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"Why did you come back so late?" Hearing the sound of the door opening, Little Mo couldn't help but ask.

Xiaomo walked in, took off his belt, and said, "It's time to deliver some food to Captain Sheng."

"So kind?" Ji Yun glanced at Xiaomo. Although she knew that the relationship between Xiaomo and the club wasn't bad, with Xiaomo's personality, she wouldn't take the initiative to deliver food to them.

At the mention of this, Xiaomo recalled the dark expression of the newly formed club and could not help but smile, "Of course not."

Ji Yun smiled and said no more.

Seeing that Ji Yun seemed to be playing with something, Little Mo couldn't help but walk over. "What are you doing?"

"A map of the acting area." After Ji Yun finished speaking, he circled the map once more.

Little Mo pouted, not interested at all. "You take your time and I won't disturb you."

"How did you get along with your fiancée?" Once Li Gu entered, he impatiently opened his mouth.

Hearing Li Gu's words, the society couldn't help but glare at him, "You asked her to send you off, where did you go?"

"Isn't this all for your welfare? What a bad conscience!" As he said that, Li Gu spread out his hands, looking like he needed a beating.

"I heard there's been another exercise recently?"

"Yes, the Z and Y Legion will fight, and they will be linked to the selection of the first special female team." Li Gu had long been informed about this. However, since the society was on a mission and was injured, it was normal for him to know about it now. However, Li Gu was clearly more interested in why the society was asking this question: "Why are you asking this?"

"Mind your own business," the club said with a serious face.

Originally, Xiao Mo bringing food to the club was an accident. Who knew that when Li Gu and the others were bringing food, they would be seen by the doctor. It was another big meal for them. So the doctor gave them a scolding, but they didn't dare disobey the order of the society, so they handed over this difficult task to Su Mo.

Seeing Su Mo walk in while holding his lunchbox, the association didn't even glance at it. Without a doubt, it was another extremely light and light meal.

"Why, Commander Sheng, you don't want to see me that much? I've even brought you food. " Little Mo felt a sense of happiness when she saw the club being humiliated.

There was no need to look to know that Xiao Mo was secretly smiling. The society just glanced at her and continued to eat their porridge.

Little Mo pursed her lips. The society didn't answer and was a little bored. "Why aren't you saying anything?"

"Say what?"

"Just a casual chat."

The society turned to look at Xiaomo, and her expression seemed to say: Are you stupid?

"Tsk." Seeing the club, Xiaomo rolled her eyes at him.

There was a knock on the door, and the club handed her a bowl. "Open the door."

Xiao Mo subconsciously opened his mouth, "Why don't you go by yourself?"

After saying that, Xiaomo looked up and down the club and said with slight disdain, "Oh right, you're still injured."

The face of the society darkened. This girl was becoming more and more impudent.

The moment he opened the door, he saw Doctor Liu's pretty face freeze. "Doctor Liu?"

Liu Che quickly came back to his senses and smiled: "Li Yu, you're here too?"

Little Mo quickly stepped aside to let her in, "If anything happens to Li Gu and the rest, let me bring food to the club."

"So it's like that." Liu Che listened to Xiaomo's explanation, and the more he laughed, the more distracted he became.

"Right, right." After saying so, Xiaomo quickly moved a stool over to Liu Che's doctor and placed it next to the club.

Seeing Xiao Mo's actions, the society frowned without leaving a trace.

"How are you feeling? Are you feeling better?" Liu Che looked at the club with a gentle smile.

The club nodded slightly, "Yes."

Then the ward fell into a period of silence. Liu Che quickly picked up the thing in his hand: "Captain Sheng, is this the food I brought you?"

"Rice?" These words instantly aroused the interest of the club.

"I made them on purpose. They are all things that you like. Red Braised Meat, Red Braised Fish …" As he spoke, Liu Che took it out.

The society looked at the dishes on the table and swallowed their saliva.

Following the actions of the club, Liu Che couldn't help but laugh. This smile made the society feel a little embarrassed. It was Xiao Mo who fed the rice porridge every day.

"Captain Sheng, let's have a taste. How about my cooking skills?" Liu Che picked up a piece of meat and placed it in a bowl, then handed it to the club.

Looking at the meat in the bowl, the corner of the club's mouth slightly raised, "Thank you."

Upon hearing this, Xiaomo's expression immediately changed. She looked at the club and slapped its head, "No, you've not recovered from the disease. You can't eat something so oily."

When these words came out, Liu Che's expression changed: "Eating a little bit shouldn't be a problem, right?"

"Exactly." The society nodded at the same time. Recently, Xiaomo had been delivering food to the society. She had truly and completely complied with the doctor's orders. He had truly been greedy to death.

However, it was obvious that Little Mo's face darkened when she heard what the society said, "Captain Sheng!"

"I think we're really almost there? It's still okay to have a bite to eat every now and then, isn't it? " Seeing Xiaomo's unhappy expression, the society was suddenly filled with an inexplicable sense of happiness. They couldn't help but want to tease Xiaomo.

When Liu Che was holding the food, Xiao Mo was a little unaccountably unhappy in her heart, and now she looked as if she had treated him unfairly: "Eat eat, eat, and eat, what does your body have to do with me! If you want to eat it, then eat it! "

After saying that, Xiaomo turned to leave, but was stopped by the club, "What are you doing now?"

"Where are you going?"

"Go back, a beauty has already sent you food. You're the one who 'likes to eat' the most, so why should I stay here?" Little Mo shot him a glance before turning her head to look in another direction.

He didn't forget to shake his hand afterwards, but not only did he not shake off the society, he even pulled her onto the bed and asked, "Are you jealous?"

Hearing that, Xiao Mo instantly jumped up from the bed. "What nonsense are you talking about? What are you jealous of? You're the one who is jealous!" I'm leaving. "

Without waiting for Xiaomo to finish, the society sat up straight and kissed Xiaomo on her lips.

In an instant, all the sounds disappeared. Su Mo stared at the club with his eyes wide open. "You, you …."

The corner of the society's mouth curled up as they pinched her nose. "Enough, don't be jealous."

Looking at the gentle expression on the face of the club, Su Mo felt as if his view of the world had collapsed.

Seeing that Xiaomo was still in a daze, the society patted her head, "Alright, don't you still want to practice?"

"Oh." Then, Xiaomo floated out in a daze, completely unable to recover from her shock.

The society's gaze followed Xiaomo's fleeting back until it disappeared. Only then did it turn its head to glance at Liu Che: "Isn't it cute?"

Only after hearing this did Liu Che react, and he stiffly nodded: "En, quite cute."

"It's better if you bring Doctor Liu back to eat. If I eat, then Xiaoyu really won't send me any food." The club smiled at her. The originally cold face was instantly filled with warmth.

This kind of society made Liu Che absent-minded and also made Liu Che feel disappointed. Captain Sheng was famous for his coldness. Everyone said that he was very good to her, and she had always thought that the association had feelings for her. It was just that he had a cold personality.

Now it seems that there is no cold person in this world, but his gentleness is not for you.

"Why are you so distracted?"

After saying this, Xiaomo still did not react. Ji Yun stretched out his hand and slapped her fiercely, "What happened to you?"

Xiaomo, who had just regained his senses, looked up at Ji Yun in a daze and said, "The club kissed me."

He kissed me at the club...

He kissed me...

Kiss me...

This wasn't just telling Ji Yun, but also saying something in his mind, because this was too horrifying. As a result, Xiao Mo ran away the next day. He didn't send for breakfast and he didn't send for lunch.

"You really aren't going to bring food to Captain Sheng. If Zhao Yang and the others don't know about it, Captain Sheng will be hungry for a whole day." Ji Yun glanced at Xiaomo, who was lying on the bed, and asked.

"If I don't go, I'll starve to death."

Hearing Xiaomo's words, Ji Yun raised his eyebrows. "If you really starved to death, then you should feel sorry for him."

"Who cares? I don't know how to."

"That's not necessarily true. After all, they have already kissed."

With a "pa" sound, Xiaomo threw the pillow towards Ji Yun, "Don't bring up this matter again."

Ji Yun walked over without hesitation and threw the pillow in her face. "Do you want to go or not? If you have the ability, then don't go today."

Xiaomo rolled over on the bed, buried his head in the pillow, and muttered softly, "I'm not going."

After thinking for a while, Xiao Mo got up again and quietly walked out of the room.

Hearing the sound of the door closing behind him, Ji Yun couldn't help but curl the corner of his lips: Didn't I say that I'm not going?

When they arrived at the front of the ward, Xiaomo felt a little embarrassed. She took it, but before she could open the door, the door was opened from the inside.

"Why did you only arrive now?" The club leaned against the wall and glanced at her indifferently.

Having been seen by the society, Little Mo was too embarrassed to leave, "Have you eaten?"

"What do you think?"

"How do I know if you ate?" Xiao Mo walked in and placed the lunchbox on the table and rolled his eyes.

The society didn't say anything as they walked over to open the lunchbox and began to eat. Xiaomo looked at him in surprise, "It can't be that you haven't eaten for a whole day, right?"

"What am I going to eat if you don't come?"

"Others didn't send it to you?" Don't we still have that military doctor Liu Che?

Hearing Xiao Mo's words, the society did not say anything. When they raised their heads to look at Xiao Mo, Xiao Mo's eyes kept averting her gaze. This action made the society suddenly recall something: "Don't tell me that you're too embarrassed to come today because I kissed you yesterday?"

Speaking of that matter, Xiao Mo's eyes immediately shot over, "No."

Even though she said that, her face was still a little hot. Looking at her, the society's brows twitched, "It can't be that you're kissing for the first time, right?"

Originally, she felt a little embarrassed. However, after seeing the appearance of the society, she felt as if she was being toyed with. Her qi and blood surged, "How is that possible? It's just a kiss. What's the big deal? It's not like I haven't kissed anyone before."

As soon as these words were spoken, the society's face darkened. They were extremely unhappy.

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