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Looking at the fruit in front of him and then looking at Liu Che who was holding the fruit in his hand, Su Mo blinked his eyes as if he couldn't understand what was going on: "Doctor Liu, what are you doing?"

"I heard from the club that you might not be used to being in the army as soon as you arrived. Plus, the army is very strict, so I wanted to give you those things." Liu Che smiled as he handed the item over to Xiao Mo.

At this moment, Su Mo was stunned. He couldn't say it out loud, nor could he say it out loud.

Seeing Su Mo not move for a long time, Liu Che couldn't help but smile. He reached out and shoved the basket into Xiao Mo's hands: "It's fine, I'm on good terms with the society. If you need anything, you can come find me anytime."

Then, without waiting for Xiao Mo to say anything, Liu Che patted Xiao Mo's hand and said: "I still have things to do, so I'll go back first. Remember to look for me if you need anything."

After saying that, Liu Che let go of Xiao Mo's hand and left.

The whole process was over. Su Mo still couldn't understand the situation: What did the association do?

When they went back, Xiaomo had already told Ji Yun about this matter. Ji Yun had a sly look on his face.

"What are you doing? Don't look at me like that." Xiao Mo picked up a large strawberry and took a bite, then threw it into his mouth.

Thinking back to yesterday's question from Xiaomo, Ji Yun felt that there were many questions in it: "Did you see Captain Sheng's military doctor Liu Che yesterday?"

"Yes, and I was lying in his arms." Xiao Mo weakly revealed this shocking truth.

Hearing Xiaomo's words, Ji Yun was a little surprised. With a narrow face, he opened his mouth and said, "I always knew that you had a deep relationship with Captain Sheng, but I really didn't expect you two to expand so quickly."

Before Xiaomo could reply, he heard a sound coming from outside the door, and subconsciously, he glanced at Ji Yun.

Ji Yun looked at Xiaomo and nodded. She had also noticed that there seemed to be someone outside the door. After exchanging glances, the two of them decided to go and capture him. Mission arrangement: Xiaomo will attract attention, Ji Yun will capture you.

Seeing the person Ji Yun had locked behind the door, Xiaomo's eyes darkened, "You're Zhang Ru's man, right? Why are you here?"

"Why can't I be here? Is there any sign that I can't be here?"

"What are you doing at our door?"

"Passing by."

No one would believe such a thing. Xiao Mo glanced at Ji Yun and said, "Let her go. We already know who she is."

"Yes." Once Ji Yun released that person, that person ran away like a wisp of smoke.

"What does Zhang Ru want to do?" Little Mo's already depressed mood became even worse. What the hell? Zhang Ru actually sent people to eavesdrop on the corner of the wall. She thought that this was an espionage movie.

"It's fine. We didn't say anything important." Before he finished his sentence, Ji Yun stopped and looked at Xiaomo, "You'd better be careful. Zhang Ru has always had a bad impression of Captain Sheng, if Zhang Ru knew about what you just said, she would definitely do something behind his back."

Hearing Ji Yun's words, Xiaomo breathed heavily, laid on the side, and said, "What have I done wrong?"

However, Little Mo's sin wasn't over. She had just finished her training and still hadn't walked out of the training grounds. He saw Li Gu walking towards him. However, Xiaomo had only met Li Gu once before and was even mocked by him. Thus, Xiaomo directly ignored Li Gu, who was holding the lunchbox in his hand.

However, it was clear that Li Gu didn't ignore Xiao Mo. He laughed and said, "Li Yu."

I didn't hear anything. I didn't hear anything. Xiaomo continued walking straight ahead.

Seeing that Xiaomo didn't stop, Li Gu walked over to stop her, "Why are you so embarrassed to see me?"

"Why should I be embarrassed?" Xiao Mo glanced at him indifferently, remembering what happened last time.

After all, she was a little girl. Li Gu could tell what she was thinking at a glance, so he didn't mind. He just placed the lunchbox in his hand in front of Xiao Mo, "Can you send the food over to the association?"

"Why should I send you off?"

"We all have things to do."

"Then I'm sorry, I have something to do as well. I probably can't send him any food." Su Mo raised his head to look at Li Gu and rejected him without hesitation.

Hearing Xiao Mo's words, Li Gu suddenly laughed and raised his eyebrows at her, "Then let him be hungry. I've been wanting to do this for a long time."

After saying that, he turned around and left without giving Xiaomo any time to reject him.

Looking at Li Gu's back, Xiaomo glanced at the lunchbox, her narrowed eyes filled with disdain, "Look at your bad character. Even your soldiers aren't willing to send you food."

"These bastards, are they trying to starve me to death?"

"You guessed it. They're really going to starve you to death."

Just as she finished speaking, Xiaomo walked in and shook the lunchbox in her hand, "But baby looks at you with pity, so I came to save you."

"Why is it you?" The club looked at Little Mo with some curiosity.

"Didn't I just tell you?"

"Then do I need to thank you?"

Hearing this, Xiaomo, who was standing at the side, couldn't help but size up the club, "How could I dare? You're an officer after all."

"I didn't see it, you wouldn't dare."

Little Mo pursed her lips and put the lunchbox aside. The moment she opened the lunchbox, she frowned, "You're injured. Why are you so badly injured?"

The society indifferently looked at Xiaomo, and four words seemed to surface in their eyes: Do not have sex.

To this, Xiaomo expressed deep disdain, but still took out the item.

However, just as Xiao Mo took out the dishes, the attending physician walked in from outside. When he saw the greasy dishes, his face immediately darkened. "He's not fully recovered yet. How can you give him these things?"

Xiao Mo looked at the food in her hand and then looked at the doctor. "I …"

However, before Xiaomo could finish her sentence, she was interrupted by the doctor, who then started to teach her a lesson, "You what? It can't be that you don't even have this kind of common sense, right?"

It was really aggrieved for Xiao Mo. She inadvertently glanced at the club and immediately said, "Alright, I understand."

"It's good that you know. I'll remember it in the future."

"Hmm, Brother Doctor, did you eat too?" Little Mo instantly transformed into the little sister next door and blinked her eyes lightly.

Hearing this, the doctor's face became a little distorted, as if he hadn't even reacted yet.

"Take this food and eat it." Xiao Mo ignored the dark expression of the club and handed the dishes over.

"Ah?" But without waiting for the doctor's consent, Xiaomo pressed the lunchbox into his hands.

Xiaomo turned his head to look at the club, then smiled at the doctor, "It's fine. Captain Sheng can't eat anyway. I'll go buy some porridge for him."

"Then, then I won't be polite." The doctor seemed flattered as he looked at the box of food in his hand.

"There's no need to be polite, there's no need to be polite." After saying that, Xiaomo waved her hand boldly, ignoring the dark expression of the club.

The moment the doctor walked out of the room, he heard the club's threatening voice behind him, "Li Yu, what are you doing?!"

Su Mo raised his head and glanced at the club. He pursed his lips, "Don't call me Li Yu, call me number 952o." Otherwise I won't buy you food. "

"Li Yu!" The society looked at Su Mo and felt that his life was coming to an end. Their anger was about to burst out.

"Call me 9520." Although Xiaomo was already used to being called Li Yu, she still wished to be herself.

After Xiao Mo finished speaking, he glanced at the club. Seeing that he didn't reply, Xiao Mo couldn't help but to threaten him, "If you call me Li Yu, I won't bring you food. I'll starve you to death."

He called her Li Yu because he thought it was fun to be angry at a stranger. "You have quite the guts."

"Of course not, I'm a coward." Little Mo pouted, looking very innocent.

Seeing Xiaomo's appearance, the club's lips curled up, "Alright, hurry up and buy me some food. Otherwise, I'll really starve to death."

"Yes, sir!" Little Mo stood there performing a standard military salute before turning around and running away.

When Xiao Mo came back, the society was really hungry. The moment they opened the big fish meat dish, it turned into rice porridge with a hole in it. Looking at the white porridge on the table, the club felt like beating someone up.

Without waiting for the society to speak, Xiaomo knew what he was thinking and chuckled, "The doctor said that you can't eat big fish and big meat, so I followed the order to buy these for you."


Xiaomo blinked, pretending not to hear him, "Hurry up and eat, I still need to train. In two days, we will be conducting exercises."

"You're going to participate as well?" The society gulped down a few mouthfuls as they glanced at her.

The moment Su Mo saw the eyes of the club, he immediately shot a look at them, "What, do you look down on me?"

To this, the society just lowered its head to drink the porridge. "It's really hard to look up to you."

After saying this, the society raised their heads and calmly looked at Su Mo. That look was really filled with disdain. In response, Su Mo curled his lips into a smile, "Ha."

A radiant smile appeared on Xiaomo's face as she walked over, snatched the bowl from the club's hands and put the bed down.

"What are you doing now?"

Hearing the Society's words, Su Mo looked down at him and said, "You lie in bed everyday, eating too much makes it easy for you not to digest, so you should eat less."

"Li Yu!" In terms of provoking his anger, Su Mo had always been talented.

"Aiya, I already told you, you're going to call me 9520." One must know that ever since they joined the army, the society had bullied Su Mo quite a bit. If there was a chance to vent their anger, Xiaomo would definitely not let it go.

Seeing Xiaomo's satisfied expression, the society felt like laughing again, "You're not afraid of me. I won't forgive you."

"Captain Sheng, I'm doing this for your own good. How could you treat me like this?" Little Mo looked at the club with a pitiful expression.

This time, the society couldn't hold back their laughter.

"What are you laughing at? What's so funny?" Hearing the club's laughter, Xiao Mo's complexion immediately returned to normal. As he walked out, he did not forget to roll his eyes.

Looking at Xiao Mo's back, the smile on the Society's face gradually faded, but it did not disappear, "9520."

Hearing the voice behind her, Xiaomo blinked her eyes. She didn't turn around to look at him, but the corners of her lips curled up.

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