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The initial attack had not yet begun, which made the two of them extremely happy. Xiaomo turned around and looked at Ji Yun, "I think it's fine if I say so."

"Ok, I'll inform the class monitor first." Liu Xiao was also extremely happy when he heard the news.

Ji Yun, who had just finished with his report, turned around and saw Little Mo lying on top of those cannons, looking at something unknown. "What are you doing?"

"Ji Yun, come over here. Look at this, what does this icon mean? I think I've seen it somewhere before." Little Mo had a strange expression on her face as she said this.

When Ji Yun arrived by Xiaomo's side, he immediately understood, "It's a pretty good idea."

Just in case, all the systems had temporary manual systems, and these cannons were no exception. If he could turn this cannon a few dozen degrees in the direction of the military artillery command room, then that would be fun.

Although it sounded simple, it was actually very difficult to operate. In order to prevent the enemy from using it, every cannon had a unique code on them. With the strength of both Xiaomo and Ji Yun, it was far from enough to control these cannons.

"We can't waste any more time like this. We need to get a few cannons and aim them towards the command room. Then, the rest of the cannons will cross over and be destroyed."

"Isn't this too much of a waste?"

"Acting is real combat."

"Oh." Little Mo pouted. Since the officer had already said so, what else could Little Mo say?

"The main force has arrived." Ji Yun looked at Xiaomo and spoke up.

"Cough, cough." Little Mo's eyes rolled around, looking a little guilty, "Go gather with them, I'll go investigate first."

Ji Yun took a few steps forward, turned around and looked at Little Mo, "Be careful, 9520."

Hearing Ji Yun's words, Xiaomo's nose started to feel sour for some reason, as if Ji Yun already knew of his plan. "Mm, you also have to be careful."

But this time, Ji Yun left without even turning back.

Seeing that Ji Yun was getting further and further away, Xiao Mo curled her lips, concealing the disappointment in her heart. She walked over and took off the jamming device hanging on the top of the device. "Forget it, let's think of a way to escape first."

Once Ji Yun returned, he received a hug from everyone. Liu Xiao looked around and asked, "Where did 9520 run off to?"

"She went to the front to investigate?"

"She's alone?"


"Will it not be safe?" That girl wanted to escape the moment she started training. She probably hadn't even learned any basic skills yet.

Naturally, Ji Yun also knew what Liu Xiao was thinking, so he couldn't help but smile. "Nothing will happen."

Liu Xiao sighed. "I hope she is better off this time."

Ji Yun held the gun and leaned to the side, his heart inexplicably sighing. 'This time, I'm afraid she won't be able to live peacefully either?'

With the victory of the first step, the commander issued another instruction. Ji Yun, on the other hand, didn't have enough time to think about Xiaomo's situation and continued to participate in the battle.

On the other side, Lil 'Mo looked at the compass in her bosom. The corner of her mouth hooked up as she added oil. This rainforest was about 20 kilometers in diameter, and he was already halfway there. As long as he worked hard, he would definitely be able to leave by the next morning.

Once he walked out of the rainforest, he would arrive at the densely populated area. That way, he could go back home.

However, the more he walked, the more he felt that something was amiss. Logically speaking, he should have already reached the edge of cultivation realm by now. However, the trees, shrubs and moss in the vicinity did not look like they were at the edge of the forest, but rather seemed to be deep within it.

Not only Lil 'Mo, even Ji Yun, who was on a mission over there, suddenly felt that something was wrong. His destination was the 1390 plateau. He would arrive in an hour according to his schedule. He had already walked for an hour and a half, but there wasn't even a trace of him. Could it be that he had taken the wrong path, but he had obviously followed the compass? Could it be that …

With this kind of understanding, Ji Yun quickly started to practice. Looking at the 139o plateau, Ji Yun's face quickly turned black: something went wrong with his compass.

Just as he finished his mission, he ran into the anxious Liu Xiao, who was counting the number of people. Not only did Xiaomo not reach the meeting point, she didn't respond to his signal at all.

Hearing Liu Xiao's words, Ji Yun felt a great sense of unease in his heart. Since he was using his compass, was there a problem with Xiaomo's compass? "Give me a map."

The little girl beside him quickly handed the map over to him.

Although Xiaomo's escape plan had always been low-key, it was impossible to hide it from an outstanding investigator. According to Xiaomo's destination, the adjustment should be based on the compass's error angle, which was the xx region.

Looking at the map, Ji Yun's heart sank. He picked up the items and walked out. "Squad leader, I'll go look for 9520."

"Alright, be careful. Contact me at any time."

"Alright, I understand." Ji Yun took another compass and prepared to take it out.

Looking at the towering tree in front of her, Xiaomo felt a sense of unexplainable restlessness in her heart. Although Xiaomo didn't undergo survival training in the wild, she still had basic common sense.

Before Xiaomo could understand what was going on, the lightning array rain began to fall.

He wasn't in a hurry, the most important thing was to find a place to shelter from the rain. However, there was no worst situation, only worse. Xiaomo had originally planned to return from the same path as soon as the rain stopped.

Originally, Xiao Mo had to cover up when he was captured. After the heavy rain, it was hard to find any traces of him. With Little Mo's ability, she wouldn't have been able to find her way back.

"This is the end." Just as Xiaomo finished her sentence, a burst of wolf howls came from outside, causing Xiaomo's face to turn pale.

He pulled out the map from his backpack. After walking for so long, it proved that this rainforest was not small. Then, he should be at …

Xiaomo sat to the side, clutching the map in his hands tightly. An indescribable expression was plastered on his face, while the words of the club constantly echoed in his ears, "Stay away from the area."

The voices outside became louder and louder. Little Mo recalled everything that happened in the past few months, and an unexplainable feeling of grievance surfaced in her heart. He had clearly not done anything and was just out on a tour out of love. Why was he not only caught in the army but also trapped in the forest? He might even be eaten by monsters!

Although Xiaomo was very disappointed, she had trained in the army, so even though her thoughts were a mess, she was still able to react in time.

Although it was damp outside and the wild beast was here, as long as the cave had a fire source, the safety factor would increase a lot.

"How's the practice going over there?" The society looked at the documents in their hands and raised their head to glance at Li Gu.

"You want to ask about your fiancée?"

As soon as he said this, the society rolled their eyes at Li Gu, "Your bullsh * t talk is getting more and more recently."

"Very good. In the battle report a few days ago, your fiancee and the Ji Clan member destroyed the entire high altitude artillery." Li Gu smacked his lips and shrugged.


"Just this reaction? If you're happy, then just smile. Why hold it in?" Li Gu was really disdainful of the society. Look at his slightly curled lips. His entire person seemed to be displaying the pride of my fiancée, but he still had to pretend that he didn't care. It was really annoying.

Since Li Gu had already spoken, the society gazed at Li Gu with the corners of their mouths raised, "Her performance is indeed not bad."

I really want to throw the cup in his face!

Li Gu had to endure it, endure it. He had to put in a lot of effort in order to suppress his power.

It had been an entire night since Ji Yun went to find Xiaomo, but there was no news. The most recent communication was four hours ago.

Seeing the club, Liu Xiao was stunned. "Captain Sheng, why are you here?"

"How is it, have you contacted them?"

It seemed like Cheng didn't think to ask this question, but Liu Xiao answered the society's question in time, "No, no news at all?"

Recalling Xiaomo's condition a few days ago, the Society's complexion suddenly turned pale, "Go, find someone to call out the entrance and exit records for C Department."

Hearing the Society's words, Li Gu's expression changed. "You mean that girl …"

Before he could finish, the club shot him a cold glance, "Cut the crap."

"Yes." Li Gu nodded honestly. It was obvious that this was not the right time to joke.

Ji Yun had already found Little Mo, but the situation here was clearly worse than usual.

When she saw Ji Yun, the surprise on Xiaomo's face rendered her speechless, "Why are you here?"

"Our compass is wrong, I suspect that Zhang Ru did something."

"Really? She's that bold?" Xiaomo looked at Ji Yun's surprised face, it was really hard to imagine that she would actually do such a thing.

"Is your jammer still on?" Ever since he had come out, Ji Yun had not been able to find any trace of Little Mo.

Little Mo sat at the side and frowned, "How is that possible? I'm not stupid."

That was true. Even if Xiaomo had turned on the jamming device at the beginning, she should have turned it off when she was trapped here. "Then why is there still no information about you?"

"Maybe the signal isn't good."

"It's possible, but we still need to think of a way to contact the main force."

"Hmm, then what should we do?" Lil 'Mo nodded. It was not easy for her to escape, but she still had to deliver herself to the door. This was really depressing.

Ji Yun raised his head and looked around at the lush forest, then raised his head and looked above his head, "I have an idea. You can turn the jamming device into a radio wave state. I'll carry it up to the top of the tree. Maybe they'll get the signal. "

"Alright, be careful."


When he was in the army, he had trained in climbing techniques, and his grasp and grasp of such serious training was naturally better. However, soon, Ji Yun discovered something else. It seemed that there were other animals following behind them.

"Why do you look so ugly?" Ji Yun should be happy that things had progressed, but why did he still have such an expression?

As soon as Ji Yun came down, he quickly picked up his own equipment and said, "Be careful, I suspect that something is following behind us."

"Alone or in groups?" Little Mo had also noticed it since yesterday. He had a nagging feeling that something was following behind him.

"Most likely in groups." Ji Yun glanced at Little Mo, and the two of them had a rough guess.

If he didn't guess wrongly, it might be a pack of wolves. Thinking about these two, their faces turned pale. Ji Yun tossed the things to Xiaomo, "Hurry, we have to get out of here before it gets dark."

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