright?"

"No, nothing." Liu Che returned to his senses and quickly bent down to pick up the apple on the ground with a tissue. He pretended that he didn't care and asked: "How come I've never heard you mention it before?"

As if she had thought of something, the club's lips curled up as tenderness flashed in their eyes. "I also didn't expect that girl to suddenly come to the army. I hope that Doctor Liu can take care of me in the future."

When these words came out, Liu Che's expression could no longer be maintained. He turned around and said goodbye before leaving.

The society member lying on the bed laughed, "That girl is not useless, but she is probably going to suffer."

When they arrived at the entrance of the dorm, Xiaomo lightly knocked on the door three times. This was her and Ji Yun's nickname.

As soon as the knock came, the door opened.

The moment she entered the dorm, Su Mo sneezed twice. "Who is it? To think of me like that, my charm is too great. There's nothing I can do about it."

With that, Ji Yun fell silent. "9520, you've been getting more and more shameless lately."

Su Mo's number in the army was 3787800. Because Xiaomo wasn't used to people calling her Li Yu, she let everyone call her by her number …

"Darling, you've gone bad."

Looking at Su Mo's wronged face, Ji Yun did not want to bother with her. "How did you get back? How is Captain Sheng?"

"Him? Accompanying a beautiful woman? That's great." With that, Xiaomo climbed onto the top bunk and jumped onto the bed. He did not know what came to his mind, but he suddenly leaned on the bed and looked at Ji Yun, who was lying on the lower bunk. "Do any of the female doctors in our army like this society?"

"En, military doctor Liu Che."


Ji Yun suddenly raised his head and glanced at her, his eyes locked onto our little friend Su Mo. "What, are you jealous?"

"How is this possible?" Su Mo's voice suddenly became louder.

Ji Yun couldn't help raising his head and glancing at Little Mo. "It's time to rest."

"It's not because of you, I wouldn't like that idiot." After saying that, Xiaomo laid down on the bed, deep in thought about her own life.

Could it be that it was because of Liu Che that the society rejected me? Thinking up to this point, Xiaomo couldn't help but puke a few times. It wasn't her after all. But today, the club didn't seem to like her either. Aiya, this was so annoying.

Feeling Xiaomo rolling on the top bunk, Ji Yun kicked her bed and said, "Hurry up and sleep. We still need to train tomorrow. The competition is coming up in a few days, stop messing around."



This competition was organized by the army and was closely related to the selection of the first female special forces. Therefore, Ji Yun paid special attention to it.

"Why do you have to care about the Special Women's Team?" Su Mo couldn't figure out why Ji Yun had always wanted to go in there, given how bitter it was.

Ji Yun turned his head to look at Xiaomo, who was riding on the bicycle, and asked with a smile, "Then why do you always want to go out?"

"I'm not. Whatever, I'm not the same as you." Little Mo jumped down from the bar and also laid down beside Ji Yun.

Ji Yun raised his head and looked at the golden sun in the horizon. His eyes were filled with an unerasable sadness. "This is my dream."

Hearing Ji Yun's words, Xiaomo looked at her from the ground, turned around and said, "My dream is very simple, to be a professional manager first, and set up my own company."

"You don't seem to have a goal?" Ji Yun turned his head and glanced at Xiaomo with a rare smile on his face.

He could tell that Ji Yun was laughing at her from the looks of it. Su Mo was not angry, and was probably mocked by others.

Su Mo's family was just a normal family. They might not be considered middle class, but her parents had never troubled her. Although Xiaomo didn't have any big ideals, she was still a filial child. She wanted to bring honor to her parents by trying her best to earn money so her parents could relax.

Looking at the floating clouds in the sky from time to time, Su Mo turned his head and looked at Ji Yun, his eyes full of determination, "I will definitely be able to do it."

Seeing Xiaomo's appearance, Ji Yun suddenly stood up, lowered his head and extended his hand towards her. He smiled and said, "I know, because I will also join the special female team."

Xiaomo pulled Ji Yun's hand and stood up, looking at her with a smile, "Of course."

Until many years later, Su Mo could not forget this scene and the girl that embraced his dreams.

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